ola youtube name is Ricardo Lino and I’m
wheel addict, so you want to know more about the micro infinite se? okay the micro infinite SC it’s the kids size
adjustable art boot skate that comes in three different sizes it comes in size
one 29 to 32 size to 33 to 36 and size three 37 to 40 it will adjust all I need
to do is to press this button right here and then you can just expand it or make
it shorter it’s actually super super easy straight out on the box the skates
come with a flat configuration which means that all the wheels are touching
the floor but you do have two bigger wheels in front and back and the wheels
in the middle are two millimeters smaller and what’s going to happen is
when you change the wheels for the first time if you put all the wheels the same
size the skate will be slightly rockered which is going to make this skate a lot
more maneuverable and a lot easier to turn so once you get more advanced then
you go for all wheels the same size and you’ll fill your skates go a lot more
responsive this skate also comes with a 6000 series aluminum frame and it’s
interchangeable basically it has one three in the front it has another screw
in the back and you can just change the frame if you ever need now you should
also know that the wheels are attached to the frame with one screw only so one
screw on one side and that’s it the wheels won’t go anywhere this kit also
comes with the brake and the pet it’s I to justice so don’t be scared of using
it because you can use it as much as you want and you just pull it down and it’s
always going to feel like the first time scared of them or if you want them to be
a little bit higher from the beginning you can also pull them like higher the
good thing is obviously you can always change the brake pad there’s the little
screw here in the back and by just taking this screw off you can change the
pad and you’re ready to go you can find this skate in two different colorways it
comes in blue with green and orange details but there’s also a different
version which is pink with blue and purple details it is super attractive
for kids but something that it’s really really
for kids is it is very very comfortable and it is very comfortable
due to this liner the liner is interchangeable but the front area the
toe area it’s fully expandable with neoprene and there’s three different
ways of tightening this skate first one the quick and easy lacing system because
this is for kids and a lot of kids don’t even know how to lace the skate so this
is just easy then you have a 45 degrees ratchet buckle and then obviously the
top buckle which is made out of metal what else do we have here a back 7
bearings and of course the slider is interchangeable and I guess that’s it I
hope you guys enjoyed this video and infinite se skate from micro if you want
to see more of these do not forget to subscribe to the channel and see you on
the next video so visit the screen with this cake see
check this you get this cake you can do this you

Micro Infinite SE Kids Inline Skates – Want To Know More?

3 thoughts on “Micro Infinite SE Kids Inline Skates – Want To Know More?

  • August 9, 2019 at 11:05 am


  • August 9, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    Can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to get a pair and start rollin! Great work!

  • August 10, 2019 at 10:50 pm

    The Infinite is really popular with kids on skate camp. Love the colours of the SE!


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