hi I'm Scott of the forest we're doing another Vancouver Island walking to venture today we're at Mount Washington and doing some snowshoe it's a perfect day for this it's January that snowed last night it's just an affordable beautiful way to go out for a winter walk come on with it Dale advert oh my god we oh it's gorgeous these are not your grandfather's snowshoes I'll tell you yeah I'm it they're everywhere all the time I just fell on my ass for the first time save the camera it's all good really eight dollars for a day pass is always what Oh Oklahoma going to connect has got you Oh God don't make me tell the audio oh there's another one here okay there's one behind you you're ruining things okay you have to be quiet oh I know terrifying okay killer birds another victim of Alfred Hitchcock ok but i did want you two heartbeats oh no it doesn't get this business savvy glad you could come with it's all fun and games till you hit the uphill section okay here we go got the paddles well we made it back it was a boat yeah 45 minutes each direction so just a perfect perfect walk on a nice day anyway thanks for coming with us on the walk i hope you get up here and get a chance to do it yourself as i say for eight dollars 30 day pass buy yourself some cheap snowshoes for fifty bucks and you've got a a great way to enjoy your activities and have a beautiful luck thanks for coming out i just go out of the forest you you

Living Forest Snowshoeing Daytrip to Vancouver Island's Mt. Washington

One thought on “Living Forest Snowshoeing Daytrip to Vancouver Island's Mt. Washington

  • June 2, 2019 at 7:58 am

    Fabulous footage and great weather. Good times on Mount Washington. Can't wait to see the next adventure.


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