I am asking you to take up a job
you aren’t even doing that. Mother, forget this topic. How can I?
All your friends are married. Beside you and that
stammering friend of yours. Why are you bringing him in the
conversation? – Of course, I will. You are like this because of him. That boy dreams.. ..to become an actor. And to make his dream come true.. ..you are wasting your time. In this manner, you will never grow. Mother, please keep quiet. Daddy, speak to mother. Madhavi, why are you
forcing him to take up a job? He is planning a business, right? Have patience. Yes. Your pampering has spoiled him. Stop playing.
It’s time for you to leave. I have arranged everything there. Okay. Okay. I know about it. When did the hero come here? When you took the
name of the heroine. This heroine will keep nagging
till you settle down in life. Listen carefully.
Until we return from U.S.. ..take some decision
in life and settle down. Or you will have to do what I say.
Is it alright? Yes. It’s fine, mother. Dad, leave now or you will be late. Okay dear. Take care. – Bye dad. How was your audition? What was the outcome? How long will this go on? I don’t know.
I don’t know anything beside this. What should I do? Alright. Such things happen. I believe one day you
will become a great actor. Come on, cheer up! Don’t look sad. Whose letter is it? The postman got it a while ago. Postman? Hey! Hold this. What is written in this? Hello mother. – Hello. The person who took
over our farmhouse.. ..has withdrawn the
case and vacated it. I got a letter from the court. Is it? It means that
farmhouse will be ours again. How did it happen suddenly?
– I have no idea. Tell him to get it
confirmed from our lawyers. Son, visit our lawyer
and confirm it. Yes mother. – Oh yeah,
till we return you and Shiva ..can stay at the farmhouse.
– Okay done. We will stay there. Bye mother. – Okay dear. Take care. Wow! The farmhouse
has changed so much. What are you looking at?
The whole farmhouse belongs to us. Let’s go in. Wait! Don’t touch it. It’s not good. Who are you? – I have
been working her since years. I take care of this place. Oh! Are you the watchman? Come on,
show me around the farmhouse. Come with me. This place is lovely! Right? – Then.. Why do you need a job? Give it on rent and
live life peacefully. Who will take such
a huge farmhouse on rent? Some rich person will take it. Idea! – What idea!? Give this place for shooting films. On rent. Film shooting. Will they take it? Confirmed, they will take it.
You will get more rent. If that is the case then it’s fine.
The idea is great. Madan! – Yes. Tell me. You want to become a hero, right? Did you doubt it? No one else will be more
happy than me if you become a hero. Then only you can
help me to become a hero. I am sorry. – I will tell you. If someone takes me
as a hero and makes a film.. ..and if we give this
location for free, then… ..no film producer will refuse it. How is the idea!? The idea is great. You will definitely become a hero.
No one can stop you. Thanks. Don’t kiss me, please. No. What did you say?
Why shouldn’t I rent it? Give anyone you want
but not for shooting. Don’t tell us whom
we have to rent it out. Anyway, we have lots of work to do. Take care of the
farmhouse until we return. Is it okay? Let’s go. How is it? Hmm. The location is very nice. How much is the rent? Actually if you take
my friend as a hero.. ..then I will give
this location for free. Maybe you have no idea about cinema. The location is seen after
the hero and heroine are signed. Tell me the rent? – Is it? Sorry. I can’t give
you the location. Let’s go. He will become a hero! What is he saying? – Calm down. Calm down. We have to shoot
her for 40 days here. You can shoot as
many days as possible. But take my friend as a hero. Look, I don’t want
to hurt your feelings. Alright. Tell me a dialogue. Actually.. He has all the qualities. Watch it. I don’t want the qualities. Ask him to say a dialogue. Actually, he is thinking
which dialogue to say. There is no need to
think about this so much. The film of Pawan Kalyan
that was released recently.. Which dialogue was it? Ha. Look Siddhapa. Ha. Yes. The dialogue of Siddhapa,
ask him to say that. Look Siddhapa, a tiger never.. ..never shaves his beard. I do. That’s the only difference. The rest is same to same. Lord, help me from his acting. Sir, the location is nice. Yes. Yes. Look director, whether
the location is good or bad.. ..I have to pay the money, right? I am sorry.
– How do I explain it to you? Can’t you understand my language?
Come inside. Let’s ask there,
someone is playing here. Are you playing carrom? Who is the owner of the bungalow?
I want to speak to him. I am the owner.
– The director liked this location. For shooting.
What is the rent per day? Does your film has a hero? What did you say?
Can you have a film without a hero? Who is your hero? I have a hero.
He is my brother-in-laws son. But why aren’t you answering
what I am answering? 50,000 per day. – What did you say? Rs.50,000 per day? Won’t you give a concession? Make the person sitting
opposite me the hero. Forget about concession,
I will give the location for free. Are you serious or are you fooling? Can you see a smile on my face? I can’t see it.
It means you are serious. The boy is good and smart. He looks young too. I agree. Then what about your old hero? Forget him.
He is not worth anything. If he becomes a hero,
the location will be for free. This producer searched
for this talent. What happened sir?
Are you changing something? Can’t he hear? I will talk to him.
There is not much of a change. Now he is the hero of our movie. He will become a hero? – Yes. Let’s take an audition first. Audition?
Will he have to say dialogues? There is no need for an audition. He just says it unnecessarily. I will take care of that.
– What are you saying sir? Looks like he can’t
understand things. Nothing Director. This boy is a good artist. There is no need for an audition. Look, the shooting
starts from tomorrow. Be ready. Even you be ready. Okay. I am leaving.
Let’s go, director. -Yes. Wow! Congratulations! Thanks. – Now I will see my friend.. ..on the big screen. That side. Come on, quickly bring it down. We took it down. – Come. Yes. Is everyone here? Babu, this is our team. Your team is so small. Are the others coming later? There is no one, it’s only us.
Fantastic Five. Can you make a film
with five people? Don’t you know this
is the trend these days. Okay. This is our team. He is Mr. Kanmani. A well known cameraman
in the industry. I am giving him the first
opportunity of directing a film. He is strange.
