PLAYERS AND ALSO TELLS US WHAT TO EXPECT TONIGHT. 3 Dylan Larkin, Detroit Red Wings “It’s normal. I mean, I think the stick will go to the slot to the board. It is a little bit smaller, but you just play. It’s hockey so, it’ll be right for everyone but I expect it to be a fast game. The ice is great, so we’re excited.”David Perron, St. Louis Blues, Jordan Binnington, St. Louis Blues”Yeah, even for me in the summer right now I train in a little older rink. Maybe not quite as old as the oldest rink in North America, but I just think that we come from areas where we played in rinks like this, and it kinda reminds us all the work we put in, and all the people that helped us along the way and it’s a cool feeling.”Peter Curi, “That’s right, the Calumet community is soaking Kraft Hockeyville USA in. It has been an incredible day. The Blues and the Red Wings walked on the red carpet, signing autographs, taking pictures with the fans. Honestly, some of them are just conversating with fans because it’s such a unique opportunity for all these people: the players, the fans, anyone involved. It’s such a great opportunity for anybody who’s involved. But, following the red carpet there was a pre-game skate this morning. The Red Wings and the Blues were able to try out the Collosseum ice. Both teams said the ice was a little soft, but that is to be expected. Report from the Calumet Collesseum, I’m Peter Curi, Local 3 News.

Kraft Hockeyville ’19: Red Carpet/Morning Skate
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