– Hey guys, so today we are
going to be going golfing. – Mini golf. – Yeah we’re going to do some mini golf, and we are going to be
doing it for prizes. So this is going to be really fun and it’s also is going to be really hard because we never done golf before. – And the prizes get better
and better each round. – Yeah they are like
some super good prizes and if we put a hole in one for that round you can win the prize for that round. And I really wanna win all of the rounds but I don’t know.
– No I wanna win all the rounds. – [Dad] But it’s not going to be easy ’cause this place is crazy. – Yeah and we’re gonna go on the, what’s supposed to be the hardest one. – [Dad] Yeah. – Because the prizes are really good and my dad doesn’t want
to buy all of them. – [Dad] I feel really good about this, I feel like I’m not gonna buy you nothing. You guys are not gonna be able to do this.
– Well, we’re still gonna try because we
want some good prizes. – Yeah. – We’re going to go into the course and find our first mini
golf track obstacle. – We got a yellow ball. – And we are going to try to win the prize for the first round. – Before we start this challenge
make sure you subscribe and ring that
(bell rings) ringa dinga dinga do bell. – [Dad] Okay so this is
round, who’s going first? – Me. – [Dad] Alright, you know
what we’re gonna play for? – No.
– No. – [Dad] How about we play
for some yummy donuts? – Yum! – Yummy donuts. – [Dad] Alright. – Are the prizes gonna get better? – [Dad] They’re gonna get
real good, so good luck. Are you ready? – Yeah. – [Dad] Good luck. (suspenseful music) Oh! – I get a donut, I get a donut!
– A hole in one! – I get a donut on my first try. – [Dad] Alright, Evelyn
it’s your turn, now remember if you wanna get a donut
you gotta get a hole in one. (suspenseful music) Good luck. Oh! – I made it too. – [Dad] Oh you get donuts! Donuts for everyone. – Yay! – This is so easy Evelyn we got this, we’re gonna win like all the prizes. – [Dad] Yeah right you ain’t cause it gets harder and harder. – You know the best place
for donuts is called Randy Donuts and it’s so good. (quirky music) Okay I’m going to take mine out. I’m gonna try to do a bacon
and maple syrup donut. – And mine is chocolate
frosting with fruity pebbles. (laughs) – This is the best donut
store we have tried in LA it’s so good. – [Dad] Alright guys so this
one is pretty difficult, as you can see. You gotta make it from
all the way over there, to all the way down there. And get to pick something from Best Buy. – Oh okay I am so gonna win this. – Yeah I’m gonna, I’m gonna,
I’m, I’m, I’m winning. (Evelyn laughs) – [Dad] Go for it. (suspenseful music) Oh!
(whomping music) So close but yet so far. – I could’ve got like a
new laptop or something. – [Dad] Uh-huh, no Best
Buy shopping for you now. – I’ll be the next to win. – [Dad] Alright, Emily good luck, remember you got to hit the blue wall, bounces off, try to get the hole in one. – I’m so gonna do that. – [Dad] Really with that grip? (laughs) I’d like to see that, good luck. (light piano music) (suspenseful music) (whomping music) Not so good. – You didn’t see that? It was really supposed
to land in the hole, you know it was supposed
to land right, oh, in the hole but a ghost pushed it. – [Dad] No Best Buy and I’m loving it. Alright so as you can see this round is pretty difficult so if
you get it, hole in one, you are going to be getting a
brand new LOL surprise doll. – Yay! – [Emily] Okay I’m gonna go first. – [Dad] Good luck, okay Emily, good luck! (suspenseful music) (whomping music) – Are you serious? The ball was so close to
the hole, it was like– – [Dad] Not close enough! – It was like right in front
it could’ve just rolled up some more.
