the cash award ski tournament was the one big event that organizers hope who put the aqua back in aqua fest he was billed as the biggest and most spectacular ski tournament in the world Auditorium Shores in big numbers but by new today my estimates gates the crowd and only around 300 many of them were participants or crews of the competitors and the others that I talked to were not Austinites but your diehard Ski fans what time did you have to get up to get over here well I drove well last night I got anything about 7:00 this morning how about for the aqua fest night tonight western night it was that in your plans also tonight apparently the weather has played at least some part in keeping the crowds from being as large as hoped for but for the spectators who did show up they seem to be having a good time despite the winds and the overcast skies and threats of rain so though the fans were able to enjoy the preliminary competition today it still looks very pessimistic for tomorrow's competition for an update on tonight's aqua fest activities back to you Ronnie Roy theorists 24 Action News

KVUE REWIND: Austin Aqua Fest 1980 – water skiing competition | KVUE
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  • July 29, 2019 at 12:06 am

    Aqua fest was fine until it stopped being run by volunteers, everyone started getting paid.


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