hi guys today we are going to see a legal first video in my channel so we are going to see every we want legal Ninjago bike to bite set hi I'm Jen okay let's see what it his dundee book and you're it is sets so so let's see how it is really is done watch how this is possible see this then and he has to face because we we can make him angry so you keep this here see this is god he really looks awesome and then here he becomes happy again so then he is the villain guy he is the serpentine he can beat you up very power his and then see him he's also very power and he's very ugly but he is a nice title 5 minute okay let's play with this oh my god what are you I am Jane so this is suspended – Ninjago who are you I am me hi I am the biggest man of fire and I'm master of fire what are fighting with me what Yago vivan yes yeah this is very much who told you one huh here I have bomb who know my bike went by what he told you and another bone bitch leave it I can fix it but that does not we have 99 percent of hope that it will not break fit quick we can set it so this is my blade I am coming here so let's take this one take it come let's go hi I'm Jake a chi and Jen are keeping West another way up to here this is depressing going to impact at large oh okay let's see it it's much smaller see he has more abilities see like that see oh they're going to steal your prizes no I'm not coming to go and steal it see what did L do what Oh see this see it has more stronger ability abilities we can use it see we have a small can shoot we missed it it seemed a bomb I see it is a little different even think that it can go the wheels will not run but you see my video you can get it see this is not statue hi guys if you like the video please subscribe and thank you to watch bye bye

Lego ninja go Kai's blade cycle and Zane's snowmobile

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