My name is Kevin Shum and I study Course 6-3 for computer science. I started skating when
I was six years old. When I get out on the ice and step out, I really enjoy it because
I love the big arenas, I love the bright lights,
I love the big audience. I just, the feeling of
being out there on the ice, and being able to just
skate as fast as I could, jump as high as I could,
spin as fast as I could, and not really have any
restrictions or boundaries and I could just go out
there and be free of that. I really enjoyed that. Skating has forced me
to really manage my time and prioritize my time, and it’s also taught me
how to really be passionate about something and work for it. From skating I’ve been able
to apply that to my classes, my projects, my research,
work experiences. Right now, I’m in this class, this new class called 6.810, and it’s Engineering
Interactive Technologies. The whole class this semester is based on physical adaptive tools, so tools that help you
learn a certain skill and adapts to your current skill level. And my partner and I are working
on an adaptive skateboard that can grow and shrink in size. So the idea is that if
you have a longer board, it would be easier to balance on, and then it gradually shrinks down in size as you progress in skill. And it can detect that
skill based on the number of falls or wobbles as
you use the skateboard. What has defined my last
four years here has been this spontaneous moments
that happen with friends, or professors, or with the community here. I think that’s been super special. People will like stay up until like 3 A.M. to help you finish a pset Or those “Aha” moments when
you figure out something on your final project
and you get it to work. I think those like small
moments have added up to make it such a memorable time here, and I’ve been, I guess
super lucky to have that.

MIT Senior’s Journey On and Off The Ice
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