Hello my dear rollers! How are you today? Welcome one more Thursday to this channel my name is Carito and I hope you’re having an excellent day hey, today we’re going to put on practice some exercises to make you improve your skating faster while you’re starting in this sport so if you’re ready, let’s start with this video but first give it like and subscribe to the channel to know that you’re liking these kind of videos and also remember to activate the notification bell so YouTube will announce you when I recent upload a vide and you could be the first one on watch them and well said this now let’s start with the video First exercise that we’re going to do is a squat to have strength and balance while we start to skate place parallel your skates bend your knees and your back straight your arms are going to be at the front to take position and then extend them to the sides to take balance in this second exercise we will take a push from the heel to toe and this exercise will help us to have strength, balance and also it can help us in the moment to do a push to start skating but also will help us to stop skating finally we will practice balance in one leg take some push placing one leg at the back push it and maintain it balancing the other leg so you can keep the balance first with one leg and then with the other one remember that the raising leg neither too far at the front nor too far behind keep it in the middle and not too up to avoid losing the balance of your leg do it first with left leg and then with right one Well my dear rollers this is all for today’s video hope is really useful this tutorial and that truly help you to get better on your skating write me down here in the comments what do you think of this video and if you have some suggestion or video idea that you would like to watch here in this channel write it down in the comments remember that I have social networks that I will leave them here and at the end of this video don’t forget to give it like, subscribe and share this video with all your roller friends see you next week have a great Thursday!

¡Mejora tu patinaje RÁPIDO! / Improve your skating faster!
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