yeah gherkin player Billy sorry yaar V number nine from Finland small guy on the ice like who are you let's call this thing Chris daddy that's wrong bye it's okay are you going around this cold for failure whatever is that a thing is all post I'll turn it yes [Applause] yeah the Griffins are the best oh it's a good shot hard hard a nice shot Wow I should be the goalie oh that's not good good shot high five okay thanks again again no all right when I come help no thanks I'll do it no worries thank you thank you oh it's calling you I'm on the ice I'll call you after but no easy way yeah we're leading we can't let him drift when oh my god that's not good get off get off you got it you got it no cheating only a little bit it's a nice little cheat keep it up keep it up we're gonna win they have less people wow there is less people there can't be right they got less yeah we come too many yeah I think are less people yeah they got less less people we gonna have a nice your line than them we get extra points let's say right oh that's all right I tried sure you can do without the height the sticks or everyone doesn't do it here on the leg line lane line which one is it Lena line wait yeah we are oh thank god

Mic'd Up with Vili Saarijarvi

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