Hey, my name is Justus from ONE STEP FASTER. today we will do a special for you the topic is skating and classic cross-country skiing We will have a look at what you should focus on when you go skating or classic cross-country skiing that you will benefit also when you are back in your running shoes. We will start with skating Tine will demonstrate a common mistake that the buttdocks are too low. We will show you the right way the wrong way and what you can do to improve Tine is sitting excessively in the back like sitting on a chair. This is something we do not like at all. The same happens when you go back running It is the running type “sneaker” (please see link below) It looks pretty much like a duck. What we want to see is that the hips move forward Try to make tall every time you move onto your new ski An exercise that will help you to prevent this mistake is the so called “swimmer”. This exercise is about bringing all your weigth into the front and extending your hip. Let’s have a look at it… Do a breaststroke in the direction of the leg where your weight is at the moment. This way you will be able to bring your upper body as welll as the hip to the front We will have a look from the other side Shift all your weight to one side! This way you can make sure that also your running technique will improve as your weight and your hip is in the front. Let’s move to classic cross-country skiing Most runners and triathletes prefer skating, as it is much faster and assumes easier to learn – what is definitely not the fact 😉 Classic cross-country skiing is much more valuable for running. Why? Because the movement is quiet similar to the running movement. For that reason we are able to improve our running technique as well. We will start without poles. Focus on “moving forward ” 😉 It is allot about feeling. But this is exactly what we need when we go running. When we put our foot onto the ground we immediately start pulling backwards I will show you what I mean.. A very important thing is that you extend your free leg. Try to be as tall as possible as this is the “push off” we need when running as well. We do not want wo run like this… This is the running type “Sneaker” that you find in the link below. What we want to do is extending your (back) leg. Give t a shot 🙂

Langlauf und Skating Tipps für Läufer und Triathleten – Wintertraining
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