hello everyone and welcome back to people left gaming we are playing Final Fantasy 7 last time Sephiroth killed ares and we are now left to figure out what's next jefra I wonder what way he went hey you're a Sephiroth said to me head north past the snow fields so north we go oops nope let me go back can I get over there No there we go Viper Halbert I think that's gonna be a CID weapon yeah what the no captain everyone's alive I should have I go back and rest go back and rest now we already thought the boss will be fine and then tell me outside yeah so now these guys like we get extra money for that feel like I do come on hot spring how many different mooses they have I mean I'll take the heel thank you very much as I murder you all right where are we here we are we got a we got a shimmy up the side of this thing disrespect a proxy bringing me whatever specific of the weird name [Applause] pick and shimmy No oh yeah oh great oh right left whatever okay vote again hypno crowd what is that if the crown increases manipulate straight I don't use manipulate so that does not help what are these bowls you alright you playing game what [Applause] spin shield I see a lot of his life thank you right can I go back up I can nice great I guess and wrap up and learn rates beg elixir okay bring-bring to the left to the left now I gotta go back is that what you want game Spring Break really now I have and he absorb attached to that doesn't work howling it did one damage right on boom fire – no really there's that come on I don't want to waste the limbering on this guy thank you aha it is up there bolt armlets I know drains lightning attacks hmm oh wow but no defense at all no we'll pass on that unless I get something better purple materia 2nd stat augment I think it's up anyways I hope it's up doo-doo-doo-doo-doo done total down power source all right if a love habit three Alan Oh I'll take that it's pretty good still [Applause] bring really unburied come on not miss good well that's right mary has ribbon on so that way he can't he won't be affected by status our services me do driving I was already blocked all right that's fine okay we are in the great north the snowy north although it is not quite snowing yet it will there's gonna be a blizzard the area which we will see in an episode maybe two I forget is every house in that area but it's there we go okay where is this little town nice not as nice let me know so check it out dude it's that's fine I'm not gonna complain about that at all all right map show me the way I know D way there it is let's uh save outside the village real quick just cuz it is always a good idea to see before you go into a town in case you do something stupid grandpa wake up we have a customer spec Oh welcome glad you came weapon weapon weapon I don't reuse anyone else no one else gets a weapon yeah so much better lifeless counter at our HP plus cover Barrett you get could you try and Rama sick like choco MOG what's your ice there go through and look very fit that way you crimpy absorbent ice okay next it's good of this one my boy got heard right about the time we moved here I never should have got in that snowboard okay one per week one per week now okay nothing there where are we oh there we are it's a weird angle right there I'm just get so comfortable sure the master is an experienced climber you know I've heard that he knows every corner of that great glacier okay it's nearly impossible to reach the northern limits without a map if you're thinking about going to the northern limits you'd better take that map on the wall okay take them out Thanks aha hero drink and a vaccine gonna take everything from your house don't you worry about it nothing to see here nope all right I was in there in that's where I want to be q what is it don't get too closer it'll burn yeah it's quarter than usual today it's 200 Gil allows fun tonight yes enjoy your stay okay oh we are all nice and they're arrested now I think we got one more house to look into what's down here a turbo either nothing hmm feel like there should be something there oh okay let's talk to person in the distance no don't there's a steep roof paid past here it's dangerous please don't kill I'm still going damn I will just be nice what that where are those people were there it looks like trouble there they are hurry yes ma'am it's the Turks cloud huh please I won't let you kill any further what's down there it's SC ker it he really doesn't matter she really got Gus mess and my boss off like that I mean boss saying that wasn't us that frog did it no liar don't think you can fool me I'm not lying it was Sephiroth don't try to act innocent I'll never forget it oh man looks like just talking won't – you're gonna have to feel some pain just you and me no I can handle him there's no way he can void my punch what yeah that's that punch okay I pushed a button or whatever why why didn't you try to duck there's no way they can climb the Greek there anyways put them in some house in the village okay this hood just not the Marshall I don't being Europe's doing my job alright whatever who's that man alright so we can't leave now when I first moved here I saw a man with a black cape heading north it seemed strange seeing the black caveman in the snowy white okay oh I guess let's try to go this way again maybe sorry I ran off a while ago I thought there was going to be trouble anyhow you'll need a snore to get down that hill you won't learn how to ride one yeah maybe I should directional buttons or the freight switch brake cancels jump rinses me awkward because of cuz of PC control okay so snowboard would be from this kid I got hurt on my snowboard and now I can't go out for a while hey I'll give you my snowboard thanks kid got a snowboard I've always wanted to learn how the snowboard is live in Arizona where it's a desert be careful all right let's do this [Applause] snowboard minigame let's go go alright break let's jump oh let's jump nope rip I'm sorry [Applause] that's jump okay got it controlling so horrible oh my gosh so bad [Applause] oh my goodness why I can't even anyway uh okay let's so let's try it let's try this instead does this work out any better for me alright slightly all right we can we can kind of I got a like use page up and page down so I'm doing this awkward like double handed thing over here I mean it's it's slightly better [Applause] and I do me only slightly and jump fail jump oh don't there we go that was kind of cool whoahhh yeah we're just we're just gonna stay here in our lane where things are safe when mess it up nope how so let me crack my back under ramming headfirst into a tree at 100 kilometres an hour it's no big deal yeah any any normal person would have been dead by now but that's all right [Applause] nope it's not even ending music to like make this any slightly more tolerable it's just me crashing in the crab on the way down the hill [Applause] I guess we're gonna go right I don't even I couldn't even tell you what the difference is right now with chains are going right or left [Applause] how long is this freaking mountain right thing gonna take us cheese the part would be better I wasn't crashing every like five seconds or so but you know whatever oh my gosh can this stop please I think this is the end nope I lied I will go right again moogles why oh my gosh exuse yeah we are never ever doing this minigame ever again I hope there we go that was a fun waste of almost five minutes for rounding up I know it's four and a half over rounding uh seriously I guess we're still in one piece is everyone all right of course yeah I guess so where did we land we jump pretty far well we got the map right let's look at my price and switch sure it's close well freeze if we see here any longer already oh I didn't look at the map mom looks like we're in trouble looks like trouble we're adding here wait a minute wait a minute wait wait right on okay um we're gonna save it and call it here and figure out what the think that was where we are now and what we're doing next I don't even know anymore can we even go back there okay we can't that's I skate okay so ha all right yeah thanks for watching see you next time you

Let's Play Final Fantasy 7 | Part 36 | Snowboarding

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