– Ah but it didn’t, No LOLs for you. Okay, Evelyn good luck I hope you get it. (suspenseful music) (whomping music) – LOL! – Okay guys looks so easy
so what are we playing for? – [Dad] It’s not easy,
you gotta go up the hill to get the hole in one. – Really? – [Dad] Yeah it’s not that easy but I tell you what you are playing for, clothes from Forever 21! – Oh okay I’m so going to win this, I’m gonna be like the pro this time, I totally am not gonna miss. – [Dad] Okay, Evelyn you ready? Good luck! (suspenseful music) Whoa! Whoa you got it, I can’t believe it. – It’s in the hole, it’s in
the hole, it’s in the hole. – [Dad] Awesome you’re going
to be going to Forever 21! – Yeah and I’ll be there forever. – [Dad] Alright, Emily good
luck, your sister got it I hope you get it too. – Thanks. (suspenseful music) (whomping music) – Well you know the thing I said that I would definitely get it earlier, just please ignore that. (salsa music) – Okay so this is what I
got at Forever 21, I got … a tee shirt, you guys saw me try this on. (background chatter drowns out speaker) I got this. (screaming distantly) I got Swedish fish. (Evelyn laughs) And … Those things I use to
get hair off the clothes. And I got the panda ones, they’re so cute. – [Dad] Okay girls, this
round you’re gonna be playing for Roblox builders club. – Oh okay. (Evelyn giggles) – [Dad] So you have to go
up the hill, a slight slant, hit between the two triangles, and hope you get the hole in one. Good luck! (suspenseful music) (party popper buzzes) – I got it! (laughing) – [Dad] Okay, Evelyn your turn, good luck. (suspenseful music) (whomping music) – Did I make it? Oh I can’t believe it! I didn’t make it.
– Aw, sorry babes. Okay Emily, so you ready
to get your builders club? – Yeah, so which one should I get daddy? The most expensive one? – [Dad] No! (quirky music) – It’s the best plan. – [Dad] Get the cheapest one. – No not the cheapest one, I get to pick. What about the middle one? – [Dad] Get the middle one, and that’s it. That’s it. – Okay, thank you daddy. (quirky music) Yay, it shows up! I told you I’m gonna be great at golfing. – [Dad] Great, you got lucky. Okay this is probably the
most difficult one in here. I mean nobody gets
this, not even the pros. Like nobody’s done this and
what you gotta do is get it up the hill, down the hill, through the house, down the other hill. And then it has to go, hole in one. If you get this you get card branch, that means you get to pick anything you want from the Apple Store! Who’s going first? – Me! – Oh. – [Dad] Alright, Evelyn good luck! (suspenseful music) (whomping music) – Seriously, I missed the Apple Store. – [Dad] Alright, Emily
show us how it’s done. – Okay. – [Dad] Good luck! – I can get this. (suspenseful music) (whomping music) – And no, I didn’t think
that was going to get it but I mean, I tried so, yeah. – [Dad] Okay guys you’ve
been doing super, super good but this round is for Justice,
and I know you wanna go to the Justice store. – Yeah I really want to. – [Dad] Okay so who’s going first? – Me! – [Dad] Alright, good luck! – Okay. – [Dad] Okay this isn’t that hard, just bounce it off the wall,
but you gotta hit it hard. Okay, Emily you gotta get it up the hill so you gotta hit it super hard. – Okay (hits ball) (suspenseful music) Am I gonna get it? (whomping music) So close. – [Dad] Not that, not that bad. Okay, Evelyn good luck. (suspenseful music) – [Dad] Whoa, that hit was pretty shaky. (whomping music)
– Ooh, I didn’t make it. – [Dad] Okay guys, this round
it gonna make you super happy the next one, winner to get
the hole in one, get Pusheen! – I need to win this, like
this, I’d much rather have a Pusheen than Apple
I so need to win this. – [Dad] Okay, Emily
this is super difficult, you gotta get up the hill, over the bump to get the hole in one. Good luck. (suspenseful music) Whoa! (party popper buzzes) Whoa! – Okay I know exactly where I’m going, I’m gonna go Barnes and Nobles
and you’re gonna be like why are you going to Barnes and Nobles for a Pusheen that’s a book store. And I’m gonna say because
it’s, they have Pusheen there and I’m gonna buy one on a skateboard. – [Dad] Look your sister’s still gleaming ’cause she got that hole
