you are we going in the snow yes look you in your little little sweater look a dish so handsome it's your first time seeing snow we got to get your little booties eleven we're finally getting going maybe like a seven-hour Drive I'll probably be driving some of it and editing I'll be editing Lego sorry we are five hours into our journey and I have been editing the entire time I'm so tired though that cop was watching a vlog that's not right well I got the booty no Kolby where's his ears no I think it's a beanie it's a doggy beanie Oh baby you look silly okay you looks cute good morning guys oh my god Kobe Kobe we woke up in Mammoth we got in super late last night so we kind of just went straight to bed so I didn't really blog the house or us getting settled in or anything but I'm gonna be blogging all today cuz our first aid and I'm so excited having been snow running in a year which isn't that long but it's always nice to be back so whole family's here Colby's here and it's gonna be good still have to get my snow bring back it on I don't think this is waterproof so I can't take it out I'll get my helmet goggles my board micron pass and then got a god chopstick and I can't pass coal beating ready to go in the snow oh he's slipping everywhere with his little booties all right baby let's go well board number one and my boy should be so pretty she I don't I don't have a name for her Betty from Shelly girl Betty remembered the guy who taught her and shallow girl called her Betty oh great hey Betty but he's such a 1950s housewife name though like from Mad Men oh I don't know if those lashes she looks like a baddie and the by Danny and of the bindings oh you ready to go you're being such a good boy such a good boy yeah booty pop though I know getting you aboard and babe look at that boy all right let's go on the lips this is where we are right this is the lifter taking yeah and then we're gonna go down or we're gonna go do ego ones and then we're gonna go down to cheer 25 yeah take shaft and that's the best run or shaft or grizzly those are their double blacks or catwalk that is its misery no there's not a Catholic trust me that's it's really snowy today which is about I think was back there I think all those people just like sauce with us these girls are really yes oh there's a man there there's two men there so we took our pictures and our thumbnail and now we're gonna go get some food I think we're under with sushi please and then we're coming back at 7:00 to watch The Bachelor because that's what you want to do after a long day of snowboarding so that's why Oh lunchtime [Applause] [Laughter] the definition of ski-in ski-out oh this is great that's so good that's the hot tub yeah you can be a snowboard instructor

MAMMOTH vlog!! snowboarding trip with my family

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