all right when it comes to ice skating Detroit is home of some of the biggest athletes in the world and one of them is joining us now u.s. Olympic gold medalist and world champion Meryl Davis thank you so much for being with us thank you for having me oh you’re going to be back absolutely such a ray of sunshine you are oh well you guys are partying like it’s just such an amazing atmosphere here already today it’s we ought to have fun on this show yes I like that yes we’re grateful for that all right so the US Figure Skating Championships are coming to Detroit in January at the Little Caesars arena and this is a really big deal and you are honorary co-chair serving with your partner Charlie White that’s right Charlie and I are honorary co-chairs we are so excited combining two of my favorite things Detroit and figure skating this is the premier figure skating event in the country it’s held annually so it’s as you said the US Championships the US Championships haven’t been here in Detroit since 1994 so I am really excited to welcome the American Figure Skating community back to Detroit so much has changed and there are so many amazing things to see here in the city that along with the championships I can’t wait for everyone to experience that awesome now here in Detroit there is a special program that Meryl is involved in called figure skating in Detroit tell us about this that’s right so figure skating in d’être is a youth development organization here in the city that I work very closely with an incredible organization and actually from now until the end of the year when you buy tickets for the US Championships a part of the proceeds will go to figure skating in Detroit if you use code FS Detroit as you’re purchasing the tickets tickets start at about $20 so seeing the premier figure skaters premier American figure skaters you know perform right here in Detroit and doing something great for the community win-win that’s awesome so what is the charity mean to you personally to be able to give back to the lives of young skaters well I think sport is such an incredible way to teach very valuable lessons to young people to instill confidence and to inspire them to believe in themselves and so for me participating in this this organization and working with this group of young women it just it’s so inspiring every day and on top of working to teach these young girls they’re able to teach us so much about life as well and and what’s really important and so it’s it’s just such a pleasure and the program is doing really wonderful things for the community well as a past champion with Charlie what can you say that would let a layperson such as myself or tachi or somebody watching know what it’s like to perform under pressure great question it’s terrifying but that’s a part of what makes it so exciting I mean these people are working their entire lives you know some you know more than two decades to get to this point where they’re performing at the championships and so there’s a lot on the line not only because it’s something they’re passionate about but families have sacrificed and and you know oftentimes the championships are incredibly important but it’s made all the more exciting because it opens so many doors you know when you perform while at the championships oftentimes that’s the first step towards making Team USA and representing your country at the World Championships or the Olympic Games and so there’s something really special about the US Championships and it holds a very special place in my heart and just being a part of the championships here in Detroit is I’m I’m very very excited about it that’s awesome now speaking of pressure you are planning a wedding right now that was all that going it’s going great I have an amazing planner so I just talking with him and I say is there anything I need to be doing and he says no you’re good for an asset okay I’m I won’t think about it until you email me or text me and I’m so far so good I like your style yes like I couldn’t stress myself about this is gonna be perfect but I just got the dress I just got my dress and I felt like that was something that sometimes people like oh it’s so nerve-wracking and you have to pick the right one but maybe because I’m used to wearing costumes I felt so far I’m I’m pretty calm so hopefully it stays that way yeah you wear costumes so you know what looks good on you and you know what you want to wear yeah okay all right a bonus question the pressure alright yes so Seinfeld does a bit where he talks about the Olympics right okay he says bronze medalist is happy just to be there and have won a medal gold medalist vs. silver cannot often be like one tenth of a second so you train your entire life and then you finish in second place gold medal winner is the greatest guy in the world silver medal never heard of him yeah it stresses me out just thinking about it you know so Charlie and I won the silver medal actually in 2010 in the Vancouver Games and then winning the gold in 2014 you’re so right was a completely different experience right and winning the Olympics is such an honor and as I said I mean you work your whole life for that opportunity but winning the silver in 2010 there wasn’t as much pressure and so it’s just a different a different kind of fun mm-hmm alright thank you so much for being here we love seeing you thank you for having me congratulations absolutely again the 2019 US Figure Skating Championships are January 22nd through the 27th at Little Caesar Arena for more information on the ticket promotion that runs through December 31st go to 2019 US Championships calm and don’t forget that code AS detroit and you can help Merrill and kids in the D great work you’re doing thank you very much

Live In The D: Figure skating in Detroit

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