((SAMANTHA)) THE RETURN OF HOCKEY IN ROCKFORD IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. THE ICEHOGS TRAINING CAMP KICKED OFF SUNDAY, WITH A HANDFUL OF KEY PLAYERS RETURNING. ONE OF THEM COMES BACK AFTER SPENDING QUITE A BIT OF TIME AWAY… FORWARD KRIS VERSTEEG. THE 33- YEAR-OLD HELPED THE ICEHOGS TO THE CALDER CUP PLAYOFFS IN 2008. WITH 11 SEASONS IN THE NHL UNDER HIS BELT… HE ALSO WON THE STANLEY CUP WITH THE BLACKHAWKS IN 2010 AND 2015. VERSTEEG ISN’T OBLIVIOUS TO THE AGE DIFFERENCE IN THE LOCKER ROOM… BUT, HE DOES HOPE THE EXPERIENCE HE HAS SERVES AS SOME HELP TO THE YOUNGER GUYS. ((KRIS VERSTEEG, ICEHOGS FORWARD)) “I don’t know what the next older guy after me is but [we’ve got] a pretty young group. It almost felt like I was in like a college atmosphere when I walked in there today. It made me feel pretty young again. Like I said, I’m just going to be me. I don’t think I’m going to change too much of who I am. Obviously, they can come talk to me if they ever do but I think I’ve always kind of been that kind of player and guy as a teammate.” ONTO THE NFL. BEARS ARE OFF TODAY. BUT THE PACKERS TOOK ON THE BRONCOS. 1. TIED AT 10 IN THE SECOND… JOE FLACCO HAS THE BALL STIPPED BY PRESTON SMITH. THEY

Kris Versteeg hopes his experience helps younger IceHogs players
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