on Sunday people of all ages made their way to hell ins Memorial Parkfor thefirst weekend of skating at thecity’sice rinkand warming house somepracticed hockey shots while otherssimply skatedaround the rinkit’s kind of likeyou floating on cloudsit’s a bit solid but you’re movingandyou not bepitiful unless you go onLutherand Clara hunt Heusen were therewith their grandmotherTammy Scott westarted skating here when their motherwas a littlegirl back in the 90sHelenaParks and Recreation filled therink in with water then let itfreezethey originally hoped to have it readyfor skatingby last weekend but therelatively warm weathermeant they hadto delay the opening I saw thewater outa couple weeks agoso we’ve justbeenwatching forthe opening while the mildweather delayed the first open weekendit made for great skating conditionsitwas great it’sperfect temperature andno windParks and Recreation leaders say therink usually remainsopen intomid-februaryLutherand Clara are hopingtobe backwill hope tocomeback asmanytimes as the weather allows inHelenaJonathanEmpyrean MTN news

Memorial Park Ice Rink opens for the winter season
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