Kaneesha Burks 6 meters and 13 in the first round she's back to the match is a 693 jumper three seasons ago well landing very close to the edge of the pit on the left-hand side but the white flag is raised for that the World Indoor Championships in March in Birmingham 2nd at the US champs this year on the distance that she gives away on the board how much more difficult Tony is it to take off this might sound like a silly question but you're a coach you can tell us how much do you give away not taking off on the board and taking off on the track but the board in fairness does give you a dick there is you get a better contact off the board than you would the floor but it's interesting because this runway you saw in the triple jump earlier it's affecting people in turn to have run if you watch this athlete here Burke see as she comes in and accelerates and short and too strident for Great Britain Berks here 6:36 best her first two efforts remember there are already four jumpers very little room for error here each jump so much more pressure on it firts has gone well already this year's second in the US Championships brought in the world indoors back in March in Birmingham 693 jump run a bet she can go a lot further and that does look a bit further that looks more like what around 650 for birds she dove 613 are open another 636 she's building into this which is got just one jumped left and father might have been close 650 way way behind the board there goodness we she's getting away masses of territory she's still a long way sharp Marino consider 86 waiting for the mark to come through 6:48 for birds well she eases away ball here we go all the other athletes have their country bit on the front you'd have to say looking at when the kits designed in this way do you need a bit at all to say USA you don't it's written on the kid yeah especially in this formats in this competition when it's only one per nation right and I think when the kids are so distinctively different in the nation colors you've got Poland in red and white Chinese in war red it's easy to tell them apart so the bibs to me is somewhat unnecessary could get rid of them well she launches for a final jump in the competition she's guaranteed second place and seven points little shake of the head potentially not an improvement on her six meters of 48 which means win for Great Britain Northern Ireland a look at that she's stronger with her runway all night I mean her best jump of six meters for ta we're looking at we've got the the benefit of his green hair was 30 centimeters behind the board at worse has been 46 centimeters so her best jump in fairness has been 670

Long Jump. Quanesha BURKS. Athletics World Cup. London (2018)

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