have a chance he captured a bronze medal at last year’s Nationals in a tenth place finish at the world’s Shelby Lyons and Bryan wells in third place their costumes reflect the music they’re skating to the Mondavi ensuite they need these very difficult moves I think he just did a double I don’t know sometimes these happen so how can we expect everybody else to please will the slow motion camera healthy imagine being a judge of course that’s one of the problems and difficulties in judging is that you take your eyes off walk it off the skating for one second to market your march down and you miss something but don’t miss this beautiful grow double axel that was as clean and as steady as they’ve gone the liens and wells in third place heading into this free skate so theoretically if they were to win this they would win the overall competition meaning dungeon in the lead ahead of Meno and Sam very interesting combination spreading over spirals into this throw triple loop and I think that one mistake there to keep them out of the challenge to first place this is an unusual move he’s in a spread-eagle position on this death spiral never puts his pivot foot in the ice to make a circle this is a pair that you may remember got together back in 1994 when Bryant went on a cross-country search for the perfect partner he says that he found one in Shelby right side driffold south as not that is not try to help now they have to think about just holding on the third place and trying to be a part of that world right now stigma and Zimmerman hold that spot this couple sure cooked a lot of energy and spirits into their performances and make sure they are well matched physically be more so in the future as she gains wait with unison there so lions and wells right now just thinking about holding on the third place and being a part of that world team we’ll find out what the judges thinking yeah unofficially those are the champions right now Jason Duncan Yoko ena second place the last three years this is the year how about their perseverance welcome back to Nashville there are the technical merit marks for lions in wells 5.3 up to 5.7 a concerned look on the bases presentation marks and they’re not good enough 5.3 up to 5.7 as well so that drops lions and wells from third to fourth place behind Stiegler and Zimmerman and there are your new champions jokowi and Jason dungeon and a look at the final standings here at the State Farm US Figure Skating Championships in pairs ena and dungeon the goal meet Owen sands run and Zed three Stiegler and Zimmermann will stand on the podium capturing bronze and that’s your world team folks the top three will skate in lausanne Landis and Guzman finish in six right now Lesley Visser is with the champions thanks Terry well after three straight silvers they won the title and had a monumental battle to do a congratulations to Kyoko and Jason Coco first to you were you not going to lose this title tonight after last year well we came into it hoping that we weren’t going to lose it and we were leading after the short so we didn’t want to get her hopes up too high and you just went out and did the best job that we could and I think we did what about the early part of your program was so strong after you hit the side-by-side triples did you say we’re there not really you got to keep your your mind and what you’re doing and you don’t want to make mistakes that’s what happened to us in the short and I didn’t want to give him any chance to the top us tonight so yeah you didn’t let up and now looking ahead to the world you kind of six months before gonna get on the podium this time um I don’t want to get my hopes to begin up too high but you know we’re looking at a top three finish at Worlds hopefully we’ll be able to do a performance like we did tonight well it’s very strong and you’ll enjoy Lausanne congratulations back to you Terry Leslie an impressive performance tonight Femina in dungeon but take a couple of costly mistakes for me no and and this one when Todd doubled instead of doing a triple side-by-side Tolu and here Jenni only did a single axle in the throw double axle move something that is always spectacular and that they really needed and Jenny and Todd have graciously made their way over right now to have a word with Lesley Visser Leslie a tough night for the defending champions Terry thanks for joining us and what happened on your jumps this evening well actually we just didn’t skate our best tonight I don’t know why and I think that Eden dungeon skated very well tonight and we’re really looking forward to the World Championships we think that we will improve our skating there and we’ve had a good season so far they’re disappointed today but we will see them at the World Championships and Bremen dungeon it’s been an arduous path for three straight years ever so close and now their dream is a reality

Lyons & Wells – 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Pairs’ Free Skate
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2 thoughts on “Lyons & Wells – 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Pairs’ Free Skate

  • March 22, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    he was poured into his costume it seems

  • December 23, 2016 at 1:54 am

    I really like this team, and I don't understand how they thought they could keep up with the speed in some of these cuts, absolutely frantic. Some really, really cool moves for the 1990s in this program though, and sbs triple loop attempts? good for them. They were really committed to every move – aside from her shoulders overall really nice!


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