greetings of interest and welcome back to let's play one basse – in the last episode we surveyed the college well that was the result of the entire magnificent dreadnought we can happen across the town as a compliment Altair fortunately salamat was well relatively unscathed by a Leticia's absolute assault but well there are a lot of casualties unfortunately Devlin's house luckily for the rebels most of the people about to evacuated with the twin cities of often pollutant lucky now they have another quest to destroy the diode by means of a special fire as the Sun flare to see anything like a pretty much sabotage the Drake powerful as it is but in order to do that we need two things first of all we need to be we need to get our hands on the Agel torch without which I couldn't possibly hope to acquire the Sun flame because it's made of fire and second of all we actually need to get into the kingdom of ashwin itself and the other means of doing so is the goddess spell that is part of the kingdom of the cash one scott apparently headed to the north of Salim and and was originally skeptical of us early on but when we whisk up his daughter from the Imperial dogs that is to say all its troops I think well he decided to help us out after all and now he is a member of our party Joseph is the only one that knows exactly where on the seven caves the prairies stashed away the Iceland which is the only way we're going to be able to get to the goddess fell in the snow cavern which is fortunately not quite as diabolical as the ice cap it was said the original form of fantasy but that's everything that brings us up to date and the same suit and I shall see you back at the boost for the semuc cave all right so now we're back here and the ground floor of the cemre cave and luckily for us you blood men where is no vodka and our party we still have the canoe respect be very useful for saving rivers everything and period marriages got devastated by Oh those enemies when they explode they can right I just explode yeah when they explode they copious damage the Riera game slightly health vitality as well too much I might given up screen Furion and we were very much lower and peak so we're gonna be in and out all right soldier to that but remember what I said about this and well we kind of ignored this office the opera's look at that a very conspicuous looking after you slab yeah but a tournament isn't really mean anything but believe it or not this is actually what Joseph used to mock out Caesar where he put his I slit and Joseph either can be nearly found or conveniently yeah well conveniently created public over here and there is a single treacherous to course it aside the item in question the Islip George me wasn't destroyed by monsters who taken away by to know that we have the I split in opposition I think I'm gonna head back to sell Amanda to read stuff and then we will finally meet again at the snowy fields where we can get to the snow so I'll see you all again in just a brief moment all right so we've retrieved the ice late and we've rested rather comfortably at the soundman salamat sound seven and of course kicking up at our map again the snowy field around us can really only be reached at the edge of the mountains to the northwest but in the northeast of Salim and you can see a blinking location over there which just so happens to be our destination the snow cabin unfortunately the snowy Traverse between here and the snow cabin can of course only be reached by this ice sled which we fortunately acquired not now I'm going to skip here to the entrance of the snow fields so I should be too long but unlike interesting virus and of course visible tax right and two down and the way we keep going they're more than ice except they run across in the snow field and look at that snowman and unfortunately good but bad if they stop during today's inviting and every acosta no firemen that's a good thing but I actually had Joseph attack that's because I think it's safe to say we're doing pretty well for us and getting close or killed sorry Gil it's money I just want to see how close I am I'm almost there and that's the whenever freezes like that that's basically kind of like and much like symma cave it's not too difficult there are few well tough enemies in cave but the snowmen reuse five and God Joseph can mutts can play rock paper scissors singing yeah which one gets it publish your new smile five too much concise yeah Bobo need to be careful about that and trying to say just everywhere of course I'm using my handy-dandy tell me where certain areas which contains a half of Gil during the items mr. Kraft the seminar at the least of our worries because in addition to the green Goblin's and regular goblins we have the grenades those two creatures and the front rows and yeah they're the next level up from balloons and much like the balloons they can explode and do copious amounts of damage feel Biron effort God dress isn't a key to the Minotaur it's a good thing they're on the front row because otherwise I'd be screwed if I could attack okay all the goblins not go well so maybe it will the other one thank you thank you so right so far well so far I meant to say we've got some new enemies zombies and a preacher did hit let's crash the melee attacks sentence suitcase discipline have magic but he does have the garlic item purchase copy birdies for instance works not as effective as I would have life and of course they're being groups like paralyzed because that's I can't get that nothing do not Joseph or the doctor didn't the farthest row now everyone's pretty much just go damage but the grenades are pretty much at this point going to be a major concern but on the plus side we've done it to worry about mages you know the way up now 2525 girl it's a door over here cannot open this sign now we're on the second floor other stuff happen and more snowmen in verse 2 just two Oh God should want to scare one of them earrings congratulations stamina and strength I don't think we can actually get out of this particular person astray and more I suppose that's always Joseph couldn't do as much damages i-40 woods as Maria Zuber did absolutely nothing in just a little I think the stores yeah there was absolute layout of this chamber this floor basters stairs down there and another victory for us and Joseph came to power the expensive apology as well he's not going to be using isn't going to be using magic spells anyways I'm attached and we've reached the third floor that's my cabin right about now there are quite a few branching paths on the way here and um I'm actually going to call this an episode and when we return Ventura's we shall continue our journey rest of the walls and snow cavern and hopefully reached the goddess Belle needed to unlock the net Kashiwagi as always adventurers until next we meet

Let's Play Final Fantasy II – 9 [Sledding On Ice]
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