Tessa Virtue: I think I insisted on going
to the rink to learn how to skate when my Grade 1 class was going on a fieldtrip. And I started skating with Scott when I was seven so it’s quite rare that that happens in ice
dance and we’re very fortunate that we met so young. Scott Moir: I always talk about making sure that you enjoy what you’re doing and have, you know, passion and love the sport that you’re in no matter what that is. And, for Tessa and I, we can say that, you know, we’ve loved our sport since Day 1 and we love skating together and performing for the audiences across the world. It’s been like that since we were little and the moment it stops, then we’ll be done. Tessa Virtue: I think there’s a lot to be said for balance too. That’s one thing we always try to tell kids is, you know it’s easy to get wrapped up in this all-consuming sport but, the more you can, you know, have different hobbies, and you know, try different things, and sort of maintain, you know, some semblance of normalcy, that I think that really helps and you’re able to invest that much more energy into your chosen sport. Scott Moir: You have to sacrifice so much time for your sport and to be able to, you know, focus a little more of that time and not have to worry as much about finding money to be able to keep up with the athletes all over the world, it was a huge help. Um, obviously we wouldn’t be standing here without the program. We want to hear the national anthem and see that flag raised into the rafters of arenas around the world.

Moir and Virtue (Figure Skating)
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