(upbeat music) -Hup! Ooof! – I just can’t do it. – It’s okay Joss, just because
you haven’t done it yet, doesn’t mean you can’t. Hmm, I think the problem
is in your footing. – Do you think it’s
’cause I’m goofy footed? – Goofy footed? – It’s a surfing thing, it means I ride with my right foot forward on my board. See? Most surfers ride with
their left foot forward. That’s the regular way. – Hmm, then why don’t you try kicking off with your left foot instead of right? (dramatic music) – Oh! I know what’s missing, you need to use the power of the bow. – Power of the huh? – Use your bow to get the lift you need. Imagine that your bow is lifting your head and neck upward, while
your shoulders stay down. (Joss inhales deeply) (dramatic music) That was so close Joss! See?
The power of the bow works! – Now I know why we where
the bows, they DO have power. (both girls laugh) – How about we celebrate
with some trampoline jumps? – Great idea, let’s go. (upbeat music) (girls clap) – That was awesome, Joss. – Thanks Brooklyn. Could you film this next one for me? – Sure. – I’m gonna try the front side air again. Hopefully it won’t be like last time. – Hey you can do it. – Just remember to use your bow! (upbeat music) (girls applaud) (waves crashing) – Sofia, hey. Hey, did you get the video I sent? – No, I’ve been busy. – Oh, um. Well, I finally
nailed the front side air on the trampoline. (girls cheering) – It wasn’t in the water,
so it doesn’t count. And you won’t have all your
new gym friends cheering you on at the beach. – Hmm. – Wait, what happened to
your surf sister bracelet?! – Oh, no! I must have
forgot it at the gym. I have to take it off for
cheer, it’s a safety thing. – Whatever. – What up, you guys ready to rip? – Why don’t you ask Joss?
She’s the star of the video. – We’re both the stars Sofia. – Well, you seem to think
that your front side air is the focus of the video,
so why don’t you just do it already so you can quit cheer. (frustrated grunt) – Man, what’s gotten into her? – I think she’s mad that I’m doing cheer. – Weren’t you gonna quit
after you won the bet? – What’d you say? – I said, I thought you
were gonna quit cheer, after you won the bet. – I was, but then I realized that cheer could help me do the front side air. – Um, I’m confused, what
does a front side air, have to do with cheer? – Cheer is helping me with my strength and balance so I can pull
off harder surf tricks. And I made a deal with
Sofia, if I can land the front side air by today,
then I get to stay in cheer. – Stay in cheer? But I thought you hated cheer. You thought their big bows were dumb. – I did, but then I learned
the power of the bow. – The power of the what? – Never mind, you wouldn’t understand. Just keep your camera
on me, I’m gonna prove to Sofia that I can
do the front side air. (guitar music) (Joss inhales deeply) – You can do this. (upbeat music) -Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Aww. (Dylan laughing) – Gnarley, wipe out! – Hang on, I can’t hear you. – Narley, wipe out! Luckily, I got the whole thing on camera, it’ll be great for your video. – I don’t want that in my video, Dylan! – YOUR video, I thought it was our video? – It is! – I’m just messing with
you sis, I won’t put it in, but I think that this
does proves that cheer and surfing don’t mix. I’ll uh.. see you back at home. – Wait, I want to try again. I know I can do the trick. – Just give it up, Joss! – Uh-oh, