hey guys I'm here to tell you about these awesome junk brands headbands this is unspun surd I just want to tell you about these awesome headbands that I've been loving for the past four months so I've had issues with headbands giving me headaches or just falling off my head and then I found these through somebody that I was following on Instagram and I was like okay I'm just gonna give these a try so I ordered two and I just fell in love with them this one I ordered a couple more and just wanted to show you guys the ones that I got and kind of show you the material a little bit more than it shows on the website so I hope this helps you guys if you're looking to buy some headbands so I have this one which is camo and it has white on the inside but as you can see as I'm wearing it it's not see-through or anything like that then I have this white one that's also camo I have a red camo I have a blue camo I have classic black which this one's actually heathered on the inside but a little bit you can maybe see a little bit of the heathered but not much and then I have flour one and I have some fun pineapple one so the back I'll show you that too it's sewn there but still sits nicely on like the bottom of my head and doesn't like I don't know what the best way to say that it doesn't like sink into the back of my head or anything like that which is what I found I've had issues with before so you can machine wash these I think it's a polyester spandex mix for the material and I'll put the ones that I got below in the description for you they come in one size and they come they do come in different styles as if you like thinner headbands or something like that I got the thick ones because I really like those and I think that's about it oh there's super sweat wicking so when you work out there you're not gonna have like sweat dripping down your face if you got these nice big ones which I really like and yeah I think that's about it so if you liked hearing about these headbands and just liked this video in general please like it and give me any comments or questions that you have on these headbands below and I will do my best to answer them and subscribe for some more videos like this thanks guys

Junk Brands Headband Review (UNSPONSORED)

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    Website is: www.junkbrands.com


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