in one, look at her face, oh my gosh, good luck, Evelyn. (suspenseful music) (whomping music) Aw but good try, Evelyn, aw that was really close, good try. – I hope they still
have the Pusheen I like, it’s super cute so I
hope they still have it. Okay let’s see if we can find the Pusheen. (quirky music) This is the one. (giggles) They have two left so
it’s pretty quick, lucky. Aw, can I get both of them? I’ll just get this cute
Pusheen, coming home with me. – [Dad] Okay this is the final round, and you guys are gonna love the store. The store you’re going to get if you get a hole in one, go in there and pick out
anything you want from Gucci. – Whoa Gucci! – I’m winning this, I’m
winning this, I’m winning this. – No, I’m gonna win this. – No, I’m winning this. – I said that I need to win the Pusheen but I also really need
to win the Gucci, so. – Well. – [Dad] Good luck to both of you. – Thanks. – I need to win everything. – [Dad] Okay this is a lot
more difficult than it looks you gotta get it down the
hill to get the hole in one, it’s not easy and remember,
we’re playing for Gucci. – Okay. (suspenseful music) (party popper buzzing) Whoa! (Emily screams excitedly) (babbling) – I got Gucci, I got
Pusheen and that was fun, I got Gucci! – [Dad] I can’t believe
it you’re so lucky! – I can get anything I want. – [Dad] No you can’t, oh my gosh, why do I fall for this every time! – I’mma get anything I want from Gucci. – Okay, Evelyn, your sister’s
really cleaning up on this so if you get two things from
Gucci, you and your sister, oh my gosh, I’m gonna be broke. (suspenseful music) (whomping music) – No! Okay that has to count. (quirky music) – [Dad] No, no, no, no, no,
no, it’s gotta get in the hole, hole in one, no no,
it’s still there, look. – It went here. – [Dad] No it didn’t, well
yeah but it doesn’t count, good try, I’m not getting Guccified twice. – You said for a second. – [Dad] No way. – Dad I should get this, so pretty but I don’t know where I’d
wear it’s like so fancy. These are super cute. I tried this skirt on,
what do you guys think? Okay guys I found a
dress that I truly love. And if you guys have been
watching us for a while you know that I don’t really like, like fancy dresses and stuff. But I’m going crazy, I’m gonna
like screaming every second because this dress is
so pretty, and like … I love it so much, it’s like so pretty, except for my feet
because I have large feet. But like, with heels and my Gucci purse I got for my birthday,
I am going to scream, I’m like so excited, I
love this dress so much and I’m just going crazy like, I don’t even know what to say, I love this dress and my dad was like, “Well, where are you gonna
wear it, it’s so fancy.” I mean like, I’m going
to wear it everywhere. My favorite part is the sleeves
and my least favorite part is my feet ’cause they have socks on them. (quirky music) Okay guys, this was super
fun and we have actually not like ever played golf before, so this was actually kind of hard, like the first one was super easy, like come on that was really easy. But then the rest of them
I think were just luck. I am shook to the core
because I actually got– – Your Pusheen! – Like I never thought I
would get Gucci in a challenge like this I have never
gone through before. But I actually love my
skatesheen and my (mumbles). I actually got the
dress, I’m not faking it. And yeah they wrapped it, but yeah it’s right there. (laughing) And I am like in love
with this dress, like. – We are shaking to the core here sisters! – Like I can’t believe that I actually was
able to get that dress! – And I got, And you guys saw what I
got from Forever 21 earlier and I love the t-shirt so much because it’s my favorite color. – Yeah and the donuts were super yummy, mine tasted like a pancake. – Mine taste like fruity
pebbles with chocolate. (Evelyn laughs) – So give this video a like
if you enjoyed this video and you liked what we got.
– And if you like skatesheen. – Yeah, and thanks for watching. – See you next time. – Please subscribe and. – [Both] Bye! – And also don’t forget
to watch one of our videos down here, now bye!

Make a Hole in One, I’ll Buy You Anything – Mini Golf Challenge

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