Hi, everyone. I’m Karen Chen,
I’m a Team USA figure skater, and I’m an author of Finding the Edge. [MUSIC] Before going ice skating, I would say,
is to make sure you dress warm. Don’t wear shorts. Make sure your limbs are covered, so
if you do fall, you don’t get ice burn. [MUSIC] When you put on your skates, you need
to make sure they’re nice and tight, so you won’t sprain your ankle. So you make sure that you follow the
instructions and make sure that the knots are tight, so nothing comes
loose when you’re on the ice. [MUSIC] Take it easy, once you step on
ice because it’s so slippery, hold on to the railing for a little bit
until you feel more comfortable and you feel like you can let go. [MUSIC] You wanna first learn to fall correctly. So I would suggest sitting
down on the ice, so you know how to get up when you do fall. And so you’re not afraid of falling
once you’ve sat down on the ice before. If that [LAUGH] makes sense. [MUSIC] Just have fun. Have fun on the ice. Don’t be afraid of falling. Just kinda have fun, but
be careful at the same time. It’s about finding the balance. [MUSIC]

Karen Chen Ice Skating Tips | FINDING THE EDGE: MY LIFE ON THE ICE

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