see I'm not alone there's people so we are in the gorgeous Keweenaw Peninsula decided to go out for a little bit of an adventure in the snow breaking up the snowshoes for the first time this year and we're gonna see how far we can get Nik has already fallen once as he's walking in circles over there but yeah we're having we're having some malfunctions with our equipment but I think we'll get this under control and hopefully make it out to the lake in one piece are you done goofing around their neck I feel like I should be watching where I'm walking instead of like watching where the camera is he's already stripping folks oh there we go now we can see me and the other crazy kids out here snowshoeing let's see if we slide well that's in the summer time please use stays so we are just outside of Copper Harbor Michigan went for a nice little snowshoe out here we are at Hunter's Point which is a park you can see some of the other people I'm here with they are out on an ice dune on Lake Superior which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world but if you are up in this area I would highly recommend and bring in a pair of snowshoes we're finding somewhere local to rent them and get out and check out all of our trails it's absolutely gorgeous up here so we're gonna keep exploring and see what else we can find now we are on Lake Superior literally on it and the ice students just off the shoreline you can see Nick's back here playing in the ice like a little kid yeah we recommend not doing this when you're on ice over open water but that's why he'll do it so that you guys don't have to ok so Nick wanted to crawl down into this little ravine inside of the ice formation to give you an idea of where Nick's at right now he decided to take a little bit of a nap and he found himself a nice little den so one thing to keep in mind when you are out snowshoeing especially near a lake or on a lake is to go at a time of year when you sure that it is frozen solid and safe so it is February in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan backing up not so easy in snowshoes boys don't recommend [Applause] ok ok well we're gonna go that way but I can't walk in and talk at the same time so we'll regroup so as you can see behind me we got all of these different oops ice kind of icicles oh and I mean they they are nice and pointy but according to Nick apparently they taste good you really can't get more natural and fresh with Matt these ice dunes are massive so I'm gonna go join them at the top of this one and we're gonna get a another look at my superior let's take a look at what we got well thank you guys for joining us today we're wrapping up the last of our little snowshoe here as we head back to the car be sure to leave a comment and a like below subscribe and hit that notification bell to see what new videos come out and I look forward to sharing more adventures with you guys in the future [Applause]

Keweenaw Snowshoeing | Best Michigan Snowshoeing
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