If you brave the cold you can soon experience La Crosse’s Rotary Lights display in a new way. News Eight’s Cory Malles joins us live from Riverside Park. to tell us a little about the Rotary Light’s newest attraction. Hi Cory… Good evening… we are live at River Park at the La Crosse rotary lights Display, where we are unveiling the newest feature at this year’s display. That is the ice skating rink. Joining me is Pat Stephens to alk more about this. Pat talks with Cory about the new skating rink Thanks Pat. Well… in case you haven’t figured it out, it is a bitterly cold evening in the City of La Crosse, so if you plan to check out Rotary Lights and the new rink, please dress for the cold. A live look at Citycam shows a clear, but breezy evening underway across the city. Temperatures are in the single digits above zero, with a few spots in the west slipping to sub-zero mark. Wind chills range from the teens to middle 20s below zero. As a result, a Wind Chill Advisory has been issued for the entire area tonight. So, if you plan to be out and about this evening, please dress for the cold. Be sure to protect you face, nose, ears and extremities. Look for temperatures to slip below zero this evening, with wind chills eventually ending up between -20 and -35 overnight into tomorrow morning. If that weren’t enough, we could add a few more inches of snow to the region Friday into early Saturday. Winter Storm Watches are already up for the area. We’ll talk about that coming up.. TAKE MAPS Thanks Cory… The Rotary Light’s Ice Skating Rink will officially open to the public tomorrow morning. You can skate from ten in the morning to ten at night. free of charge.

Live Interview: Rotary Lights Ice Rink
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