so I think there's medals up for grabs and capatch that was really a jump from nowhere this in the qualifying competition everybody otherwise on careers and distance is pretty evenly matched only needed six those six to get through to the final just one of those days when nothing really sparks into life with the exception of kabocha as we look at Petra be out afar Cass the first woman to jump in this final so a good start for Farkas gets the white flag straightforward hanging technique nothing too sophisticated but it is effective she gets 635 nice jump of our casts forth in the European under 22 years ago in Grosseto I was a competition this woman got a say bitch of Serbia won Valeska got a say bitch gets a red flag fouls I'm gonna say bitch two years ago jumped 646 to win the European under 24 hour something like that on this occasion might well see her onto the podium [Applause] basic Arland rest of 6:45 a red flag for Colin she goes back to the sidelines gets a little bit of coaching input pearl in third in that competition in grosseto so we've got quite a number of the top finishers from the European under 22 years ago once again battling for the medals here PR aver beyond wick into the board hang technique again but gets another red flag so far Cassie's successful first jump the very first jump of the competition they've just been reeling off fouls so the jumper from the Basque Country at Artie Mitchell eina not one of the stronger jumpers in this competition but has improved to 635 this year the Spaniard it's Elena at us University ah nice jump there from which Elena [Applause] jumped her best on home soil up in San Sebastian in the Basque Country just a short while ago just a few weeks ago on the Spanish under-23 championships in Tarragona so Alice Hopkins now 651 for the Britain her personal best coming at the England under-20 three championships in Bedford three weeks ago yes a second year in a row that she won the age group title in Bedford with a lifetime best spot on the board which Elena started with 625 around that same distance I think for Hopkins possibly a bit less talented pentathlete very presence Holley Mills is also jumped 651 this year and she actually goes in the heptathlon at the under-20s in for us whereas Hopkins focusing individually on her best event the long jump yes and 612 to get Hopkins started at Windy 612 take a Pilate pin number three on the European under-23 rankings faced a real battle to qualify there was a slight mark in the plasticine there was evidence white remonstration 'z with the officials to check it always agonizing and that one is way over unfortunately but she had something like six meters and three in what you described as a ball qualifying competition which i think was fair 664 is her best and she managed to get something out with the last efforts in long jump qualifying if she never liked to be critical on those sort of situations but I genuinely don't know why the jumping was so poor because capatch her of course jump 681 and that 606 just be sufficient to get through but it's already looking as though this is going to be a much better competition as we look at Jessica Barrera Portuguese jumper 6:44 Pereira's mark [Applause] she gets the white flag I still had some margin on the board competed at the European games where she was throwing the javelin so determent identified herself another us-based athlete now look at merle homie air well legal best of 645 but she did go out to 652 wind assisted in qualifying to secure her place in the final and that's a good jump yes gets the white flag as well confirmation that it's a good jump well confirmation that it's a legal kill you 640 so just 5 centimeters short of a personal best although it's a 2.6 meters for wind so it won't be a legal mark you don't take wind assistance into consideration in the competition itself [Applause] sarah lukkage a lukkage the weakest Jumper in this final might consider herself a little bit lucky she did get through with just 606 but it means there's two Serbian jumpers following the footsteps of the great Ivana span of itch 6:04 for sarah lukkage hillary caputure now well she was the sensation of qualifying adding twenty centimeters on to her personal best the massive jump of 681 what can she do here oh good jump again from caputure past on the run up slightly verges out to the right-hand side of the runner there's not much despair on the board there I think it was a good jump 673 well capatch sure has really brought her best form to this competition I mean that's further than she'd ever jumped before she arrived in Yeller as well Hana Morden's the bronze medalist in the heptathlon and a very good long jumper in her own right made the final of this competition two years ago as well or despair on the board that's the white flag just a bit over six meters plenty more to come from wardens so that completes the first round of the women's long jump with Hillary kabocha HIV out so far Cass first woman to jump in the second round had a very good 635 to get things under way well that's a nice jump that's around the 650-mile mark us as a personal best of 652 that could challenge that mark needed us perfect win condition 65 66 55 just give me a little bit too excited but he's like Nicole RT foul in the first round for the fin weave midway through the second round but we are live now just to let you know there was nobody else who improved in top half of the long jump [Applause] move us along John from colotti some ragged form in the oh she's going over to examine the plasticine just like she did in qualifying yeah there's the finest of indentations but it is clear once you have a close-up on the camera and she does get a red flag full of pity because that would have been around 660 I think oh yes but nevertheless once the plasticine was taken out and just shown to her I don't think she had any arguments but it was just the finest of margins so two fouls for colotti jessica pereira al Barrera had a modest 603 to kick things off with a personal best of 644 22 year old portuguese jumper he was very very competent of many other disciplines as well quite a talented athlete but focusing on this single event here was about the fastest een be mark there she was quite away behind the plasticine and gets a white flag it's not much of an improvement if anything at all just getting a little bit overcast and