He doesn’t know the difference.. ..between an assistant camera
man and the main camera man. And he says he is giving
me a chance to direct a movie. He is a perfect business man. Hi! The one who is standing
beside me is mad. After finishing her engineering.. ..she went to U.K for
a course in film making. She is a very intelligent girl. She is working as
a co-director in my film. I and U.K. return. I haven’t
gone out of the city even once. The family was trying
to get me married. That’s why I landed her from there. Do you need to go to U.K.
to know about film making? What does this fool know? The internet is available. Hi! – Now meet Surveen Kumar. He has worked in all
the departments in many films. The producer has a misunderstanding. Since 25 years I am
running a theatre group. That failed that’s
why I joined here. I didn’t tell the producer this. Finally he is Mr. D.J. Fan of M.J. He has Michael Jackson in him. He is an expert in everything
including cooking and dancing. He is right. Now let me introduce myself. I am a very rich businessman. I have many companies. They are in my wife’s name. I am crazy about films. I feel I will make
a super-duper film.. ..and groom the life of such people. This is my life time dream. But my wife doesn’t allow it. That’s why with the money I have.. ..I planned to make
a low budget film. What businessman? I gambled with money
from the village.. ..I have lost that money too. So now I will take a huge loan.. ..and make a film.. ..and try on the jackpot. They have no information
about this plan of mine. That’s why they
are working for free. So friends,
this is our fantastic five. So now on you are our team members. Team members, he is Mr. Shiva. The hero of our film. – Hi! – Hello! Hi! – Hello. He is Mr.
Madan. The owner of this location. Hi! – Hello! Now we will go in
and select our room. And keep our luggage in it.
Let’s go. Come on, director. Hey! – Yes. I can’t trust these people. Please! – What’s the matter?
Do you have a doubt? That.. can I know what
kind of film are you producing? Yes sure. We are about to make.. ..a dangerous horror film. All the audience who come
to watch it at the theatre.. ..should fall
unconscious out of fear. This is our target. Wow! What is the title
of your horror film? The witch who forgot her goal. What? The witch who forgot her goal? Okay. The witch
who slept on the bed. The witch who had a drape.
Don’t you have such titles? Wow! Though you
are not a film maker.. ..you have lot of creativity. What a wonder! I will have.. ..this title in my
forth coming films. Bye. Listen. I don’t trust
these people at all. Let’s refuse them and
search for someone else. Madan, please! It’s a matter of few days. Please! Hey! “Love me. Love me. Love me.” “My wish. My wish.” It’s already late.
Why hasn’t he come yet? Look, they have reached here. What is this? He is coming alone. Maybe you are not aware,
he is equal to 100 journalist. Please come. Please come. Wow! Interesting. Very interesting. The location is good,
how much rent are you paying? You mean 50,000. Not bad. Very reasonable. Which movie are you making? Horror movie. – Horror movie? And the witch in that, is it her? I am not a witch. I am the co-director of this film. Oh! Then where is the witch? She is a witch so you
can’t see her. – What? Interesting. Very interesting. What is the budget of the film? Five. – You mean 50 million.
Big budget. Yes. – But is it right
to invest so much on a new boy? Only the name is new.
But the boy is very talented. Give him any dialogues.
He says it promptly. If you want, I will ask
him to deliver a dialogue. Interesting. Very.. one minute! Hello! Wow!
Interesting. Very interesting. Yes. Yes.
I am coming. I am coming. Okay. Actually a hero has
come to the city so.. I am asked to take his interview.
So I am leaving now. What about our interview? There is lot of time for that. In the meantime, mail me the details
of the film. I will check it. Okay. Then in all the newspapers.. ..in all the news channel,
our movie.. Interesting.
Very interesting question. You will get the reply
in tomorrow’s newspaper. Alright. I am leaving. Are you scared? You. What is it? What is this after all? Among these newspapers.. ..not one of it has
the news of our movie. What did that reporter do? Whatever you said is a lie. If you call us again,
it won’t be for your good. He threatened us in this manner. Leave it.
Go and supervise the shooting. Go. Shiva. – Yes. Are you ready? Okay. Say the dialogue. What happened? Say the dialogue. That.. – Yes. What is the problem? That.. I.. – Yes you. I.. I.. What is it? I.. – Wait! – Yes. This is a single character. So first we will
do the individual part. Okay sir. We will shoot
the scene with dialogues later. Okay. Okay. He is saying
to do a scene without the dialogue. So relax now. In this scene,
you are standing here. And think of ringing the bell. But before you ring the bell.. ..the bell rings and
you are shocked to see it. Okay. – Yes. What? – Okay. Action. Wow! Cut. What superb expression you gave?
Very good. Hey! You did it well. Now in this scene.. ..you have just got up from sleep. When you stand.. ..the witch pulls
your hair suddenly. You have to react on that. Okay. – Yes. That.. – What happened?
Do you want to say something? Okay. Ready? Shiva, are you ready? Yes. Ready. Sleep. Action. Cut! What superb expressions! Very good. Single take artist. I.. What happened?
Did they find out that you stammer? Hey! There is a witch in this house. What rubbish? Really. A little while ago,
when I was enacting the scene.. ..she pulled my legs. Look, I am not in good mood. There is nothing like a witch.
Go away! After this lovely song.. ..and we will talk to a witches
physiatrist. – It started working. Wow! Dr. Subramaniyam. Doctor, tell us. Many people say there are witches. How much is it true? This is absolutely true. There are witches. If you say will the talk
about witches come true. This is true. You must believe it. People say it. But what I am saying is also true. Science is experimenting.. ..on after life,
the souls of the dead. You know there are witches
through this experiments. If we listen to him,
he will talk rubbish. I will change the station. Hey! – By avoiding
my talks without knowing.. ..you try to change the channel,
those people must fear witches. What is this? He is answering
whatever I am saying. Oh my god!
I will go crazy if I stay here. I am leaving. If any of you find
any witch somewhere.. ..or you feel she
is present in your house. Then call me on my number. I will try to reach
there as soon as possible. My number is 9930800181. Do witches exist or
this is just an illusion? Let me check it. Witch, if you are really here then.. ..drop me on the bed. Come on, attack. What happened? Are you scared? Did you get scared seeing me? Come and drop me down. Come on, attack. It means that was an illusion. I feel she must be
coming when you say action. Let me try. Witch, when I say action.. ..please ruffle.. ..my hair. Okay. Ready. Action. Cut. Cut. Cut. Where were you for so long?
The shot is ready. Let’s go. That.. That.. Why are you stammering?
Why is your hair ruffled? That.. there.. Is everything ready?
We are short of time. Yes. Everything is ready sir.
Come on. That.. – Sukumar, set his hair. Come here. – In this
scene you will stand there. The witch will try to throttle
your throat with your hand. Alright. And you are
trying to release yourself. This is how you have to act. – No! What? – I.. I won’t do it. Hey! Why won’t you do it? There is a witch here. What did you say?
What are you saying? Sir. A witch really exist here. Sir, when you say action.. ..she really comes out.
Just a while ago.. ..she caught my legs. And she rang.. ..the bell at the door. Sir, really. Trust me. I am speaking the truth, please. Hey! Why did you start
stammering suddenly? Hey! Are you stammering now? Or you are like this since birth? I am not. – He is lying. Sir, he stammers. Sir. Sir. It’s not that, sir. The hero of my film stammers!? Hell with it! This film won’t be completed. What happened?
You have stopped shooting. What are you doing?
