(quirky children’s music) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy – [Lucy] Thanks to Moose Toys
for sponsoring this video. – Hi Lulu, it’s Maya. I’m calling because I’m panicking. – Panicking? Tell me what’s up girl. – I start kindergarten tomorrow morning. I’ve only been to toy school and I have no idea what this
kindergarten thing is about. – Oh, trust me Maya, kindergarten is super fun. I wish I could go back. – Really? You’re not just saying that? – Oh for reals. Tell you what, I’m gonna
send something your way that just might make your
first day a little bit easier. – Thanks Lulu. I’ll
take anything I can get. – It’ll be there in the morning. Get a good night’s sleep now. – Will do. (quirky children’s music) (milk spewing) – Maya, your breakfast is ready. – Wow, what is all of this? – Lulu sent over this
whole set of Kindi Kids for you for your first
day at kindergarten. Come check them out. – Wow! Their so cute and colorful. And look, their head bobble. – And these adorable snack time friends are kindergartners just like you. – Do you think they’ll help
me out today on my first day? I’m so nervous. – Of course they will. Let’s get them all open
and you can meet them. (quirky children’s music) – I am so excited to
welcome all my new students to their first day of school here at Rainbow kindergarten today. I get to make sure the
room is absolutely perfect. (quirky children’s music) The reading tent is ready to go, and oh so inviting. (quirky children’s music) There! The art center is up and running. I can’t wait to see how
messy this area gets. (quirky children’s music) The kids are just gonna
love this water table. (quirky children’s music) It looks like the only thing left to do is set up this play center. With all these Kindi Kids play sets their little imaginations will run wild. – [Miss PaDoodle] We have
the Kindi fun supermarket. Oh, so cute! – [Miss PaDoodle] And the
Kindi fun refrigerator. Absolutely adorbs! – [Miss PaDoodle] And we can’t forget about the Kindi fun shopping cart. I can’t wait to get all these opened. (quirky children’s music) – [Lucy] Okay Maya, so this is Marsha Mello, and she is always bouncing off
the walls with excitement. – She’ll be a super fun
friend to have then. – And this here is Peppa-Mint. – [Lucy] She is super
sweet, but a little shy. Maybe you could help her
come out of her shell a little bit today? – Sure thing. – [Maya] You have beautiful
glittery green eyes. – [Lucy] And this blue
haired cutie is Jessiecake. She is a fast learner, and as bright as those
sprinkles on her dress. – Then I bet she will be
a natural at kindergarten. – [Lucy] And meet Donatina, she makes friends with
everyone and everything. – Love her hot pink hair. – And each of your Kindi Kids
comes with their own snack. – [Lucy] So I’ll pack them
in your lunchbox for you. – Lunchbox? I forgot how nervous I am
for lunchtime at school. And for center time, and
for making new friends. – Well, don’t forget
that you’re gonna have your Kindi Kids with you all day long. They’ll be right by your side to help you with all of your
new adventures in kindergarten. – You’re right Mom. We can do this girls. – Okay, then off to kindergarten we go. (quirky children’s music) – Well, I am so glad to have
you in my class Stephanie. – Thanks Miss PaDoodle. – Now, why don’t you take this, and build me a delicious ice cream cone while I go welcome a new student? – Okay, I can do that. – [Stephanie] This will do. – Okay Kindi Kids, here goes nothing. – Welcome to Rainbow kindergarten. I’m Miss PaDoodle. Who are you? – My name is Maya. – And I see you brought
Peppa-Mint, Marsha Mello, – [Miss PaDoodle] Jessiecake and Donatina. – You know the candy kids? – Sure do! And they
just adore kindegarten. And I know you will too. Why don’t you go find a
seat and make a new friend? – Make a new friend? That sounds so scary. – There’s one, and there’s another. (quirky children’s music) – Excuse me, are those Kindi Kids? – Yeah, my friend gave me them
so I wouldn’t be so nervous on my first day of kindergarten. – You’re nervous too? I thought it was just me? – Oh, for sure. Do you want a couple of Kindi Kids to help you on your first day? – You’d share with me?