chilly here 6:10 for Barrera at a vet she's fabulous to watch great speed on the runway as well so Tamir 6:40 at a windy 652 in qualifying one of only two women over the qualifying distance she's in third position at the moment now form on the run up good hang technique against a foul two or three centimeters into the plasticine Sonia's second jump ends with a red flag being shown Sara lukkage 604 in the first round not going to challenge the top three she does get a white flag it's like it's surprising finalists but hope she's enjoying her experience which is eligible to come back and compete in two years time at the next edition of these championships in Bergen in Norway 595 for lukkage as we look at the long jump leader Hillary carpaccio 673 with just a modicum of wind behind her Oh [Applause] terrific acceleration into the board great height as well white flag my inclination is to say it's not quite as far as that 673 but still good distance 665 so still better than anybody else has jumped next best the moments ago Metra be out of park ass 655 and the Morden's brings to a close the second round 606 in the first round the Belgian saw have been patriot take gold in the 400 meters hurdles just a short while ago that doesn't motivate you what will long way back on the board such good jumping from moderns did jump 622 in the heptathlon which eventually helped her to the bronze medal yeah there's a great 800 meters as well think was 208 the time to finish that heptathlon bark ass 655 second touka Pacha it's wonderful to see the Frenchwoman celebration after that incredible jump and qualifying here is park ass gets the white flag 400 gots a silver medal in the color it's expected gold no improvements a bitch number one servant in this field so far it's safe the reigning under-20 champion as we go to Boris next week the other side of Sweden just north of Gothenburg for this year's European under-21 pn chips 621 that puts her up into fifth place still a few jumpers to come but she's got a good chance getting through to three further jumps hi Colin the Swede two fouls for Colin now she needs to jump further than six oh nine to get into the top eight and have a chance of progressing long long long way behind the board she's disgusted with herself does get the white flag it will be measured Colin I'm sure there's plenty of people here to watch her and I don't think she feels she's done herself justice she gets 621 nevertheless looking across to the infield scoreboard so it does move her up into fifth place jeetu and Cinco coves of Latvia back in faith against a national under-23 record in 5004 as we're now looking at the third jump [Applause] Finland's colotti to fowls oh and a third foul for karate the fin just crashes out that's the third time she just been a centimeter or so into the plasticine well colotti quickly Phil I'll let you look for this long jump yes my little girl savage we're now in the fourth round of the women's longer European under-21 just getting through without 625 no real change in the leading positions at the moment bird goddess a bitch she's the first person to make an improvement since the second round health of England as we look at it Artie Mitchell eina 625 in the first round that's their well they're about similar sort of distance make sure they are jumping fifth in the fourth round bang on the board barely gets a piece of paper between her toe and the plasticine and she improves to 627 still eight centimeters short of her best Santos improving thousand meter steeplechase on rinds we're just jumping back to the pit a long jump we project our 621 in the third round more or less the same distance I think so Carlin in this place at the moment petals to be decided France and Germany well they've got four goals for silvers and four bronze as we look at militia gotta say bitch gotta say bitch just gradually moved away up into the middle positions currently flying third ad 643 in the last round but gets a red flag two jumpers remaining the answer Petra Beato Farkas at 6:55 personal best in the second round keeps her in the silver medal position but she's going to have to go a long way she's gonna have to improve to further than 673 to take the gold I have to say that would require a jump of quite phenomenal we would like to say with the long jump demon esque proportions nevertheless silver medal and a personal best in the bank for par casts and a good jump nevertheless to finish off with four vodka don't think it's quite as far as her sinks 55 oh and I can see a red flag I was looking at the sand and I should have been looking at the plasticine whether she gets a silver medal and the tears flood out for forecast but Hilary carpaccio well this has been her competition she increased her personal best by 20 centimetres in qualifying to 681 flew down the runway and cut the sand at 673 in the first round nobody's able to get near her gold medals her but it's a red flag nevertheless I don't think she cares it's been a brilliant trick to a blur for Hillary kabocha and we were looking at the defending champion Yanis David who didn't progress beyond at the qualifying competition despite being the European leader and the defending champion instead French Manos very much held aloft by this woman Hilary kabocha five gold medals for France now psy.d 400 meters happy over 400 hurdles Grassi a 5,000 and 10,000 and now capatch sure here we are in the long jump there's the top six confirmation Camacho Farkas and Garda say bitch goddess a bitch didn't jump as far as she won the European under 20 title with two years ago talking about goddess a bitch clearly a talent but she has he hit a bit of a plateau despite going home with a bronze medal there we see the rest of the results from 7th to 12th well technically 7 through 11 as Tycho just seen militia of goddess a bitch of Serbia on the right-hand side of your screen getting the bronze the outer Petra bark ass of Hungary the silver but this woman absolutely dominated the competition you could even say from the qualifying rounds Hilary Kirk Apache of France 681 for a 20-centimeter improvement on a personal best in qualifying not quite as far in the final but sick too so confirmation of the standings France Hungary Serbia the catcher Perez got a save

Long Jump Women Highlights • Gavle 2019 European U23 Athletics

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