Oh no! Ahhh! Me not as good at the sled as me thought. Me need lessons. Cookie Monster need to learn how to do new
tricks. Like that one! Mario the sledding instructor at your service. Follow Mario. Learn from the best-a! Okay, me follow. Um, why are you on the sled with me? Don't worry, Mario won't crash-a. Whee! Oooh, sledding can be fun. Mario teach you backsledding, and then we
do a flippy. Flippy? Yup-a. Mama Mia! Holy sprinkles! Hey, me thought you were a sledding instructor? Mario good at the sledding. Mario not so good at the crashing! Don't worry, from now on, we take it nice
and slow! Me like this much better! Okay, for today's lesson, that will be 200
gold coins! What? Do you know how many cookies I could buy with
that?! I don't think so. Me angry. Oh no, so cold! How about 200 silver coins? Click on a picture to watch another Cookie
Monster or Mario video. And don't forget to subscribe and like. Thanks for watching and have a great day!

Mario and Cookie Monster Sledding Super Mario Driving Sledding Instructor Toy Sled DisneyCarToys

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