the toughest part is really walking from there all the way down here my thighs are gonna feel it tomorrow so you got to start walking from there all the way to the starting line oh and then we went on kamikaze hell marry tearjerker and this is fast Freddy all right should I get one of my face yeah that was like impossible to catch oh so there's definitely a reason why you have to go belly first or you just be going way too fast so if you're not wearing really thick pants don't put your bottom tier the eyes quite a long journey going up so once again through the top there it'll just automatically and clip you oh so the c-more to park is normally I think $25 for two hours per person which means is $50 for two people but because we came with only an hour left we actually got a discount your only plan on TV for an hour I would recommend coming around 3:00 and then you get the discount usually when it's raining down there it's snowing up here as it is right now it's super fun there's four slides all together it's good for all ages so if you think it's just kids coming up it's not there's people like neat a goof I think we're gonna do our last run and that's about it so that's it for today's video if you enjoyed it subscribe and join me on my next adventure see you next video [Laughter] [Laughter]

Mt Seymour Snow Tubing
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One thought on “Mt Seymour Snow Tubing

  • June 1, 2019 at 4:39 am

    I’m going snow tubing tomorrow with my class this is why I’m watching this 😂


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