thank you so much now we have an opinion but first let me introduce our guest Detroit is home to many of the best athletes in the entire world including champion ice skating and we have the privilege to have none other than US Olympic gold medalist and world champion Charlie Wright right here with us on live in the D welcome thank you now you made the perfect technology jumping into the west buzz conversation you think the food scene is kind of like yeah sort of like a the runway and you know I’m trying to say tappable here we are talking about figure skating but you know in the runway you see some very ridiculous outfits but it’s sort of like a statement piece meant to draw you know ice and then you can sell the rest of your products I can see it being maybe the same with food I agree with you this is not a great analogy and we had to bring that up we had all right so there’s a big event coming to the D the US Figure Skating Championships explain to everyone why this is such a big deal for our city yeah this is the first u.s. Championships that Detroit has hosted since 1994 and it’s just that for the Olympics this is sort of setting the stage for the next four years the the excellence and the top athletes sort of start their journey here at these US Championships in Detroit stake their claim for the next four years heading into the Olympics and we have some wonderful wonderful wonderful skaters I retired after 2014 it’s been it’s been great to sort of be on the other side but just watching and in particularly being able to see live figure skating it’s a totally different experience from seeing it on TV it is it’s fun to watch on TV but it’s even more amazing in real life as they say so who are some of the now famous figure skaters that we know who have won in the past yeah so I mean the US Championships have have produced the Scott Hamilton’s the Kristi Yamaguchi’s the Michelle Kwan’s right now we’re looking at you know first I think on our mind is gonna be Nathan Chen he won the World Championships last year coming off of a kind of heartbreaking Olympics he had a disastrous short program but in a very Olympic moment had a great long long program where he just represented himself represented his country beautifully and sort of staked his claim moving forward than winning the World Championships he’s sort of the quad king so when you hear about the athleticism of figure-skating he’s the one to keep an eye on Nathan Chen you’re definitely gonna want to check him out ice dancing that’s my discipline we have Hubbell and Donahue they just got the silver medal at the World Championships so we’re well represented in the in the medals at the top international levels and they’re all gonna be coming here to Detroit which is just a hotbed for skating hockey figure skating so I’m really hopeful that we can just go support them and you know they’re single sort of tickets you can go and pick what discipline you want to see you don’t have to go see all of it but I really urge everyone it’s it’s a wonderful blend between creativity and athleticism that you really you can’t get it anywhere else it’s beautiful but it’s hard at the same time to anyone who’s just gone regular ice skating should know that oh it’s really really really hard like you said you kind of hung up your skates in 2014 that’s right now you’re serving as co-chair with your longtime ice dance partner Meryl Davis friend of the show that’s right on here yes you made history when you were the first Americans to bring home the gold it ice dancing congratulations first of all that’s amazing that that is something in the history books what’s it like to be a champion I think I think it means that you have to represent yourself in your country well I think there’s also you know what it means to be a role model you know one of the most important things about being a champion is being a great role model and that’s something that Meryl and I have taken very very seriously and we continue to and and I think it’s it’s maybe one of our favorite things coming off of our competitive skating career that we were able to get into Meryl works a lot with young girls here with figure skating in Detroit and we both work with a program called classroom champions using our success as a way to help sort of build stronger foundations for for kids who need it and I think figure skating does that in general but but being a champion means you know helping out the people that look up to you all right so now last question okay you’ve done amazing things you’ve made history world to world titles and now you’re a husband and a father that’s right all right I think a family changed you in any way yeah I’m a lot more tired actually but it’s the best kind of tired I think being a dad is is it’s a greater it’s a greater feeling than winning the Olympics for sure and and I think that that’s something that everyone should know and and you know I think he’s only he’s only a year old but it’s something that I’m gonna remind myself so that I never take it for granted and he is just he’s the he’s the greatest little joy in my life and me and my wife Tanith are you know we use our skating backgrounds and how hard we had to work and in recognizing just how much effort we have to give and we want to make sure that we give all of that to our son that is wonderful perfect way to end mate thank you so much thank you again the 2019 US Figure Skating champions are championships are January 22nd through the 27th at the Little Caesar arena tickets start at just $20 and single session tickets are now on sale to purchase tickets and to find out more information visit the website 2019 u.s. championships dot-com thank you so much for being here thank you so much for having me

Live in the D: See Skating Champions in the D
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