– Hi guys, so we’re on set of
Spinning Out here in Canada. I’m playing Bruce and I’m
gonna be taking you guys on a gorgeous behind the scenes tour. Let’s go. (upbeat music) So gotta introduce you
to my very good friends, Mr. Gabe, Ms. Leah. – I’m Johnny Weir, I play Gabe
and Gabe is a really nice, yet also very ruthless
character on Spinning Out, and he skates with Leah,
played by Kaitlyn Leeb. – Hi, I’m Kaitlyn Leeb and I play Leah. I’m just ruthless.
(Johnny laughs) – Diva. – Oh my God!
– Yeah, diva. – So we are pair partners. We skate together, we hate together. – And we compete together.
– Yeah. We’re out for tears and blood. (Kaitlyn giggles) – Very much tears and blood. I think I have a mild
concussion but it was worth it, it was really worth it.
– You did amazing. – Oh my God, thank you!
– You did really well. Your rotation and your
positioning was super. – It’s a little flutzy. Yeah, a little flutzy. You guys don’t know what that
is ’cause that’s skating terms for like me and Johnny Weir to talk about. – This is a skating nut. – She is a skating nut,
she’s a skating nut. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah you know everything. – And you’re a skating icon! – Well thank you.
– Yes. – But yes. – You guys, this is who I’ve
affectionately referred to as my skating mom, she’s really gotten my choreography
together for our scene, she’s the choreographer of residents on set here at Spinning
Out, Sarah Kawahara. Tell us, how did you get into
choreography, what happened? – Well, I was a performer in
Ice Capades for many years and after I retired from performing, I really wanted to take that
energy and the creativity and put it into a whole other field, and choreography seemed
to be the natural step. – So when I first started skating, I really could barely
go backwards, but now, I’m really good at going backwards. And turning. Well you’re so brilliant at it, what’s something when you’re
teaching newbies like me, it looks really hard to teach
them but it’s kind of easy? – I think that it’s all
about the ena and the haki. – Tell them what the ena and the haki is. – It’s when you have
your balance on one side and then you invert to the other side. You can always add a
little shoulder into it, and it gives you versatility. – I love versatility, I love
the ena, I love the haki, I just wanna like, just, all the time! – Absolutely, you know
with a little flourish at the end never hurts. (laughs) – It’s like when in doubt add a flourish! (upbeat music) Oh my God, my skates. We love to have a bold skate guard so they don’t get nasty
tink tinks on your blades. You know you gotta protect
these little blades. I like a bold pop of color. I also like my seven year
old girl skating bag. Oh my gosh, I’ve got my, these are my pads, but I’m
wearing most of them right now, but this is a little disc
that you put on your ankles so it doesn’t bruise. This is another little disc that you stick your big toe through this so this little disc protects your bunion. ‘Cause really, my ankles and feet are black and blue bruise maps, just feet shaped bruise maps, ’cause I love to skate so much now, so skaters’ feet are usually like ouchy and they go through a lot, but that’s all. Oh and then I also have, I also have, I also have, just in case, I have my lines in case I forget them. Oh my God, I have to practice. She’s an actress now! Well I know you wanna see more, I don’t wanna lose my little soaker, so I’m just gonna pop these in my purse with my shoesies, don’t
wanna forget those. And let’s go see what’s going on on set! (upbeat music) Hi, wow!
– Wow! Welcome to the hair and makeup trailer! – It felt less cold when
it was 5 in the morning. So come around, we’re gonna do a little
baby touch up together, come come come. Come on, come on. Okay, so you’re a little shiny, you’re a little like,
ugh, she got too dewy. How do we like to apply the powder? – We love to always tap
off the excess powder. – ‘Cause you don’t want
too much powder because? – It settles into the fine lines, it makes you actually look older. – What fine lines?
(make up artist chuckles) Now for you, I’m minding my own business, I was wearing a hat all morning, but I don’t wanna wear it anymore, but I feel like I need some hairspray ’cause she needs a zhuzh, but I don’t wanna hairspray
it everywhere and get crunchy. What’s a good trick? – A good trick is spray the brush. – I love a brush spray!
– Brush spray. – So we spray the hairspray on the brush, and then it kind of controls
where the product goes so you don’t end up with helmet hair. – [Hair Stylist] Exactly, and
we’re just trying to calm down any fuzzies or anything that
the hat may have created. We’re just smoothing and controlling. – And look at the difference! See how just putting that in,
it smoothed it down up here with some spray? Fierce. Oh my God, that blow dry
you gave me this morning, look at her, she survived hat hair and like four hours of skating. – Fabulous, it was the moisture we put in. – 12 hours of skating. So slays makeup, slays hair, they definitely slayed
my face and hair today and thank you guys so much for teaching us and taking your time with us today! – Thank you.
– No worries, thank you. – I gotta continue my
investigations you guys, bye! – (laughs) Bye! (upbeat music) – So welcome to the mysterious, gorgeous world of wardrobe trailer. These are some of our fave
looks from the series. This is this gorgeous little frock that Ms. Kat wore, this
was her Sectionals outfit. We love that it has just a
little bit of extra length on the back so we don’t
give any bum bum moments, which is, we love a bum bum moment, but maybe not on the ice,
they could take a little bit off your artistic expression for that. Faux fur is great, we’ve
got faux fur in spades. Faux fur aplenty. Now, this is the only thing
about this figure skating world that is a little bit against the grain for figure skating in general. Figure skaters wear a lot of real fur. There’s a lot of ladies
that like to wear real fur. This was also Kat’s
gorgeous little moment. This is for her test skate. We love a test skate, very
major, gotta show those judges that you know what’s up. Now, meanwhile, Kat’s
little sister comes out in this little moment, which
definitely raises some eyebrows on the rink, it’s a little
small, it’s a little, doesn’t leave too much to the imagination, so Kat had some feelings on
Serena’s little mini frock. But then, Ms. Carol, played by none other
than Ms. January Jones, wears this gorgeous scrunchie,
which good luck finding this! (chuckles nervously) But yeah, love this look. So cute, so great. You know, what this really reminds me of, just the immaculateness of this trailer, and really the immaculateness
of the crew of Spinning Out is that your team has to
be so passionate about you, and when your team is so passionate about the project they’re making, people can be their best selves, like look at me, I’m thriving! This team is amazing, the crew is amazing. Who am I, Johnny Weir? Johnny! I hope you had so much
fun in that gorgeous tour, make sure you watch Spinning
Out, it’s so much fun. Hope you enjoyed the tour, I gotta go. (blows kiss) Bye! (upbeat music)

JVN Skates Through the Set of Spinning Out | BTS Set Tour | Netflix

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