(xylophone sound) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy. – Thanks to Moose Toys
for sponsoring this video. Okay my Kindergartners. You’re going to have a
little bit of homework to complete over the weekend. – Homework over the weekend? – What a bummer. – Oh but I think you’re
gonna love this assignment. – Okay I’m listening. – You’ll each be taking home a Cozy Dozy. Here’s one for Maya and one for Stephanie. – I don’t think I’ve ever
seen so much cuteness. – Meet Cubbles the Bear, class. (pacifier sounds) – Absolutely adorbs. – Your homework assignment for the weekend is to care for this super soft
and playful cutie patootie. – If this is homework
then I love homework. – No kidding. So how do we care for Cubbles? – Well Cubbles loves to be loved. You can tickle her belly, (Cubbles laughing) rub her head, (Cubbles sighing) – Aww. – Wrap her up in her blanket, and even soothe her to
sleep with her pacifier. (pacifier sounds) – Aww she loves her pacy. – You’re gonna be a dream
to take care of all weekend. – And Cozy Dozy is so lifelike that she makes over 25
sounds and reactions. Oh, shh, she’s asleep. – Oh I can’t wait to get to work on this homework assignment. – Oh Maya, that picture looks great. – Thanks Daddy. It’s Cubbles. – Hey, I wanted to check in with you to see if you were still up for
Henslee’s sleepover tonight. – Absolutely, why wouldn’t I be? – Well you’ve never been to a sleepover and I’m worried that you’re
gonna get a little scared at a friend’s house tonight. – Dad, Henslee’s one of my best friends and Stephanie will be there. Why would I be scared? – Well then you have this
whole homework assignment with Cubbles the Bear. Can you take care of Cubbles while you’re at the sleepover tonight? – Shh, you’re waking Cubbles. Go back to sleep Cubbles. – Oh sorry Cubbles. – And Dad, Stephanie will have her Cubbles so we’ll take care of them together. – Okay, but just know that you can call me if you want to come home. I’m happy to come pick you up. – Okay Dad, but really, I’ll be just fine. – Aww look, Cubbles is sound asleep again. (Cubbles giggling) – Oh I just love to hear
your giggle Cubbles. – Hi Henslee. Happy Birthday. – Hi Maya and Stephanie. – Oh wow, do you have a
Cozy Dozy too Henslee? – Yeah, it was a birthday
present from my parents. Just got her this morning. – No way. Stephanie and I got
Cubbles at school today. – Yeah, we have to take good care of her all weekend long for
a homework assignment. (Cubbles giggling) Aw she just loves it when I rub her head. – Well we can take care
of our Cubbles together at my sleepover. I have lots of fun things for us to do. – Awesome. And this place looks great by the way. This is gonna be an epic sleepover. – Yeah, what’s first on the
list of activities Henslee? – Grab a stroller and
let’s get some fresh air. – Awesome. My little Cubbles has
had such a fun filled day that I’m hoping she’ll get a good nap in. Let’s get her all bundled up. There. Now she’ll be as snug
as a bear in a blanket. – I’ll bet you want your
pacifier, don’t you? That should help you sleep. – I don’t think my Cubbles
would nap on this walk. She’s giggling up a storm. (Cubbles giggling) – Aw, so precious. This is fun. It’s a lot of work being
a mama bear, isn’t it? – Yes, but they grow so quickly so we wanna enjoy them every minute. – They will be big in the blink of an eye. (lively music) – Aw, my sweet Cubbles
fell asleep after all. – My Cubbles keeps sucking on her binky. (sucking sounds) Isn’t that precious? (lively music) – I think they’re all sound asleep. – I think you’re right. – I think they’re having
sweet dreams of honeycombs. (lively music) – Hmm, I wonder how Maya’s
doing at the sleepover. Maybe I’ll make a quick
call to Henslee’s mom just to check in on her. (phone ringing) – Hello? – Hello Mrs. Manning. This is Jason, Maya’s dad. I’m just calling to check in on her. – Oh hello Mr. Manning. Maya’s doing just fine. The girls area actually heading back from a little stroll
with their Cozy Dozies. They actually look pretty cute. – Oh okay, good to know. Well this is Maya’s
first sleepover you know, so feel free to give me a call if she gets nervous or scared or anything. – Of course. I’ve got your number. – What game do you have
to play at a sleepover? – It’s gotta be truth or dare. – Exactly. Wanna play? – Oh, I do for sure. You go first Stephanie. Truth or dare? – Hmm, I’m adventurous so dare. – Okay. I dare you to give
Henslee a piggyback ride wherever you go for the rest of the night. – Oh, that’ll be easy. Come on Henslee. Let’s go for a warmup
lap all around the room. – Sounds fun to me. – All right, come on Henslee. (lively music) (giggling) Watch out. – Whoa. Drop off time. – Cubbles thinks y’all looked hilarious. (Cubbles giggling) – It was pretty funny. – Okay your turn Maya. Truth or dare? – Hmm, what do you think
I should do Cubbles? (Cubbles making sounds) I think Cubbles wants me to do a dare. – Oh I’ve got a good
one for you and Cubbles. – What is it? That is good. – Okay Maya, I dare you
