What are we going to go do right now? Ice skate. I’m Maddi Jane and I’m here with Alexandra. Alexandra, what makes you a girl with heart? I’m a girl with heart because I love to stay active. Cool. So, what are we going to go do right now? Ice skate. Yeah we are! So what kind of sports do you like to play? I like to play basketball in the winter, baseball in the spring. I run track in the summer. And then I do flag football in the fall. That’s so cool. Can you give me your foot? I like to play outfield. Outfield? Or shortstop. Ooh, shortstop is fun. I did softball when I was your age. I played shortstop. You’re probably much better than I was, though. OK. I think you’re good. Ready? You’re doing great! You want to skate with us? OK I go fast, too, though. We’re going on a trip. Do you want to pull me? No you pull. One! Whooh! This is kind of nice, huh? Thank you so much for hanging out with us today guys. This winter be sure and get out. Try something new. Stay active. Have fun. We have some great videos here at Justice. You can check out a music video of a holiday song that I’m doing, and videos of Alexandra as well. Thanks guys. And subscribe! And subscribe. Bye.

Let’s Go Ice Skating (Feat. MADDI JANE) | Justice

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