now 21:12 was the winning time in that first race but it wasn't running this much whatever happen from the inside you master the goethe para hartman the kidneys are et smelly brown hashimoto and all of a say again and the athlete on the apps on apartment that terrier kitties ret running very well but coming around the fan it is aaron brown he pulled up in that 100 meters but he's looking very strong he's strong away from the field is taking this win easy running there I think just look like around a twenty point eight great running but looks strong just that strength over the last fifteen yeah and the biggest thing is obviously he's okay especially the way he did pull up but obviously showing no ill effect from from that at all and he's come away were here with it will win obviously he's probably stoked with the time it is tough conditions but obviously it's all preparation leading into the Commonwealth Games yeah exactly yeah brilliant bent once he got into his running kicked off that band and he just looked really strong it I think that's gonna be the the story for a lot of these athletes just good to get that run

Mens 200m – Final – 2018 Summer of Athletics Grand Prix

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