hey everybody its Ralphie with Remax Motorsports here to talk about motocross helmets and snowmobiling how to use them correctly using the correct system so you can stay warm whether you're clicking off 300 miles a day on the trail or riding backcountry some of the goggle helmet manufacturers out there will have you believe that there's a perfect combination of helming goggle well it's not true it may look great sitting on the shelf and have a really good fit but once you put somebody's face in that helmet the whole dynamic changes and we're gonna talk talk all about that today for instance we have the f2 carbon thank you this helmets great comes with both their breath box personally this breath box doesn't work for me it works for some people I fog up too much it just doesn't seal up against my face and it hits me just wrong that's where the correct combination of items is what works this is neoprene here it has a nice little metal tab there so you can get a good seal in your nose really comfortable moisture wicking liner lots of ventilation that's the key with this type of helmet is it helps remove a lot of that heat from your head you got to keep in mind you wear in two and a half inches of styrofoam insulation on the top of your buff and the top of your beam all right so showed you the breath box it comes in the f2 carbon that works out really good for some people like I said me personally I like to use the HDC universal breath box this here comes for the CL x5 it's actually an old HJC helmet we like the angle of this neoprene tab comes up gets you good coverage on your face right here which can be a trouble spot for frostbite on the really cold weather has a nice foam seal on the inside which helps seal up against your nose good this is the one I use I like to use it because like I said the way the helmets it's on my head everybody's heads a different distance from here to here so that doesn't work for me because it runs right underneath my eyes and kind of bothers me this one here I can kind of put wherever I want I wedge it down there have it set on my nose real nice these tabs come up between my cheek and the cheek pad you don't put it behind the cheek pad in the helmet you put it between your cheek and the cheek pad this velcro kind of grips a little bit and holds it in place works really good on those cold days on the ride out I'll wear it pull it out when I'm riding backcountry stick it in my backpack or my pocket and then I'm riding backcountry all day so I can breathe better I don't have this in there better air flow they want to go to go home when it's cold out are you gonna be clicking off a little bit faster trail riding I take it out of the pocket wedge it back in goggles back on and we're good to go now the other key part is the head sock this is the fly igniter balaclava love this head song here you see has the wind stopper fabric all on the eye box neoprene over your nose and then wind stopper around the whole bottom it also has cool max on top of the head to help keep that moisture off of your head now some people weren't like this with the nose piece over your nose breathing through the fabric personally I'm not a fan of that I pull this just under my chin get good coverage around here so there's any space between the helmet and the goggle and the goon the goggles on the helmet this wind stopper fabric is what's exposed and showing good wind stopper coverage there and on the back tuck this in your jacket you're gonna be warm all the way back like I said that cold riding day or if you're riding longer trails the head sock is key with the breath box once I'm on the backcountry if it's super cold day I'll just run the head sock and then if it's really really warm I don't run any head sock it on just wear the motocross helmet it works out great so obviously the fly home and the triple Mayan goggles work out great as well we also use triple nine goggles in HJC helmet this helmet works great too polymer shells Snell approved super comfortable lid this is the CL x7 obviously the goggle fits really good in there when it's not on somebody's head once you put somebody's face in here it may still seal up good like that if they're don't have a super deep face if their faces a little deeper than that and they push the goggle away from the home a little bit that's what the bath box is gonna come in handy and the head saw to cover up those areas where skin may be exposed once again you can make any helmet and any good snow goggle any motocross helmet and any good snow goggle work you just have to use the correct combination of breath box and head socket Ralph with rave X motorsports if you guys any questions feel free to give us a call two oh seven seven seven three seven seven two seven or hit us up on our website rave X performance calm

Motocross helmet for snowmobiling
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One thought on “Motocross helmet for snowmobiling

  • June 2, 2019 at 1:12 am

    I do not agree with the use of these style helmets for cold weather or powder riding. I have tried 5 of these helmets with several style breath boxes including the one recommended, air always leaks in. Also with goggles they block peripheral vision big time. The only time I wear these style helmets is when the temperature is over 30, great for keeping my face cool. The big advantage of these helmets is that they are very lite. I think most people use them for the cool look factor. If your riding in powder, I don't care what you say, snow will find it's way in.


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