Director, any problem? There is a huge problem.
– What’s the issue? Sir, the hero stammers. – What!? What!? The hero stammers.. – I.. Listen to me. What will you tell me?
I can see that you stammer. Where is he? Where is your friend? Where is the owner of the location?
Where is he? Sir, he is here.
– Let’s go and meet him. Oh no! – Why did you trap me? Why did you hide the hero stammers? What did I hide? Whether the hero stammers
or he doesn’t know acting? That is your business. You were happy as
you got a free location. Then why are you shouting now? Actually he is correct, sir. What is correct? What is it? Do you understand anything? No matter what happens,
you will have to pay for the losses. What loss? Firstly you are getting
everything free here. And you talk of loss. Hey! Give respect and take respect.
You know it, right? Cool sir.
Let take our previous hero back. Alright. What happened has happened? We will shoot with
the hero we had in mind. You will get the earlier hero? Then search for another location. What are you saying? Will everything be
according to your wish? Right. My location. My wish. If you don’t like it then
you can leave happily. Bye! Pawni, trust me. How can we? Why didn’t
you tell that you stammer? – Yes. Look the shooting has
stopped because of you. Please don’t say that. I had come to tell you
the truth the other day. But you were in a serious mood. That’s why I couldn’t tell you. I like acting. I can give any expression. Dance. Fights. I know it all. Do something.. Please manage the situation. Alright. I will try. Sir. Sir! – Yes. Let’s select a new hero. And a new location. – Yes. If everything is new then the look
of the film will be good. – Yes. You want everything new.
Are you losing money? I am losing money. Excuse me sir. We can take him as
a hero and continue. What are you saying?
That stammering hero? No. I won’t accept it. – Shut up! Tell me. – Yes sir. It is nice if our hero stammers. How? – The horror movies
that I saw until now.. ..has the hero stammering. It helps to create fear
in the minds of people. The more he stammers the audience.. ..will get scared and
our film will be a hit. It is our luck that
our hero stammers. Agree to it. I feel what you said is true. What do you say, director? The logic is fine. But I doubt that artist. There is nothing to doubt. What you told me is correct. There is no need to go anywhere. Shiva is our hero. Camera. Lights. Action. Continue shooting. Quickly. Problem solved.
You will be the hero. Thanks. How? I said if the hero stammers
in the film it will be fine. And he got convinced. I am not fine with it. – What? I am the hero. In the first film.. ..will you introduce
me with a stammer? I don’t like it. Are you crazy?
You really stammer, right? – Yes. I do. – Then how will
you talk without stammering. I won’t speak.
I will give lip movement. Let the dubbing be
done by someone else. You are increasing my work. Wait! I will tell them
to fix another hero. I was joking. I will act.. ..in the way you want me to.
– Nice joke. Prepare these dialogues. Yes. I am here.
I have seen the whole place. It’s very nice. I will bring you with
me the next time I come. If you like it,
we will buy it at once. Cut! Excellent! Keep it up. Pack up. Bro. Bro.
– What is the next location? It is behind the bungalow.
– Nice acting. Thank you. Tell me. You were saying.. – Where were we? Did you really see the witch? I didn’t see it. – We will
shoot where the hero is scared.. ..I felt it.
– We will shoot the same scene. Alright. – You are
completely involved in it. No. No the part we discussed. Nothing else beside it. You are talking nonsense.
– That is best! Tell me bro,
is there a witch here, really? We will forward the script.
– Yeah sure. Shall we check? Wow! Bro. Are you seeing
M.J’s picture on the wall? I will dance in my master’s style. When I turn around,
the picture must vanish. Then I will believe
that a witch is here. Okay. Okay. Bro, you said there is a witch here.
But the picture is in it’s place. The witch doesn’t come
in this manner. – Then how? You need to say action. What a joke? It means she will
come when you say action. And leave when you say cut. Okay bro.
I will say action and you turn. Okay. Action. Did she come? Hey! What is happening? The picture vanished. It must fallen
because of the breeze. Why are you creating a commotion? It fell by the breeze? Yes. The breeze.
If you have finished your games.. ..then the director is calling you,
please come quickly. Yes. Okay. What happened? Are you scared? No. – Then why are
you making everyone scared? Just like that.
– By the way, you act very well. There is something in you. If that’s so then write a script.. ..on me as a hero. And take my dates for the next film. Hello. I don’t want a
stammering hero in my movie. No matter how long the dialogue is.. ..my hero will say
it in a single take. Yes. Even I can say it. You?- Yes. Alright. In a religious movie.. ..Junior Intiya has spoken a lengthy
dialogue. Do you remember it? Listen Sir, compare to you,
my position in heaven is low. That’s why you want
to wage a war with us. But I don’t fear you. Devil living in hell. Human who lives on earth. Everyone knows that.. ..I am worth this throne. Did you remember? Yes. – Tell me that dialogue
with stammering in a single take. Then I will consider
you a hero and.. ..write a good story for you. Okay. All the best! – Come on. Madan, come here. Come on. Why are you so serious? What is it? – Please sit down. Tell me, what’s the matter? I will tell you if you sit down. Relax! What have I told you?
I am asking you to sit down. If you stand, your legs will hurt. Tell me. – Nothing. I wanted to ask you why
didn’t I see you since morning? I can be anywhere.
What’s that to you? Come on, your friend acts so well. It would be better
if you were present. I know how he acts. Tell me what’s the issue? You did a huge mistake.
Do you know what you have done? I know. – You know. I gave this location to
people like you to shoot at. Stop laughing. What mistake have I done,
will you tell me? Nothing. The bungalow is so huge. But there is no television. Look, we are so bored
with any entertainment. So arrange a latest LED TV.. ..for entertaining all of us. Is it alright? Is it a show? Hey friend,
where were you since morning? This is enough. What happened? I was quite until
now because of you. I can’t bear it anymore. Hey! What is wrong with you? I am sending those people away. Hey! Madan.
Will you wait for a moment? Will you tell me what’s the matter?
– It is not so important. I wanted to tell you,
I am sending those people away. Move! – Madan, don’t do that. Get aside. – Alright.
Do one thing. Send the away. But wait for morning. Why? Do you think I will
change my mind by morning? It won’t change. I know that. But sending them away at night.. ..is not right. What did you say? The human race.. What did you say? Human race.. What did you say? What did you say? Witch! Why are you packing your clothes? If they leave, will you also leave? No. I am not feeling well. I will go home for a few days. I know everything.
Actually you are angry with me. Watch it,
you will think I am right later. Until you return.. ..till then I will
find a good producer. I promise! Wait. I will send them away. Yes. Come straight from that road. When you come ahead on the left.. ..you will see a lane. Come straight from that lane.. ..on the left side.. ..you will find a huge gate. On that Chitradhara
Estate is written. Come inside that gate.
