(Sound of a skateboard) “The main reason someone skates is to have fun. If not, you could have
any other kind of job and it’s not necessarily
worse or better. Skating is simply fun”. “But it’s true that, mixing it
and doing certain moves you see the art of it”. (Soft-rhythm electronic music) “And above all, it’s an art because there is
limitless creativity”. “So, yes, there are established tricks
that have been done, but you can always do something new
that has never been done”. “I think that’s the art of it,
being able to create new things continuously”. “I started with skating in Castillos park”. “Apart from having” the amphitheater there was a ramp
at the back and I practiced there imagining
that this was a wave for surfing. “I had several friends at the time, a friend called Diego, and then I became friends
with those that skated there, in the amphitheater”. “And they gave me advice on how to do tricks… and little by little,
I started to love skating”. Until it became my passion. “My influence in skating, obviously, is one of the most famous,
who mixed freestyle with street,
it’s Rodney Mullen”. “There are also many others,
Per Welinder, Kevin Harris, the skaters of the 80s, because I love
videos of skating in the 80s, and nowadays, I’ve always tried to take a bit from them all… and try to…, give it my personal touch, so it’s something I always try:
to have influences,” but to try and give it
my personal touch. (Pop song in English) “They’ve always supported me a lot when it comes to boards”. “I’ve paid for very few because several shops… Here, in Alcorcón,
one called Grap, from when I started,
it began giving me boards to skate and then, later on,
I started competing in freestyle and finally, one of the times I went
to a competition in Paris, they said they wanted to sponsor me.
When I moved to California,
after a time and winning more freestyle competitions,” they decided to make me pro. “I loved it, but at that time
I was making basically no money from skating”. (SHOUTS) “It wasn’t until after I did
the videos with Brett Novak,” they were successful
and they called me to places “to do skate work, exhibitions, adverts…”. “The following day, Kevin Harris, who worked with Powell Peralta, called me and told me
he was going to try to get me into Powell Peralta”. “That had always been my dream
because, as we had been saying, I loved the Bones Brigade videos,
so…”. “I had a meeting with George Paul” and there they told me
they wanted to sponsor me, and they would organize
for me to move to the USA,
they would pay me a salary, so that was… “a dream come true”. (Soft-rhythm electronic music) “I don’t know, maybe when I started
at the gym, it’s also like… a discipline that you have to
keep trying and look after yourself, including physically and with skating
it’s kind of the same”. “There are tricks…
when we’ve filmed videos, we don’t have months” to film. Sometimes we’ve filmed
in five days and you do what you can. “When we traveled to India,
we went for two weeks, but I was ill almost half the time and we had sponsors and everything
to make this video, so there was a lot of pressure, because you have to film
a spectacular video in a short amount of time and you have to try tricks
continuously”. “There were tricks
that were really hard” and took 400 or 500 attempts. Hours and hours trying a trick… “But, sure, sometimes you’re close to falling and you can’t leave it”. “Other times you say:
‘If I could do this trick in 10 attempts, maybe I’m not… giving it my all'”. (GROANS) “Everyone who starts skating you have to focus
on having a good time”. “If you don’t enjoy skating, for one reason or another,
you’ll give up”. “But, if you focus on…
the motivation you have for skating, for having a good time, and if you fall, what do you do?
Try again”. “If you focus on having a good time, you won’t give yourself so many
challenges when skating”. “If you start winning competitions and things like that,
you have to think: ‘Can I make a career
out of skating?'”. “So yeah, you can have challenges
from brands you want to work with, but your board is a toy
even though it’s in the Olympics, and the best definition
of a toy would be…” something you use to have fun, and that’s what skating is for me. (Closing theme: pop music) The book of The Goonies,
my favorite film; a Powell Peralta card they gave me to give to kids and sign. Now a vinyl. I love them
and this is by Depeche Mode. Then we have a skate wrench,
the World Cup, and it’s cool
because it’s no normal trophy that is a cup, but a kind
of work of art they made. Video tapes: one from the
legendary film E. T., from 1982, and then Jaws, and this is my first pro model
with Powell Peralta, but I’ll have a new one soon. This is a Thrasher from 1988
and it’s really cool because it has
several Powell Peralta adverts. (Closing theme: pop music)

Kilian Martín: “El skate es un arte porque hay creación sin límites” | PROGRAMA 1 | Héroes
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