Here in Courchevel France day one of the
junior Grand Prix 2019 what a beautiful day it is. I’m here with Micah Lynette
from Thailand. Micah want to ask you though you were born in Honolulu in the United
States how did you get involved in skating being born there? So I moved to
Washington when I was about seven and I went rollerblading for my birthday but
the rink was like 20 minutes from my house so my mom was like you can try ice skating it’s like the same thing in the ice rink it’s like five minutes away. Which was redundant because now I train an hour and a half away from
home and but yeah I think yeah I guess it was the rollerblading but I just
really enjoyed skating. Now you moved to Washington just south of Vancouver a
little bit got involved though you were telling me a little earlier about a
couple clubs rejecting you, why did that happen in Seattle? I guess, I mean it’s
fair for them but I was not physically a figure skater at the time I was
overweight there wasn’t a whole lot of like work ethic or potential I guess
until I went to Keegan and I think why he took me in was just because I had
turnout I guess but then yeah then I’ve been there for about five or six years.
So you skated in Washington you went north of the border to Richmond just
south of Vancouver in Canada, you train there now, what do you most love about
the sport, what have you most enjoyed over years? Other than just like the
skating itself, I think it’s provided me with the opportunity to kind of travel
the world get to see a lot of cool stuff meet a lot of great people other than
just being an athlete in the sport I think I’m also a huge fan of the sport
like I watch everything, yeah I just really enjoy skating. What are being the
biggest challenges that you found in our sport? Well I graduated this past
year but previously to now I think the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with is
balancing like the school with this competitive skating and then like I
trained out of where I live, so yeah, it’s just kind of hard to find time to train
fully and then also like go to school fully and find some time to have a social life spend time with family things like that.
Just the balance of life in general right? Now this is your third year in the Junior Grand Prix and final year what are your goals this season? I want to qualify for worlds this season for senior. Yeah, I think that’s the big,
big one for me this season. What’s the best part of your skating do you think? I
guess I’ve always naturally been a good spinner I think skating skills probably,
at least PC wise. Well, we wish you the best of luck this season
Micah Lynette of Thailand.

Micah Kai Lynette (THA) | Interview | Courchevel 2019
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