Yes. Did you see it? Excuse me? – What is it? I want to talk to you. I am talking on the phone.
Can’t you see? Yes. Did you come? Yes. Come inside the gate. Yes. I saw you. Come. Come. Come. – Oh no. She is good.
– Do you have a lighter? Brother, do you have a lighter? Oh, hello. Do you have a lighter? Where did you come from? The room at the right
is arranged for you. Go and freshen up there. – We will. Forget that. You knew we are coming. Couldn’t you send your car?
– Mother, we have reached now. Forget it.
– Don’t speak a word. Come quietly. Did you tell them? What did I have to tell them? That.. to tell them to go away! Who was going away? Madan. What is wrong with you? Actually I.. I thought of you a lot. I didn’t like to hurt you. That’s why until
the shooting is done.. ..there is no need
for them to leave. Hey! What is it? How did you change
your mind suddenly? I told you, I thought of you a lot. Come, remove the clothes
from your bag and.. ..get ready for shooting. Be quick. In the room. Okay. Hi! I am Madan. Actually I.. This is my location. Actually,
I want to tell you, I love you. I love you. Is she coming? Please come. Please come. I will.. Guys, the heroine is here.
Let’s meet her. Hello sir. Is everyone is here?
This is the team. Hi! – Hello. – Hi! He is.. not from our team. So friends,
she is the heroine of our film. Her name is Hansika.
Her mother is sitting beside her. Hello. What is it? What happened? Are you my friend or not? Do you doubt it? Yes. I doubt.
Those people insulted me. And you didn’t say a word. Insulted you. Who is it? Who else? The producer. He introduced everyone
to the heroine. Beside me? – Heroine? Oh. Okay. Is it? Now I understood. Whom you were thinking of? Forget that. Will you introduce
me to the heroine or not? Hey! she has just come. I will introduce you
when the time is right. Have some patience. What do you mean? I have nothing to do with this film. If I want,
the shooting will stop right now. And you.. are not introducing me? Hey! Listen to me. I don’t want to hear a word. If you won’t introduce me,
can’t I do anything? Hey, listen to me. Hey! This is not right. Why should we get the costumes? You are the producer, right?
You should have arranged it. Actually I told you
it’s a low budget film. Don’t talk to her but to me. Your film isn’t like
a low budget film. But a no-budget film. Stop laughing and do your work. Come on, go. Ma’am. – What? You want costumes, right?
I will get it for you. Who is he?
– He is the owner of this location. What did you say?
He is the owner of this location. It means the whole
place belongs to you? Yes aunt. Wow! She is my daughter. Say hi to him. Tell him. – Mother! Hi! I am Hansika. Hi, I am Madan. Shall we go? Where are we going? To purchase costumes. Go dear. Go. Just a moment, wait. As you are going,
take our hero along with you. Go, go along with them. Hi! – Yes! What did you say? What did you say? Human race is below. Oh no! Hey, Madan. The witch. Hey! How did I come here? I think you were sleep walking. Let’s go from here. Hey! I couldn’t
sleep the whole night. Is it? Did you see the witch? No. Not the witch. I saw my lover Hansika. The whole night in my dreams.. ..she was teasing me. Is it? Alright.
Get up and get ready. Yes. – Brother,
will you open your eyes? I don’t feel like opening it. I don’t like seeing
anyone else beside her. She is here. Then why
do you want to dream about her? See her directly. Take me to her. Pawni, where is Hansika? Near the swimming pool. – Okay. Hey, what are you doing? Get aside. Come aside.
They are getting disturbed. Give a sensuous pose biting
the rose with your lips. Pose. Pose. Very good. Very good. Wow! Superb. I like it. Ah! Wow! What is happening? Photo shoot. You need stills.. ..for the poster. – Yes. What will they do with that fan? It’s very hot. So.. Let’s go from here. Come on. – Leave me. Oh my dear. Superb. It’s an excellent pose. Hey, he is taking
such pictures of Hansika. I will deal with him. – Hey! Hey! It’s a movie. This will surely happen.
– What will happen? This is a horror movie, right? Then they should take
the pictures of a ghost. He is purposely being dirty. Wait. Listen to me. I will do something and
rectify everything. Wait. Do what you want to do.
Such things must not repeat. Sir. – What? – Many scenes.. ..for today is pending. The light is reducing. The co-director said that. Okay Hansika. It’s enough for today. We will continue tomorrow.
– Okay sir. I love you too, baby. But I am getting very bored at home. Come back soon. You are always working. Is there any importance
for me in your life or not? Please! Come soon. Cut! Pawni. – Yes sir. Will you explain this
scene to the hero? – Okay sir. Shiva. Come here. – Hey! Hey! Hi! The hero says Happy Valentine’s
day while giving a gift. The heroine likes the gift. And she hugs the hero. In exchange the hero
kisses the heroine. Okay? – Yeah okay. Where do you have to kiss? Here. Hey, come here. What happened?
– There is no need to do this scene. Hey, this is a movie. These things take place. Will you kiss my
lover being my friend? Hey! I won’t do it. The character will do it. Don’t act smart. Whether the character
kisses or you.. ..it is the same thing.
You won’t do this scene. That’s it. Shiva. – Yes. The short is ready.
What are you discussing? Shiva won’t do this scene. – What? Why? Actually he.. Can the scene change? Madan is having a problem. No changes can be done. If you have a problem then go
to the room after the scene is over. The shot is ready.
Come now. – He won’t come. Shiva, are you coming or not? He has a problem with this scene. Go and talk to him. – What? What’s wrong with him? What is the problem?
Can’t you be broad minded? I have come here only to work. Such things take
place in my profession. Concentrate on your job. Don’t interfere
in my work here after. Will you come now? Sir. Sir. Sir. I am.. ..not in mood for the scene. Let us do some other scene. Please sir. – Okay. Okay. Oh my god! Why did he come here? Yes! Did you think you will
take loan from me and run away? I won’t be able to catch you. Boss, they are shooting there. You have no money
to pay off my loan. And you are shooting a film here. I will pay off after
the film is released. Yes. If the film fails
how will you pay me? The shooting of the film is on. Where is the heroine? Oh! Oh! Why are you shocked? Come. Come. Take the camera.
We will get some money. Remove your hat. Leave me. Leave me. You have taken a good heroine. I am taking her with me. Return the money and take her away. Look brother. Finish whatever you
have between you’ll. Let my daughter go. Hey! you will tease
girls in this manner.. ..and I will watch quietly. I am not a coward. Hey! A stammerer is threatening us. He surely stammers. But his threat is true. Saying powerful dialogues,
will you be powerful? If anyone teases girls here.. ..not only power star.. ..even the fans of power star.. ..get angry. And power gets generated. – Is it? So I must be shocked
on touching you. Will I feel the shock? Wait here. Oh my god! I am feeling the shock. I am feeling the shock. I am not a hero only in movies. I am a hero in real life too. Leave me. – Leave me. Leave me. I didn’t even hit him. That is real and this is false. Are you satisfied
with the beating? Now go. Hey! Will you come? Boss. Boss. – He hit us badly. Hey! Don’t think that you are saved. I will come with more
people the next time. Then I will see who has the guts. Yes. Let’s go. Let’s go. There is no need
to wait here any longer. Let’s go. But mother.
