– Hi guys!
welcome back to, Jake and Ty! And today, we are doing,
last one to leave the sled. – So we have our sister Jordan, – From JustJordan33! – And our dad from… – That Youtub3 Family! – Okay, so how is this going to work? We're gonna divide it into a
couple of different rounds. The first round is gonna be on, what we're gonna call the bunny slope. And everybody's gonna take a chance, taking the snow board, slash– – This is like a surfer board. – This is like a surfboard? – You go flying down, oh (squeals). – So we're gonna see who can
stay on this the longest, aka or who can go the
farthest without falling off. Then we'll go to round two. All right, so round one is
gonna be with the surfboard, and the way it works, I've got to go this way
because I'm left handed, is you put both feet on the surfboard, you've got a handle what
will help you steer, if you can keep your balance. This is all about balance,
because this goes fast. – Yeah, it's pretty tricky, so it's gonna be tough
to get the hang of it, we've never ridden this before, so this should be pretty interesting. Who's gonna stay on the longest? Me! – I'll go first to show
the kids how to do it, then Jake will go, the Ty,
and then the master Jordan– – Oh yeah! – When you fall off, you have
to stand where you fell off so that marks your spot, and then at the end we'll see who's the furthest down the hill. – All right. – You ready? – [Jake] Go for it. – Here we go. – [Jordan] Go dad go! (skiing sound) – Uh oh, now I'm going fast! All right, I went to about here. Well, that's crazy, it goes fast. – It's my turn! – Let's see how well you do Jake, come on! Whoo! Go go go! (skiing sound) – [Mom] Hold on, hold on. – Oh man, cheating! – [Mom] Oh, he's going, he's going. Where is he going? Jake! – I'm the current leader! – I did, I'm gonna win because
I've been snowboarding, and surfing. – Yeah, this actually, he's actually a really good
snowboarder and surfer, like he's only taken one
snowboarding and surfing lesson, and he's like a natural pro. So I'm kind of nervous, I think he's gonna be
my biggest competition. Let's see!
Go Ty! (skiing sound) – Oh man! – It's all good!
Okay? He almost raced to me! – Guys, I'm really nervous, like… I've got some pretty
good competition here, and I have no idea how to snowboard, and I was really bad at
surfing when I tried it. So, I don't think I'm gonna do too well. Let's see! Surfer go! (skiing sound) How do you steer? I can't steer! (screaming) (screaming) (screaming) I think I've won! – [Mom] Oh my goodness, were you worried about hitting Jake? – Yes, I've heard it jumped
off but I don't know if I set the board flying at him or not. – I should have moved. – I was right here so I think I've won, look at this difference! (short jingle) – All right, so for round two,
we're going on this monster, it's a tractor inner tube,
covered with, look at this. This is like super slick. – It's like plastic, and it goes fast! – We're all going to pile onto
it, and we're gong to go down the steep hill, and so
this is going to be, who can last the longest on
this when we're all together. – I call being in the middle! – You ready? – [Jordan] No. – Set, let's go! All right guys, we're here, currently at the top of round two, and we're all situating, I'm gonna put my goggles on,
nope, I'm gonna take them back up because they're all foggy. – I can't see anything 'cause
I'm gonna be facing behind, and so, I may or may not run into a tree, we're gonna find out. – And this one looks
like, Ty are you ready? – No. – Take care if you do this challenge, have your parents with you. – [Dad] Jake are you ready? – Yes. – All right, in three, two, one, go! Ahh! (shouting) Oh no. (screaming) – I can't see! Jordan where are we going? Whoa! We survived it! Whoo! Three of us made it! Jordan, you alive? – I can't see anything! – [Dad] Ty? – I had to hold on to dad. – We ran over the surfboard! – That was insanely crazy but awesome. (short jingle) – This is the last round, and the purpose of this challenge is we all got our own sleds,
