Our book today is “My Life in the Black
Panther Party”. Their title is just another n-word and it’s by Field Marshal Don Cox.
His life in the in the Black Panther Party. This is from Chapter five page 47.
The chapters titled “You Use What You Got to Get What You Need”. Before we entered
into a direct relationship with the Panthers our group had wanted to prove
our worthiness by our actions. Since there was no one, since that was no
longer in question contact was made at a rendezvous fixed to meet at Huey’s pad
on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. I don’t remember much about that first gathering
other than meeting David Hilliard the Panther party’s chief of staff for the
first time. The only thing that stands out in my memory is a question from Huey.
As we were sipping coffee he asked if I didn’t think it better to be properly
equipped before going into action he suggested it was best to first rip off
the necessary funds to get everything we needed an advance of launching a major
effort I’d practically memorized his exit his essay the correct handling of a
revolution in which he spoke of teaching by example and so I blurted out the
first thing that came to mind which was you use what you got to get what you
need after a long hot summer of 1967 with the rebellions in Newark Detroit
and elsewhere we felt that our preparations had at least put us on the
same level as the rest of the country and that the revolution would not pass
us by our San Francisco group started attending and participating in any and
all functions relevant to black people and we tried to let everyone in our area
and we tried to get to know everyone in our area associated with a struggle we
also continued our community meetings news of the death of Che Guevara in
October of that year had us walking around in a stupor for a while and
although they came as a severe blow to the International struggle for freedom
and justice of all people we were proud to be among those who had responded to
his battle cry and had picked up the Fallen arms
Huey asked if we could if we would conduct a meeting on Hunter’s Point for
him he was supposed to go but something had come up and he couldn’t make it we
were honored that he thought enough of us to ask and we were more than
enthusiastic to do whatever he wanted it was at that meeting that we had a news
surprising experience we met our first resistance
the form of Adam Rogers he was supposed to have been the biggest baddest n-word
on unders point but when we encountered him he came across like an Uncle Tom he
seemed to be impressed with our firearms demonstration but he was violently
against the idea of black people arming themselves for self-defense he was
convinced that would increase repression even though history proved him wrong
when we examined the history of repression of black people the only time
there was significant decline in police violence and more murders perpetrated
against Blacks was precisely the period when blacks were organized and had
access to guns given the wave of terror and violence against blacks that
continues to sweep the country I truly believe there is a lesson to be learned
from that fact Rogers was one of the one of the wounded in the Hunter’s Point
rebellion of the year before and a photograph of him had been used by the
news media to illustrate articles on the riots that broke out following the
killing of a black teenager by police that September because because of that
we were even more surprised by his reaction it was not until later that we
discovered that the administration of San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alito had
sent in money after the rebellion had bought off the so called bad and words
the same technique was used from coast to coast
despite Rogers most everyone seemed to like what we had to say and really
related to the firearms demonstration several people wanted to take courses
and handling weapons and so I fixed a rendezvous for the following Saturday at
the parking lot of the abandoned shopping center right on top of Hunter’s
Point the next day I arrived at the point at 7:00 in the morning and in
order to get set up before people began to gather there wasn’t going to be any
target practice but I would be firing a few shots in the air and by way of
demonstration I knew that would pose no problem as far as the police were
concerned due to their racism whenever they heard shots on the point they
generally looked the other way once during a dispute between two gangs
shooting broke out and instead of police coming in to break it up they sealed off
the area and let them shoot it out gun battle lasted 24 hours and the police
didn’t return until the next day at around 8 o’clock I saw David Hilliard
this car driving up which I found surprising because we had only seen each
other a couple of times before as a car approached I recognized Emory Douglas
and George Murray everyone had strange looks on their faces that made clear
that something was wrong damn Huey had been shot and capped
he had shown up in David’s wounding and wounded and bleeding heavily there was
real concern for his life so David drove him to the hospital left him on the
steps then drove straight to San Francisco to find me he said he had
asked him to ask me to help out in the aftermath specifically dealing with the
passenger who had been in Huey’s car at the time of the shootout with John Jay
officer John Frey of the Oakland Police who’d been killed there was also the
problem of the guns Huey had stockpiled I’ll never understand why David didn’t
just bring the guns with him but he hadn’t and I was obliged to go back into
the area and get everything and get back out safely
that might sound easy but the shootout had occurred less than three hours
before and there was one policeman dead one seriously wounded so it was hot over
in Oakland to say the least there was no time to go by the house and unload the
guns I had on hand for the training so I followed David back to Oakland with a
trunk full of weapons David took me into the back yard of a house that had a lot
of weeds in a stack of old lumber in which he has stashed the gun in his
state of excitement he couldn’t remember exactly where the pistol was and while
we were looking an elderly black woman came out of the house next door and
asked what we were doing David kept searching and didn’t look up she then
said if you don’t come out of there I’m gonna call the police I began to panic
and told David to say something to the woman when he rose up she recognized him
and calm down this was David’s house and she was his neighbor. On the one hand I
was relieved but on the other if the police were looking for the passenger
who’d been with Huey it was certainly they wouldn’t miss
David’s house as both were known Panthers. Finally he found the gun . . . And it
continues from there.

Just Another (N-Word) : My Life in the Black Panther Party
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6 thoughts on “Just Another (N-Word) : My Life in the Black Panther Party

  • February 10, 2019 at 11:20 pm

    thank you for reviewing this book its very gratifying and so real much change from your regular focus on immigration i get so frustrated when people just set their mindset on certain races i mean this immigration thing is all people care about while the rest of the world burns they seem to forget that other people are suffering to including black america they seem to forget that if it was not for black america fight for civil rights these other races would not have had the chance to enter the united states i have always said that racist whites want the racism but do not want the stain that comes with it

  • February 11, 2019 at 12:46 am

    Wow, I don't think "the resistance" knows a damn thing that older generation understood…

  • February 11, 2019 at 1:31 am

    It doesn’t say N word on the book cover. I hope the author will be vilified on social media and have his career ruined. he typed that on purpose. Or it may be that his word processor is racist. George Orwell is rolling in his grave!!!!!!! Oh Tom. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. You are such a C word.

  • February 11, 2019 at 2:40 am

    Read the old books, "Who Killed George Jackson" and "The Glasshouse Tapes". Any ex BPP that writes a book is full of it and is simply using emotion and romanticism to sell books.

    The BPP was infiltrated from the beginning. It's liberal dishonesty that attempts to disarm Black people.

  • February 11, 2019 at 8:40 am

    Now blacks have sunk so low they made a gr. B marvel movie , how white can you get ?

  • February 11, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    I'm sorry I ruined your black panther party….


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