– Ma’am please listen to me. Nothing will happen to
your daughter. – Let’s go. I guarantee you that. The film will not be shot.
Please Hansika. Talk to her. Tell her to trust us. Mummy. – What is it?
Don’t say a word. Listening to such people. I made you a heroine,
it’s my mistake. Anyway this film will be a flop. Come with me. Come on. Move aside. Aunt. – Ma’am, please. – Mummy! Listen. – Think about it. Please!
Think about it once. – Mummy! Ma’am, please! Ma’am. Aunt, I will take
care of your daughter. I will finish this film. Trust me. Mummy, nothing will
happen to me. Relax! D. J, get the chair. – Quickly. Hey! What did you say? You will finish this movie? How will you get the money? I can’t sell the farmhouse. We don’t need this godown. Let us sell it. We will get the money for the film. Godown? Do you know
what is there in it? Before selling it.. ..tell your family about it. There is no need.
I need to vacate it before selling. Let’s see what’s inside. Wait! Don’t open that door. Don’t open the door. Hey! We will clean the
godown first then sell it. Only then we can
finish the film. – Hey! Shiva. The short is ready.
So the director is calling you. But where is the heroine?
I can’t see her. Did you see her? – I don’t know. Hey! Look there.
She is going inside the bungalow. I will go and call her. Hansika! What happened?
Why have you come here? What are you doing? Hey! Where did she go? Hey, have you come here for me? Witch! Pawni! Pawni! Pawni! Where were you for so long? The heroine is waiting
for you since so long. Alright. Come.
You have a scene with her. – No. No. I won’t go. – Why? I am having fever. – Shiva! Pawni. – Yes. What happened? What’s the problem? I don’t know sir. I will call him. Let it be.
It’s 6 o’clock. Let’s pack up. Yes. – Pack up! Today you will die. What is this? Zip problem. Local brand. Show. Double D. Double D. Producer, will you cheat here too? What are you saying? It was a show. But instead of A,
it should have been a joker, right? This is cheating. Yes. You cheat openly? Return my money. Give it here. Something magical is happening. How did the cards change? I will not play this game. Who wants to play? I am also bored. Call D.J. – If you want
I can present something to you. Why? Will you dance? Ah! No. If you want I
can talk good things with you. No more talking. Call the D.J. He will talk to me. I am very disturbed today, ma’am. I will dance tomorrow. Why? Will you dance when
the producer tells you to dance? Won’t you dance for us? No, not that ma’am. I am not in a mood to dance. Okay. What do we have to
do to bring you in mood to dance? Do you have the
mood to dance with me? With you? Why not? Music! Amazing. Start the music. What is this, baby?
You danced in front of all of them. Did you forget that
you are a heroine? I couldn’t talk in front
of everyone. Come upstairs. Why did you stop there? Don’t you want to sleep?
Come upstairs. Who is it? – It’s me, Pawni. How are you now? You don’t have fever. Pawni, I want to tell you a truth. What? – There is a
witch in this bungalow. You started it again. Please! Trust me. And do you know who that witch is? Who is it? – She.. Shall I tell you what
I got for my sweetheart? Special food. Just for my lover. Anyway she is angry on me. I will go and feed her. Madan. Madan, stop. She is a witch. What? – What?
Do you know what you are speaking? Listen to me. She is a witch. If you call my girlfriend
a witch again.. ..then I will forget our friendship. She is so innocent and immature. Does she look like a witch? It is not so. Shut up!
I am in a romantic mood anyway. Let it be. Bye! Hey! – Hey, what’s wrong with you? Don’t trust me.
Please don’t trust what I say. Who is it? – It’s me. Who me? I am your Madan. Why have you come?
– I have got you food. Come in. Hey darling, where are you?
– I am here. Where are you? – Here. Are you hiding under the bed? Wait. I will catch you. Where are you? – Not down. Look up. You got this food for me, right? God knows what is
happening with him. He didn’t listen to me. Where are you going now? Come near me. Tell me a story. I don’t know any story. Then sing a song. I must sing? Which one? Alright. “Princess, go to sleep.” “Go to sleep.” “Princess, go to sleep.” “Go to sleep.” God knows what is his situation? Let me check. He is in trouble. Let me go away from here. What do I do now? Aunt. Aunt. It’s me. It’s me, Madan.
Look, it’s me, Madan. Calm down. You? What are you doing here? I just told her.. ..being a heroine.. ..do you like dancing
before everyone? That’s why she beat me up. Tell me. Don’t I have the right
to say this being her mother? Absolutely.
– But how did you come here? I thought I would surprise
her by getting the food for her But she shocked me, aunt. Something has happened
to my daughter. Yes. She is possessed. This is safe place for now. We will do whatever has
to be done in the morning. Good night aunt. – Good night. Sir. This.. Pawni, where is Shiva? Ask him to come here quickly. We are already late. – Okay sir. Director, come here.
We want to talk to you something. It’s you. Come in. – Yes. What happened? I feel you
didn’t sleep well last night. But Hansu was.. ..singing a lullaby for you. Is it? Did you see it? – Yes. Hey, sorry. I didn’t believe you. Oh god! My daughter is possessed. I don’t understand what to do. I won’t go. Go! What happened to him? Hey! What is this?
Who did this to you? There is something
about the heroine. She dances so dangerously. This is the outcome
of dancing with her. Please hide me. Help me! Come. Come in. What are you’ll doing here? Shiva the shot is ready.
Come with me. I am not coming.
The heroine is possessed. Are you mad? I am watching you since yesterday,
you are talking about a witch. There is no witch. Come on. No Pawni, Shiva is right. Hansika is possessed. Yes dear, my daughter is possessed. Oh god! That is not possible. You should have told me,
you needed graphic. How do I arrange money
for graphics right now? I have no money. What are you saying, sir? If there is no graphic in
horror cinema then we can’t work. It has nothing to do with me. If you can make a movie
without graphic then it’s fine. Or cancel the film. That’s it. There is no need of
graphics for this film. Hey, what are you saying? Only by graphic we can turn
the head to 180 degree, got it? Like this, right? Pawni! What happened? Listen carefully. My name.. .. is Manjulika. Today onwards I am
the heroine of this film. Until the film gets completed. ..no one will leave from here. If you help me.. ..then I won’t hurt anyone. And if you cheat me.. ..then I will die you. Do you understand or not? Go! Go and prepare for the shooting. Manage this place
for sometime. – Yes. Excuse me. – Yes. Hey! What happened? Give him water. How did you fall unconscious?
