Hello, my name is Didi and I would like to introduce you to a classic from Lib Tech. The skate banana from Brandon Reis, our team rider from America. Skate Banana, actually almost everyone should know it. It’s a classic within the rocker boards. That’s a shape that simply works. What does rocker mean? We have a long rocker between the bindings. Pretension and then a short counter-tension. It’s
super playful, easy to turn, especially for beginners. It makes it so much easier
for them. At higher speeds, Magne-Traction always helps.
It’s a wavy edge, as you can see here. It ‘turns ice into powder’.
What does this mean? Imagine: a steak knife or bread knife cuts
simply much easier through a hard piece of bread. And this edge has the same
effect. Especially if you’re a beginner and you’re not that steady yet,
it’s way easier to build up the pressure with a lot less effort and much more
smooth running. Super cool to ride. Also for good
riders, who simply want a playful board for jibbing or freestyling. Or for
powdering. It’s just super nice to ride. Again we have a structured ‘eco-friendly’ Lib Tech topsheet. In addition, the
edge doesn’t run all the way through, just like on all our boards. What is the advantage
of this? Especially for park riders or street riders, who want it light and
manoeuvrable. This means you have got a weight reduction. In case you hit
against something and you’re having an impact, no problem at all. You can always
glue the front and fix it again. But the tension and performance of the board will remain. That’s really an awesome weapon. Whether All Mountain, Park, Powder – with this you can really do everything. Try it out!

Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX 2020
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