That would be awesome. – [Maya] Sure, you can
play with Peppa-Mint. She loves ice cream. – Oh, me too. We’ll get
along just fine Peppa-Mint. – [Maya] And here’s Jessiecake. She is a natural leader. – Oh perfect. She is darling. By the way, my name is Stephanie. – Hi Stephanie, my name is Maya. – Now all six of us can be friends. – Okay, I already made a new
friend, that wasn’t so hard. (funky music) – All right, another
perfect batch of slime for when Maya gets home from kindergarten. Oh, kindergarten. I hope her first day is going well. She was so nervous about making friends and knowing what to do at center time. Maybe I should just pop
over to Rainbow kindergarten and take a little peak in the window to just make sure she is okay. (funky music) – Okay students, I think the best way to get to know your classroom
is to break into center time. – Oh no, I’ve never
done center time before. How would I know what to do? – Okay, we’ll have three
centers open up today. An art center. – Okay. – A dress-up center, and a play center. You’ll get the chance to rotate
through all three of them. – But how will we know which one to go to and when to switch? – I’ll help you with that. Maya and Stephanie, you’ll
start at the play center. Which is back at the blue table. When you hear my bell,
it’ll be time to rotate. And I’ll tell you exactly where to go. – Okay, that doesn’t sound
to hard, does it Donatina? – It looks like the blinds are closed and I can’t see inside. Maybe I can hear something? (quirky music) Can’t hear a thing. Guess I
came all this way for nothing. (quirky children’s music) – Wow Maya, we can play with
our KindiKids at this center. – Yeah, Marsha Mello wants to go shopping with the bunny cart. – [Maya] Here you go Marsha Mello. I’m gonna load up my cart
with all sorts of treats from the colorful kitty supermarket. – [Stephanie] When you’re done shopping, I’ll take care of her at
the kitty cash register. – [Maya] I’ll take some
juice and some bananas and put it in my cart. – Oh, and don’t forget
to weigh your produce on the kitty scales. – Oh, good idea Peppa-Mint. – [Maya] Looks good to me. – [Stephanie] Here, let me
scan your items now. Beep. Now down to the basket bananas. – [Stephanie] That will be $4. – [Maya] What a bargain. Here you go. – [Stephanie] Thanks for shopping at the colorful kitty supermarket. – What if Maya hasn’t
made a single friend? Or what is she’s crying in center time because she doesn’t know what to do? I just have to find a way to find out if her first day in
kindergarten is going okay. – [Stephanie] I’m gonna put the groceries up in the berry chill. – Okay, I’ll open it for you. – All right, I’ll put
the juice right here. – [Stephanie] And bananas in the drawer. – And Donatina is thirsty,
and she is needing some ice. – [Maya] Come on Donatina,
let’s fill up your cup. (quirky children’s music) Got your ice cubes. – Oh Donatina, did you see my artwork? – I didn’t. Where is it? – [Stephanie] Right
here on the berrychill. – Oh, I abolsutly love it! (mellow music) – Oh wow, it’s lunchtime already. I better get something to eat. (funky music) Oh this just reminds me that Maya was so nervous about
lunchtime at kindergarten. (funky music) Oh, I got it. The kindergarten lunches
are catered by the Toy Cafe, so maybe I can give Lulu a quick call and she could check on Maya
when she drops the lunches off. Yes, that would make
me feel so much better. Where is my phone? – So, what did you all
think of center time? – Loved it. – The best. – I’m so glad to hear that. Next is something I think
you’ll enjoy just as much. – What is it? – Lunchtime! – Oh no Marsha Mello,
I like my Mom’s food. What if I don’t like
the food they have here? I’ll surely starve. – The Toy Cafe caters our lunches here at Rainbow kindergarten. And I know you will love what they whipped up for lunch today. – Can’t wait to try it! – We’re feasting on peanut
butter and jelly bites, cotton candy yogurt with sprinkles – [Miss PaDoodle] and
chocolate covered pretzels. – [Stephanie] Wow, that
looks so delicious. – Marsha Mello, if these
are how our lunches are, I think I’m gonna be good. (ringing phone) – Hello, this is the Toy Cafe, where all your toy dreams come true. Lulu speaking, how may I help you? – Hi Lulu, this is Lucy. I’m calling to ask you a little favor. – Sure thing. What can I do? – Well, today’s Maya’s
first day of kindergarten and she was a little nervous. Do you think you could check on her when you drop their lunches off? – Oh, I wish I could, but I
dropped them off this morning before school even started. – Okay, well, thanks anyways Lulu. (sigh) – Well, that was an
absolutely delicious lunch. – Sure was. OMG. I almost forgot that I brought
food for the Kindi Kids. – Yeah, I bet their starving after our busy morning at kindergarten. – Let me get it. – All right friends. Who
wants to be fed first? – Here’s Peppa-Mint’s
favorite ice cream Stephanie. – Want some banana flavored ice cream? – [Stephanie] All right,
lets change the flavor. Now its strawberry ice cream Peppa-Mint, do you want some of this? – I have your favorite
cereal here for you Donatina. – [Maya] Open wide. You did a good job Donatina. – Let’s put sprinkles on
your cupcake Jessiecake. Take a bite. – And Marsha Mello really
likes cake pops Stephanie. Look, she took a bite. – I think their bellies
are completely full now. – Me too. We’ve all had a great lunch. (quirky music) – Okay, I just need to calm down. Maya’s probably having a wonderful first day at kindergarten, I loved kindergarten, so of
course she’s loving it too. But, what if she hasn’t made any friends? Or what if she’s starving because she didn’t like
the lunch they made her? Or what if she’s just
having no fun whatsoever. – Okay girls, we end our day in a very special way here
at Rainbow kindergarten. – How Miss PaDoodle? – We dance to the bobble
song. Everybody up! – All right! (upbeat music) ♪ Yeah, let’s play. ♪ ♪ Do you know how to bobble? ♪ ♪ Yeah we know how to bobble. ♪ ♪ Do you know how to bobble? ♪ ♪ Yeah we know how to bobble. ♪ ♪ Can you bobble your arms? ♪ ♪ We can bobble our arms. ♪ ♪ Can you bobble your legs? ♪ ♪ We can bobble our legs. ♪ ♪ Can you bobble your belly? ♪ ♪ We can bobble our belly. ♪ ♪ We can bobble, bobble, bobble. ♪ ♪ Just like we’re jelly. ♪ ♪ Yeah, let’s play. ♪ ♪ Do you know how to bobble? ♪ ♪ Yeah, we know how to bobble. ♪ ♪ Do you know how to bobble? ♪ ♪ Yeah, we know how to bobble. ♪ – Okay, she should be
getting home any second. I hope everything went well. Oh, here she is. – Hi Mom. – Oh Maya, how was your day? How was kindergarten? – Absolutely fabulous. – And you made friends okay? – Of course. – And center time wasn’t
so scary after all. – Easy peasy. – And what about lunch time?
Did you get enough to eat? – Absolutely delicious. – Oh, I’m so glad to hear
that. You had me so nervous. – Nervous? Why would you be nervous? I had my KindiKids with me. – Well, very true. How silly of me? (quirky children’s music)

Maya’s First Day of Kindergarten with Her Kindi Kids!
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