What happened here? I told you not to give
the place on rent to film makers. What is the story? Seven years ago, your grandfather.. ..gave this place
on rent to film makers. Who is the fourth one? Come here. How long will this go on? I don’t know. But I won’t
return until I become an heroine. What is this?
You ruined 3 years for this madness. How much more time will you waste? Please. Have some patience. Then definitely I will get a chance. You are telling
me this since 3 years. Your family is looking
for an alliance. I took the responsibility
of bringing you here. It is great that your
family gave you so much time. It is not so.
– I am not listening to you at all. If you are not selected
in this audition.. ..then you will come
back with me. Got it? Alright. – Who is Manjulika? It’s me. – Come in. Riya. Come in. Manjulika, how was the audition? Manjulika,
are you selected as a heroine? I am selected. Really? Then why do you look sad? Nothing like that.
I am really selected. Forget that. Congrats! After all my friend
has become an heroine. Hey Manjulika. Hey! Where are you going? Hey! Hey! Come here. Hey! What are you thinking? You are looking so pretty. Right? – Just a moment! What happened? Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya, listen to me. I think what I heard is true. Yes it’s true. What are you doing
though from a good family? What could I do? I couldn’t find any other way. Why? Will you die if
you don’t become a heroine? Yes. I will die. By doing such things.. ..you are already dead for me. Don’t meet me henceforth. Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya! Alright. Go. Leave! After I become an heroine.. ..you will come
searching for me. Go! So did she become an heroine? – No! During the auspicious
moment of the film.. ..the director declared
some other girl the heroine. What you making down the shoes? Baby! We will show her pictures.. ..with short clothes to the people. Before the trailer is released the
people will go crazy and the film.. ..houseful. – Is it true
that you removed me from the film? Forget this film,
we will try the next film. Give her some money
and send her away. I don’t want your money. I will be the heroine of this film. Hey, throw her out. You can’t do this. I will be the heroine of this film. No one beside me can do this film. Leave me. I will be the heroine of this film. Open the gate. I am the heroine, don’t do this. Wait. Why are you doing this to me? I did what you asked me to do. Why aren’t you making
me the heroine? Wait! I am the heroine. I am the heroine. I am the heroine. I am the heroine. I am the heroine. I am the heroine. I am the heroine. After that day, your grandfather.. ..decided not to give this
place on rent to film makers. Your grandfather believed
in all religions. That’s why he called the priest.. ..had a grand prayer session. And that soul was trapped. But.. after 2 years
of this incident. Your grandfather expired. As no prayers were done
the power of that soul rose. The person who held this place.. ..vacated this place out of fear. As you opened the door.. ..Manjulika’s soul
possessed that girl’s body. Oh god! This is unjust. There are so many people here, why
did she possess my daughter’s body? Why? Why are you laughing? As a heroine’s soul
will enter a heroine’s body. You are absolutely right. O god! How do I save my daughter? I don’t know. Then you can contact me. I will try to reach
as early as possible. Hello! – Yes. Tell me. There is a witch
at our residence, sir. Only you can save us. Just relax. Either text
or WhatsApp your address to me. I will reach there
by tomorrow evening. Sir. Tomorrow evening
will be too late. Do something and
manage until tomorrow. I will. – Bye! Where have the rest gone? Are we shooting or having fun? Pawni, are you ready? I am ready sir.
– Ma’am, are you ready? Ready. Make up man. Get aside. Camera rolling. Action. When are you coming home? Cut. Cut. How are you speaking? What expressions are these? If you give flat expressions.. ..then the film will flop. No. This acting is not right. Maybe the director has forgotten
that the girl, he is talking to.. ..is a ghost. He will repent. No expression on your face is right. No. Producer, no. I can’t work with
a heroine like her. You will have to change the heroine.
It’s final. Ma’am, my mistake. The heroine will not change
till the film gets completed. Only the costumes of the
heroine will change, that’s it. You don’t know the D of direction. If you can direct
then why can’t I act? Forgive me. This film will be completed. And with you in it. Being an assistant.. ..why do you call
yourself a cameraman? What could I do, sister? I was tired of being
an assistant cameraman. That’s why I lied
to become a director. Why? Instead of giving the
chance to the original director.. ..why are you calling outsiders?
– Oh my god. Nothing as such, ma’am. I will do what you say. I will keep local
director from now on. I promise. How did you like
whatever I did until now? That was great, ma’am. Sorry. It was very good. – I will
change costumes for the next scene. Okay. I won’t act. Shiva, what is this?
Come on, nothing will happen. But why this scene? Aren’t there any other scene? No. The director
wants to do this scene. That scene is right in this light. That Director..
he will get me killed. But if she kisses.. Madan will not like it. Hey! I am okay with it. You carry on. Hey! She is possessed now. That’s why you are
okay with it, right? I see that you are
trying to trap me. Shiva. Nothing will happen.
Let’s go. Please Pawni. – I am telling
you nothing will happen. Go! – Don’t be tensed. Go. Action! Go! Cut. Cut. One more. Cut. Cut.
What is happening? What is this? Can’t you give a take with feelings? Are you scared? There is nothing to fear. Go for the take. I will roll it. Hey, cut. Cut. What are you doing?
Give a take with feelings. One more. Okay. I am rolling. Action. You don’t know to act. Manjulika! What did you say? What did you say? I don’t know acting. Don’t speak so highly. From black and white to colour.. ..from Sholay to Multan.. I have seen each film many times. I have studied the
characters in the film.. ..I have worshipped it.. ..I have blended that in me. Seeing action films.. ..seeing action hero’s. Doing action, I got my normal body.. ..build strongly. Now I don’t fear anyone. I have told fear
get out from my life. This hero is of such kind. I feel you are mistaken. That you know to act well. I have to act. I have to act. No one turns an actor saying it. This is that art which
you can’t do by scaring anyone. She insulted me. Saying that I don’t know acting. Because of her, I am very angry. The producer who pays the money.. ..the distributors
who show it in theatres.. ..the audience who clap for us. I promise them,
they will never be disappointed.. ..seeing my acting. Camera, lights, cast and crew,
worship and respect them. It is in our blood. Every man associated
with cinema knows. That anyone who insult them,
they will.. ..not be forgiven. I don’t know acting.
