[B9]20180104 LIL PHANTOMS NT-TOSS A follow up now to last week’s story on the change of ownership at Boardman’s Ice Zone — now called the Deep Freeze. When the new owners took over — the freon used to for the ice was mysteriously gone — the tank empty. Now the new owners are relying on the elements. With what’s happening at the Deep Freeze — reporter First News reporter Alexis Walters joins us live from the newsroom. [B11]20180104 LIL PHANTOMS NT-INTRO These bitter cold temperatures might not be good for much other than keeping an ice rink frozen. The Phantom Youth League is in the middle of their season..and the release of the freon almost caused a set back for this weekends games, but the kids are bracing the cold and playing anyway. [B12]20180104 LIL PHANTOMS NT-PK Last week, this ice rink was almost a swimming pool after the agent keeping the ice frozen was removed and the ice temperature raised well above freezing. This COULD have caused big problems for the youth leagues that rely on this rink for their hockey games. They opened the doors and used fans to blow the cold air in kept the ice frozen. JESSE: WE TOOK EVERY STEP TO STAY OPEN, FORTUNATELY MOTHER NATURE IS ON OUR SIDE AND IT HAS ALLOWED US TO WORK AS AN OPEN RINK The problem with that… the indoor ice rink feels more like an outdoor one. The air temperature inside is about 20 degrees colder than what it should be. But, that cold wont stop the kids from slapping pucks this weekend, it might even added a little fuel to their game. PEG: OH THEY’RE GONNA BE PLAYING, YES YES, THEY’RE A LITTLE ANGRY Parents and the kids were excited when the new owners decided to stay running until they can get more freon back in the building. DAN:WE WERE THRILLED IT SHOWED WHAT KIND OF OWNERS THEY WANNA BE AND THAT THEY DO CARE ABOUT THE KIDS AND THAT THEY WANNA KEEP THEM ON THE ICE There will be heaters for people watching, both in the arena and the viewing area above it. It won’t be long though until everything is back up and running like normal. JESSE:A FEW HOURS AGO WE HAVE PROCURED THE FREON NEEDED FOR THE SYSTEM IT WILL BE HERE BY SATURDAY MORNING AT THE LATEST [B13]20180104 LIL PHANTOMS NT-TAG This weekend will be the last weekend the little phantoms will have to both practice and play in the cold. Jesse says they are also hoping to be up and running for open skate by next Friday. Live in the studio Alexis Walters, WKBN 27 First News [B14]TEASE2 ( STRANGER GAME )-VO

Mother Nature helps new owners refreeze Boardman indoor skating rink
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