So here we are going to do wall sits and so
there are three different variations for double-leg wall sits, so we are going to have to legs on the ground. We are going to have just the body weight variation. And then you can also do a madison ball
variation or a dumbbell variation So, what we can do is, first one is obviously just body weight. So, we are just here. I want you again in this ninety-degree
position, your hands are off your legs or hands are crossed here, or they are by your side, keep them off the wall, keep them off the leg. And You are just going to hold this position as part of doing the wall sits, I am pushing my back flat against the wall. I am in that ninety position my knees are even with my ankles. So, I am going
straight on my feet are not out like this and not back in like this. I am
perfectly straight here knees straight down to ankles, knees
perfectly across the hips in ninety degree position. That is your wall-sit technique. Now if you
want to make that a little bit more challenging, we go to the next variation. It’s a little bit more challenging here, we’re
going to go madison ball wall sits. So, just two legs and we are just holding a madison ball straight out pushing your body against back that wall. Knees are coming straight down with ankles. Knees, hips, ninety-degree straight across and you are just going to and you can hold that for the set, assign them on sets and
repetitions and time in your program. If you’ve mastered the body weight
and madison ball and variations of the two leg and wall sit and those are becoming easy for you, I want you to move to the
plate or dumbbell. So, you can hold a plate or dumbbell in front of you. So plate, dumbbell in front. And you are going to be doing it for a fine amont of time and repetitions in your program and this
is the most challenging variation of the exercise. So what you are going to do you is you are just going to have a dumbbell or plate. Holding it out. Again, we are here right at 90 degrees. So, knees are down to ankles, hips. Perfect technique, pushing yourself back and we are just going to hold. So, you are keeping a perfect technique,
you are holding straight-out and you are just going to hold that for the assigned amount of time or sets in your program.

Lower Body Strength Drill for Skating – Off-Ice Hockey Training
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