Living with HIV has not been a big deal
for me. You try to stay healthy, you take your medication which means you can’t
pass on the virus. But people’s HIV awareness has not improved as much as
the treatment has. For people living with the virus, like myself, explaining the
same facts to people all the time can be tiring, intimidating, or difficult. When I
have said I live with HIV I’ve been asked ‘are you going to die?’ or
‘do you have AIDS?’ A lot of people living with HIV spend a lot of time with their
peers and others who are already clued up on the subject. But when it comes to
sharing information with newbies we need to start with the basics. Talking about
HIV is important. Looped in is a new website that lets me take trusted
information from the National AIDS Trust and create a unique webpage or document with content customised for different contacts. After all, what I need to tell
an employer could be different to what I’d tell my mum or even someone I plan
to have sex with. It’s a way to easily share exactly what you want people to
know more about. Get people in loop with Looped in – the HIV resource that you

Looped in – the HIV resource you control
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  • June 4, 2019 at 9:32 am

    This is great, thank you


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