and we're gonna see who could last the longest
and who could go the furthest. – 'Kay, so this one is like super long, this goes all the way down
to where we parked the car. It's almost a quarter of a mile. So it's super super long, so
mom's going to go down about half way, I'm gonna cut third so we have different cameras filming. The rules are, that if you
start to get off the trail, you have to get off regardless, 'cause we don't want
anybody getting hurt, okay? – And this is going to be
pretty good for all the cuts just because such a long way. It will be hard to stay on your sled. – It's going to be awesome. All right let's go, round three! – My sled name is the Orange Racer! Whoa! – My racer's name is the Dragon Blue Fire. – My slide's name is La Bean, the La Bean. – And my slide is gonna be Rudolph, the hopefully safe
reindeer, its a crazy one. – [Mom] Here comes Jordan ever so slow. – Yeah! – [Mom] (laughing) Keep going straight! Move out the way, Jordan! Here comes Jake, Jake is sideways, it will make him go further. – [Jordan] There goes Jake! – [Mom] Ever so slow though. Blaze the way boy, blaze
the way for everyone else! See 'ya son! Bye son! Where is my other little one? – [Jordan] Ty is coming! – [Mom] Jake is going. Bye son! – [Jordan] Jake is slowly
but surely making it! – Okay, Ty and I are on different slides, but we're gonna go, about the same time so
you can see us both. Let's go! Oh I hate going backwards.
Ty! It's Jordie! – [Jordan] Go! – [Mom] Here comes David, David's stuck. Jake left us, bye Jake! – Help.
Help. Wheel!
Help. I'm going so slow. – [Mom] All right, here comes Ty. There goes Ty, following in the path. Go Ty! – I keep spinning. – [Mom] Bye! – I keep spinning. Oh there is Ty Ty. Oh no. Ahhh! I'm coming Jake! I'm going! – That's it, I've been
abandoning the Orange Racer, for a brand new Chevy drag racer! I'm tired from running
up and down the hill. – [Mom] I'll give you a push. – A push?
– [Mom] Go. – This thing goes so fast, it's mental. – [Mom] Hop on, you've got to catch up, they're all the way down. Go! Bye! There they go. – (laughing) I think I popped the sled, because I'm totally… (laughing) I'm totally laying in the ground. I think Rudolph popped. Let's check it out. Look at this, totally flat. I must have hit some of those
burr stickers on the way down. Oh yeah, right there. There's the tear. Rudolph did great while it could hold air, but I think we have to retire Rudolph on its very first run. Oh I see Ty coming, let's check him out. Oh you made it right pass Rudolph! Rudolph's right here. Good job! Go Jordan! – [Jordan] (screaming) – [Jake] Jordan! – [Jordan] I can't turn! – Okay, we're gonna do a round four. Round three Jake was the winner, we will celebrate with
him in just a second 'cause he just ran back up the hill. Round four are all the
kids running up the hill, they're gonna get a running, jumpstart, jump down and we're gonna
see who can come down the fastest and stay on
their sled the longest. Here we go, this should be
really really interesting 'cause they dumped the tubes and now they're going on the saucers. Ready, set, go! – [Mom] Here they come, go go go! (sliding sounds) (screaming) – [Dad] Go Jordie! 'Kay mom, what are your
thoughts from this challenge? – I think Jake won because
his sled was definitely the fastest, the one pushing
Ty, it had the most momentum, I don't know, you guys say what you think. – [Dad] So shall we do a bonus round and have all of them go on that sled? – They're already planning,
they're taking up more sleds. – [Dad] Boys! – You guys, we're all
on a sled, take sides– – We all are going! – We're going down hill,
we're going, okay (shrieks) (screaming) So hard, we went so fast! – We hoped that you
guys enjoyed this video, make sure that you like,
subscribe and share, and… – Hit the bell! – We'll see you next time, bye! (medium beat music)

Last To Leave Snow Tube Challenge / Jake and Ty
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