at Suu we provide innovative and relevant education choosing a major is a first step I'm Scott Wyatt president of southern Utah University this series of spotlights will allow you to meet and hear from professors who have found their passion and teach it every day who do we have with us Ellen this is spotlight on outdoor recreation with parks and tourism and we have dr. Bridget east up with us today thank you so much for being with us thanks for asking me so tell me what do you love about your field the people and the places the outdoor recreation field really is about helping people be the best that they can be and oftentimes we do that by interacting with the environment in amazing places an amazing place outdoor rec just sounds like so much fun it sounds like you get to play all day if you ask my brother he says I have a PhD in camping and that's how he introduces me at cocktail parties she has a PhD in camping yes what other type of student is drawn to this major we call it a discovery major so it's something that people discover along the way and a lot of times they start going into other majors and then they're like I really can't see myself being in an office I really can't see myself just going to work 9:00 to 5:00 I would like to do something more active I'd like to be involved with people I'd like to be involved with land but then on top of that you also get a lot of skill development in outdoor recreation and so you leave with being comfortable in the outdoors being comfortable leading others in the outdoors and being able to have great adventures great adventures and a sense it was accomplishment because you could survive yes actually more than survival you can actually be comfortable and help other people be comfortable so what type of individual would probably not you've talked a little bit about it would not be interested in this if you're not comfortable in the outdoors it would be a very hard place for you to be I have folks in outdoor recreation and outdoor education that like alright I really like hiking but I'm not or I really like camping but I'm not a backpacker we're really like backpacking but I'm not gonna go climb Mount Rainier and so there are different levels to getting into it so I have folks that are like I really want to do you thick Asian and I see the outdoors as a place to do this is there are there really jobs doing those kinds of things so if you look at the Outdoor Industry Foundation they've been doing some really great just economic research if you look at it nationally it's a six hundred and forty six billion dollar industry with 6.1 million jobs in the United States so it's a it's a place where there are jobs but I will say that it's not your typical job is there anything else we should know the outdoors is extremely good for people there's research that shows us and so to be a student at Suu I highly encourage everybody to get involved with the outdoors one it will make you a better person two it will help you be a better student in that you can if you are still feeling stressed out take a walk around our beautiful campus and that's one step into the outdoors well thank you so much for being with us today this has been a spotlight on outdoor recreation and parks and tourism with dr. Bridget Easton

Major Decisions: Outdoor Recreation

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