I don’t know acting. After seeing this splendid scene,
I guarantee.. ..the audience that
will see the film.. ..will not stop applauding. Any doubt? – One doubt. How did you speak so
much without stammering? Yes. It means I told this long
verbal dialogue without stammering. Hey, I am still not stammering. This problem of mine got solved. Now who will stop
me from becoming an hero? This has happened
because of you, right? You are really great. Thank you! You try to touch me? Sir. Sir, say cut. Cut! Cut! Cut. – Pick him up
and follow me silently. Shiva, are you okay? – Come. Come. Hey Shiva, why did you call me here? I am thinking how
to say thanks to you. You gave dates for the
film that’s more than enough. I must thank you. I think you are impressed with me. No bad. Where is Shivkumar? Did you call me? I know who you are. Do you know who I am? I am your fan. You and my fan? I don’t understand
what you are saying. I used to go with my grandfather.. ..to watch plays when I was a kid. I wanted to become an
actress seeing those plays. Whatever character you played.. ..I used to come home and act. In this way,
I learnt acting from you. In the same way, I became your fan. I like what you just said. None from here listen to
the person whose fan you are. Now on, no one will
ignore what you say. Are you all listening? What he says, you must do that. Or the result will not be good. Nancy! What are you doing? Don’t
you want to shoot in the morning? Instead of thinking about that,
you are watching a movie? Sir, our graphic
will be done for free. Yes. Sister, the scene is such that.. ..move your head here and there.. ..throw the hero from
that end to this end. Anyway, this is very easy for you. Pawni, get Shiva here. – Yes sir. Please come. Come. Sit here. Tell me the scene. That is not needed.
I told her. She will take care. Just lie down. Ready. Action. Excellent! Cut! Action! Action! Cut! Hey, is this required.
Get aside. – Action! Director, will you say cut?
Hey! Hey! Tell me. I am telling you. Tell me. Hey director,
I forgot to take the shot. One more. Say it. Cut! Cut! Action. Start it. Go and rest in your room. When the shooting starts.. I will come and call you. Pawni, the next scene.. – Yes. Sit down. – If we shift it here,
how will it be? Alright sir. No problem. Sir, that goon has
come with more people. What? – With more people? Why should we fear? Yes. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come. Come. – Yes. Hey! Come on, get down. We have to take our money. Come. Come. Where is the heroine? In the room, sir. Hey! Kill anyone who interferes.
– Alright sir. Today no one must be spared.
– Let’s go. Don’t disturb me. Come here. Come here. – Sit down, ma’am. I don’t understand
what is happening inside? She is resting. Wide range of shops. That’s news. There is a pain. Get out of here. Why didn’t you tell me,
you have so much power? So sad! Ma’am, to complete our film,
we want more 25 billion. Make this goon write
a cheque for us. Please! Fill the cheque quickly. Sister, I don’t have the cheque. Sir, you forgot. You have kept the
cheque book in the car. I hope I have come
to the right place. Yes. Since how many
days is she possessed? It’s three to four days, sir. I need to examine the girl once. Okay sir. – Okay. Just a moment, sir. If you go like this,
she will get angry. I have an idea. Action. How is my daughter, doctor? She is critical. What do you want to say, doctor? She is possessed.
– What do you mean? Look, another soul is
possessing your daughter. She is dominating her. If this continues.. ..there are chances of
that girl falling into coma. Just try.. ..you give her a treatment
and get that soul leave her. Why are you waiting? Start the treatment quickly. Here? You can’t treat her here. Then? – You need
to bring her to my lab. Sir, I will bring her. Please do that. – Doctor, the
shooting will get over in 2 days. I need graphics for her scene. Listen producer. My daughter is in this
condition because of you. If you say anything else.. ..I will kill you. Is the film more important
to you than someone’s life? You.. – Forget that.
Don’t waste your time. Yes. Come on. Doctor. Is that not possible? They will decide this, right? Mr. Shiva, get her quickly. Take care. Take care. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. – Pick her up. – Come on. Come on. Come on. Be careful. Be careful. Slowly. Slowly. Come on. Pick her up. – Pick her up. It’s useless to take her. Oh! Sister shifted inside her. Sir. What do we do now sir? I can’t say anything at the moment. I need some more time. There will be some
or the other solution. He is of no use. I will get the priest
of all religion here. They can stop this witch. Pawni, should we shoot this
scene here or any other location? The light here is more. What happened yesterday?
– No sir. We will shoot elsewhere. While we made her sit in the car.. ..the witch possessed you. And stopped us from taking
Hansika to the hospital. Oh god! She won’t leave us alone. I will teach this witch a lesson. Aunt. Aunt. Witch, didn’t you find someone else? Will you let my daughter go or not? Get out! Get out! Why are you watching in this manner? I am not scared of you. Get out of my daughter’s body. Calm down.
– What are you doing? Leave her. Leave me. – Ma’am, calm down. Don’t get angry. Look, we will handle her. Calm down. Calm down. Don’t get angry. Don’t get angry. Calm down. Director, keep shooting.
These things happen. Do the shooting.
– Who will hold the thermocol? I will hold the thermocol. Come on. – Calm down. The scene is like this.
Make up man, come here. Change her mood somehow. Or we won’t get a good shot. I will do what you say. – Please! I have seen your
acting on the laptop. I was surprised to see you. You have done such a good acting. You are a great actress. Yes. You must get an award. Do you know.. ..she acts very well. Okay. I saw your scenes of yesterday. You acted very nicely. What are you thinking. Idea! Manjulika wanted
to act in films. But it was not fulfilled.
– Right. So what? Now think, if we fulfill her wish. Then she will leave Hansika’s body. Wow! This is good. What do we have to do now? Look Pawni, in this script
we will let her do the acting. When the film gets completed
her wish will be fulfilled. And she will leave. – Nice idea. I will tell everyone this
idea and get the scene ready. Ready sir. Action. – Order
that material quickly. My parents have met with
an accident on the highway. Did you see? In this situation, I.. ..won’t be able to see them. Cut! Cut! Pawni, she can’t act normally. We don’t want a
witch in every scene. The plan won’t work
out in this manner. Sir, I will talk to her.
Give me some time. Alright. Manjulika! This is your name, right? Look Manjulika,
if you remain angry all the time. Then you can’t concentrate
on your acting. Forget what happened with you.
You are a heroine. It’s time for your
dream to come true. It is time to show
your talent to the people. Now we will do the scene.
Are you ready? Action! Order the material from the company. My parents have met with
an accident on the highway. Then let’s go. I won’t be able to
see them in this situation. Control yourself. This is happening after
we came to this house. Alright. Let’s go. No. I can’t see them. Just leave me alone. Cut! Wonderful! Very nice. Marvelous! Excellent! Superb! My parents have met with
an accident on the highway. Just control yourself. I won’t be able to
see them in this situation. Wow! This place is very lovely. Please, can we buy it?
– Do you like it? Yes. Alright. We will buy it. Really? – Yes. Thank you so much. Hey! Sorry. Sorry. What happened? Are you okay? Hey! Hey! There is a witch here. There is a witch here. What are you saying? Look. She is there. There she is. You are fearing unnecessarily.
