More sexual abuse accusations were raised
by a group of South Korean athletes. Meanwhile, Former vice chair of the national
skating union Jeon Myung-gyu… held a press conference to deny some of these allegations. Yoon Jung-min updaets us on the growing scandals
in the sports sector. In a press conference on Monday, the Young
Skaters Association and independent lawmaker Sohn Hye-won accused more incumbent coaches
and trainers for allegedly committing sexual abuse on young skaters, including underage
athletes, whose identities were withheld. “The victims are concerned of retaliation
against them if their identities are publicly disclosed. Even now, they are in fear. Who is to take responsibility for creating
for such fear?” The skating body also condemned Jeon Myung-gyu,
professor at the Korea National Sport University and former vice chair of the Korea Skating
Union, for allegedly attempting to cover up a series of allegations raised by victims,
including short track Olympic champion Shim Suk-hee. The victims have called on investigation on
Jeon for wielding influence on the skating field and turning a blind eye to the crimes. The association urged a thorough probe into
all abuse cases as well as an intensive audit on the national sports university. On the same day, Jeon also held a press conference
and apologized for the overall situation, but he also managed to leave some questions
by reporters unanswered. “I was not well aware of the sexual abuse
on Suk-hee. I also did not know that the perpetrator was
her coach. I’m not saying that I’m not responsible for
the scandal, but I am sorry, and I apologize to her and the public.” Meanwhile, the Korean Sports and Olympic Committee
has reportedly been reviewing whether to abolish the skating union amid the series of abuse
scandals. The Young Skaters Association, however, urged
high-level officials at the committee,… including its President Lee Kee-heung, to
step down. Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.

More sexual abuse accusations revealed by skaters, skating mogul denies some allegations
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