– So, when I was younger, my sister, who’s three years older than me, she performed on stage,
at the age of 5. I was 2. I actually waddled up onto stage and started performing the dance with her, at the age of 2. And I don’t know how my parents lost sight of me for that long, to let me waddle up onto the strange, but I did,
and that was the first dance that I ever did, and
the beginning of my love for Bollywood and Indian dance. My name is Arjun Sheth, and I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up, throughout my community, there were a lot of opportunities to do Bollywood dance and
other Indian classical dances. It quickly became also a way for me to break norms. I got to high school. I started doing musical theater, and that really solidified this departure from what we believe a
masculine body should and shouldn’t do. As a dancer, I could not
live without my jazz shoes. They smell, and I love it. This is the DVD “Call Me by Your Name.” I don’t actually have a DVD player, so I can never play this DVD. This is what I wanna create when I’m older and this is the industry
that I would love to go into because I want to effect
in other people the same emotions that this effected in me. One of the biggest
things that I’ve learned at Stanford about myself is that I really have a beef with tradition. So what I would ask for people to do, and what I myself am aiming to do when I graduate, is to
find all those moments where I can break tradition, and to really question
why I am doing something, and then make a change if that reason, if that answer does not measure up to what I think it should. I love Stanford. I love this kind of community
and living situation where everything you
could possibly want is within a two-mile radius. But ultimately I know
that I have been equipped with an ideology and
with a way of thinking and approaching ideas, and a way of de-familiarizing
contexts and constructs that I can take with me anywhere, and I hope that others do the same. (relaxing music)

Meet Arjun Sheth, #Stanford19
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