Go to sleep. You are doing very well. Actually this is the
last scene of this film. If you do that well too then.. ..our film will be completed.
– Yes ma’am. Please! – Since you are saying it,
I will die. Sister, I was saying after you
wish keeping your hand on the body.. ..you will leave
the body automatically. After I say cut, come back. Okay? Action! Now she will not move. Don’t say cut. We need to take her to the hospital. Will you say cut or not? Sister, you shifted inside him? You are normal. Cut! Hey! Why did you say cut? Don’t you understand? Wow! Our film is complete. It’s time for celebration. Now on we will.. ..concentrate on publicity.
What do you say? Go! What did you say? She would leave
my daughter when the film completes. Why isn’t she going now? Aunty, that’s what
I don’t understand. I thought she will
leave her happily. But why doesn’t she want to go? Hey! We have very little time. If we delay by even one day,
Hansika’s life will be in danger. Oh my god! – I think until she
doesn’t get the fame of a heroine.. ..she won’t leave Hansika. Will this go on till the
release and success of the film? It will take 3 to 4
months for these things. But we don’t have
that much time. – Idea! What if we keep a press conference
saying the film is released? Good idea! She shouldn’t know
we are cheating on her. She won’t. I will call fake
journalist using my contacts. She won’t doubt it. Okay. Okay. We have no time.
Let’s do it quickly. Yes. Let’s go. – Let’s go. Okay. Let’s go. If I use this for
the publicity of my film? One moment. Hello Subharao. I am producer Ravindra. And I am speaking
the truth right now. Come with your camera
at 10 o’clock in the morning. To Chitradhara bungalow. There is a big news.
It’s difficult to tell you that. It’s a matter of great importance. Come on time. Manjulika, your film got released.. ..and it was successful too.
How do you feel? What did you say?
My film is released? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? So that we could surprise you. It means my film is released. At last I am the heroine. It means my dream is fulfilled. I won. I am a heroine. I am a heroine. We thought something else. But these people
are driving her crazy. Who is making the other crazy? I am telling the truth.
This film is not released. These people are fooling you. Leave me. Leave me. Hey, is he speaking the truth? I won’t spare any of you. Oh god! Oh god!
She is really a witch. Are they making a
film or a reality show? If I stay here, I will die. Come on. She is there. Let’s go. Hey! We want our payment. Thank god, you have come.
She has gone upstairs. Come with me. Let’s go. – Let’s go. Quickly. Come on. Quick. Here. Let’s go from here. Hey! Open the door. – Please come. Please come.- Open the door. Come on. Come on. Break the door. You can go. – Break the door. Who are these people, Shiva? You can’t do anything. They will do what they
have to do with the witch. Look sir, there is nothing
impossible for science. What is this Shiva? Sir, there is no time
to think who is greater. Both of you try together. It is important for
us to save Hansika. We have no time. Please sir. Come on. Hansika! One moment. Will you move? Go away from here. Go away. – She is here. Catch her. Help me. Be quick. – Go away! Leave me. Come on, let’s take her.
– Where are you taking me? Tie her up. Who are you? The witch has to
come out from this girl. Move back. Leave me. Leave me. The witch is in her. Wait! Just a moment! Whatever you are doing.. ..will Manjulika’s soul.. ..leave her body
and go away forever? No. A soul can be trapped in a drum. A person who commits suicide,
his soul is never at peace. Absolutely. The satan doesn’t
let the soul to find rest. Until her wish is not completed.. ..this soul will be not at rest. Leave. I told you to go away from here. Shiva. – Wait. What rubbish are you talking? If you don’t leave her,
then I will complain to the police. Everyone, get out! Be careful of the reaction. The satan will take revenge. God, please forgive them. You will repent. What is this? What have you done? Are you crazy? Madan, Manjulika is very nice. Her soul has helped us a lot. Don’t you think
she is being tortured. Why are you worried about her? Because of her folly.. ..you will let Hansika die? Madan, that’s not the case. We will find some other way out. God, what have you done? Think of something
and get this witch out. And save my daughter. Until I don’t become the heroine.. ..I won’t leave
your daughter’s body. Now, are you happy? Hansika will definitely die. No Madan. That won’t happen. I will do something.
– Tell me, what will you do? Idea! Pawni. – Yes. Please come. Where is Manjulika? Manjulika. Who is it? It’s me. Sandhya, your friend. Who Sandhya? What is this?
You have forgotten me so soon. I am your best friend, Sandhya. Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya! You are right. Your friend, Sandhya. Sandhya, why have you come here? I wanted to meet you,
that’s why I came here. You said you won’t meet me, right? Forgive me. I knew you were crazy for films. But it was more
important than life.. ..I didn’t know that. If I would have not left
you alone that day, maybe.. this wouldn’t happen. Forgive me. I respect your desire
to become an heroine. But, what are you doing? What have I done? This girl came here to
become a heroine like you. But you are now
playing with her life. After you committed suicide.. ..I know what your
parents went through. You want to give the same
pain to this girl’s parents, right? No! Look Manjulika. These people made a film
casting you as a heroine. Your name will be on the title. But.. it will take 2 or 3 months.. ..for this film
to be released, right? Till then if.. ..you stay in this
girl’s body then.. ..she may die. Think about this. Call everyone inside. I have troubled all of you. Please forgive me. To give me this opportunity. I thank you. Not you. But we must thank you. You helped not only this film.. ..but also my career. I am indebted to you. Yes ma’am, this film
wouldn’t complete without you. Actually you never troubled us. We will propagate the acting.. ..you did in the whole country. Yes! Alright. I am going. Manjulika, tell me.. ..your first film is so successful. How do you feel?
– Actually my name is Hansika. Manjulika possessed
my body and did the acting. But the people can see you.
So you are the heroine, right? Please! Don’t say that. She possessed my body.. ..did such a wonderful acting. So, the heroine of
this film is Manjulika. Not me. – Whatever.
You are the heroine of this film. What do you want to say
about the success of this film? Please try to understand.
I am not the heroine. You are too involved
in your character. Please, how many times
should I tell you. It wasn’t me. You do comedy very nicely. Why don’t you agree
that I am the heroine? Please cool down.
Sit down. Sit down. Yes Manjulika, tell me. How do you feel about
the movie being successful? I feel very nice. Manjulika, will you speak
a few words to our audience? To make this day so successful.. ..I want to thank you for it. You have praised my acting so much. I want to thank you for it. If I could make a place
for my acting in your hearts.. ..I would be very please about it. Your Manjulika! Were you asking me something? Nothing. Nothing. Okay. Okay. Enough. Cut!

Manjulika Returns (2016) Full Movie in Hindi | South Dubbed Horror Film With English Subtitle | ADMD

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