LATEST EVERY TEN MINUTES. NEW THIS MORNING… THIS IS A BUSY TIME OF THE YEAR.. WHICH MEANS IT CAN BE HARD FINDING TIME TO FOCUS ON FAMILY AND FRIENDS. BUT IN THIS WEEK’S ASHLEY MOM MONDAY.. SHE FINDS A WAY WHERE YOU CAN GET IN THAT QUALITY TIME WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK. MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT THIS TIME OF YEAR ARE THE MEMORIES MADE. SO, THIS WEEK, LET’S GRAB THE COATS AND GET OUTSIDE TO ENJOY A MAGICAL ADDITION TO RAILROAD PARK. WE’RE MAKING MEMORIES ON THE SKATING RINK. (Joy Myers-Special Events Manage RR Park)This has just been amazing, to bring ice skating to downtown Birmingham and all of metro Birmingham. Has been really a fun thing and the response has been really tremendous ” Be sure to make reservations on line too, the lines are filling up and some time slots are even selling out. (David Sekel-Rink Manager) Every weekend we’ve been very busy, the community has been showing up and supporting the rink If you’re a first timer, it’ )s no problem (Joy Myers) It’s great for people who have never tried it, but it also great for people who love ice skating. And even though it’s in the south, outside, and man-made this ice rink is nostalgic for those who grew up ice skating. (joy Myers) My husband is a great example. Grew up in Maryland and has been ice skating and skiing his whole like. He along with some other folks are transplants down here. In Birmingham they said it’s like pond skating to them and that’s a really wonderful, neat thing to be able to to skate under the open sky. (David Sekel)That’s one of the reason’s why I do the job. I like to see that. Bring something new to a community and watch the kids and their faces light up it’s a good thing.” IF YOU ARE A TRUE BEGINNER AND A LITTLE NERVOUS, CHECK OUT THE FREE LESSONS HELD EACH SATURDAY. WE’LL HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE AT WIAT-DOT-COM.

Making memories at the skating rink
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