to go outside with Cubbles and give all the trees in the
backyard a giant bear hug. – What? You guys are crazy. – Yep, dares are supposed to be crazy. – Okay Cubbles, I guess
today I get to be a bear too. Here goes nothing. – We’ve got to watch this Henslee. – Well you gotta give me a ride then. – Okay let’s do it. (lively music) Oh this is gonna be good Henslee. – Okay Cubbles, I guess
we have to hug some trees. This is kinda weird. On to the next one. (giggling) This is the weirdest dare
I’ve ever done with Cubbles. You bears really hug trees. (giggling) – Cubbles, she looks pretty silly. (bear giggling) – I think next time I’ll choose truth. – I can’t believe she
hugged all the trees. – Neither can I. – Hmm, is this thing on? Yeah, looks like it. Is the volume on? Yeah. I’m surprised I haven’t
heard anything from Maya yet. I hope she’s doing okay
and having a good time. I’ll just put this right
here in case she calls. – That was the funniest thing
I’ve seen in a long time Maya. – And now it’s Henslee’s turn. Truth or dare? – Well after seeing what you two did I kinda wanna do truth. But what do you think Cubbles? (Cubbles giggling) – I’m pretty sure that means dare. – Okay then, I’ll take a dare. – I was hoping you would say that because I have a hilarious one. – Oh no Cubbles. What did I get myself into? – Let’s hear it Maya. – For the next half
hour, everything you say you have to yell. – Oh no. – Oh this is gonna be good. – Okay, who wants to get snacks now? – That’s impressive. I want some snacks. (lively music) – Stephanie come back. I need a piggyback. – Oh I totally forgot. (lively music) – Sweet sweet Cubbles. – I don’t think I could
eat any more treats if I wanted to. – Me neither. They were delicious though. Thanks Mrs. Mannning. – No problem girls. Thanks
for giving me the chance to babysit your Cubbles. (Cubbles giggling) – Of course. – Can I stop yelling now? – Only if I can stop giving you piggybacks everywhere I go. – Deal. – Hey girls, it’s getting late. So why don’t I babysit
for a few more minutes while you three get your pajamas on? And then you can get your
Cubbles and hop into bed. – Okay, thanks Mom. Let’s go girls. (lively music) I just wanted an excuse to spend a little bit
more time with you three. You love that don’t you? (Cubbles giggling) Yes you do, yes you girls do. (lively music) – How cute, the bears each
get their own sleeping bags. – Well they need to get
a good night sleep too. – Yeah, it’s getting dark outside. Let’s get our Cubbles to sleep and then we’ll get ourselves to sleep. – I’m getting tired. – Bed time, oh no, I
don’t think I can do this. – Do what Maya? – A sleepover. How can I sleep here? I miss my home and my bed and my family. – Don’t panic Maya. Everything will be okay. – Yeah, just take care of Cubbles. Henslee’s right. Think of how nervous Cubbles is. She’s in a new place with a new mom. She needs your love. – Okay, I can do this. I need to take care of Cubbles. I don’t want you to be scared too. – Okay, it’s definitely dark outside now. I better give Mrs. Manning
a call to check on Maya. (lively music) (phone dialing sounds) (phone ringing) – Hello? – Hello, it’s Maya’s dad again. Yeah I’m just calling to check on Maya. If I know her at all she’s
probably super nervous and ready to come home now. – Well the girls were just getting ready to head to bed. Let me go check on her. I’ll be right back. – I can do this, I can do this. – It’s okay Maya. Just wrap Cubbles up in this blanket. It’ll make her as snug as a bear. – Okay, I can do that. (lively music) – Now put her pacifier in. – Okay, I could do that too. (pacifier sounds) – There, it’s already
starting to soothe her. – I hope this helps soothe me too. There there Cubbles. Everything will be all right. – Hey Maya, she might
want a bed time story. (lively music) – Aw, now aren’t they precious? – He’ll leap and dance in the sun. – Bunny’s playing hide and seek. Mama counting, doesn’t peak. – Inside the barn little
horse paws the ground, wishing he were outside prancing around. (Cubbles gentle breathing sounds) – I think my Cubbles
is dreaming so sweetly. – So is mine. And look who else is sleeping. (snoring) – I think they put each other to sleep. – Speaking of sleep I
wanna get some winks now. Good night Henslee. – Good night Stephanie. (lively music) – Jason? – Yes, you need me to head that way? I can be there in five minutes. – No, I actually think
she’s gonna be just fine. – Really? Okay then. Well give me a call if anything changes. (lively music) – Daddy I’m home. – Oh Maya, you’re back. I’m so proud of you. How was your first sleepover? – Amazing. – And you weren’t scared at all? – Maybe a little bit at times. – And did you take good
care of Cubbles the Bear? – I did take good care
of her but you know what? – What’s that? – She actually took really
good care of me too. (chimes sounds) (lively music)

Maya Brings Her Cozy Dozys to a Sleepover Party!
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