we thought that what a moment you've been I sure have this is the best moment the very first thing you'll ever do as a world champion is your first valve do it in front of all the people that shared the moment with you it's breath thinking it's now the silver medalist transfer your bone alone and where is the European champion all the cameras crowding around and later rival and here she comes reluctantly he arrives obviously not half I would sorted out the difference between top step in the second step is not very much here's a happy face crying yes of Kenko running out under the ice will take a bronze basket Germany well bonneli has chosen not to stand on the podium I don't know if she's waiting for Tonya to join her and get on at the same time I think this is a form of protest forcing a smile and congratulations and the mother Bona Lee's Sue's on she looks visibly upset as well I'm I really hope she doesn't go through with this the International Skating Union president Olaf Paulson presents the gold this is the first for me heartbroken oh and she takes off the metal not sure if this is Oh what's going on inside in honor that's how close it was Finnish guides the only one to separate them by two places drive for Sato over bonneli and now the national anthem Oh what a picture to women emotionally worlds apart and yet so close first and second such different reasons she's definitely making a statement no she's angry going up for help near the maddening crowd awaits so there yeah why did you not accept the medal what was the problem because in my place hundred hundred is appointed soon yeah are they unfair to you sir yeah well are the judges unfair to you it's a time you know do you feel you were robbed tonight is that what you're saying did you deserve the gold medal Surya oh no I'm just not Vicki who told you not to go on the podium was it your decision this myself if nobody thinks is no I'm not sure I don't thinks it's not good will you quit ammeter skating now I don't know so y'all didn't know Theseus uncle who's a sergeant official she still searches for answers and there's the new world champion Yuka Sato of Japan and surya bonaly is added another chapter in this bizarre year in women's figure skating for all of us at NBC good night from Makuhari cool

Medal Awards Ceremony – 1994 World Figure Skating Championships, Ladies' Free Skate
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