Hi guys! In a few days the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating will begin. I’ll explain all the details in this video, so I recommend you to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss all important and interesting moments of the future competitions. The first event of Junior Grand Prix will take place from the 22 – 24 of August in the French city – Courchevel. For those who has never heard about this event, it’s a series of international junior-level competitions organized by the International Skating Union (ISU). This series is similar to the senior-level ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. There are seven events where the six highest-ranking skaters will be determined in the four disciplines of ladies’ singles, men’s singles, pair skating, and ice dancing. They will meet at the Grand Prix Final and compete for winning.
The last season was the most interesting especially among junior ladies. There was a battle of quadruple jumps among Russian girls, new world records were set, a quad Lutz was landed for the first time in the women’s figure skating history, as well as a quadruple toeloop – triple toeloop cascade. So, it’s very exciting what awaits us in the upcoming season. Despite the fact that the main rivals in women’s single skating, the unbeaten trinity of Trusova – Shcherbakova – Kostornaya have moved to a senior level, can anyone get around the Russian skaters? Do other countries prepare new future skating champions? How much stronger or weaker will the new generation of participants be than the previous one? We’ll learn it very soon. In this season the competitions will be be in France, USA, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Croatia and Italy. The finals will be in the Italian city – Torino from 5 to 8 of December, so don’t miss the opportunity to subscribe to our channel to see one of the most spectacular competitions in this season and dive into the beautiful world of figure skating. Write in the comments who or which country you’re planning to support and if you are looking forward to the upcoming competitions. See you in the next video. Bye, bye.

Junior Grand Prix is on the way
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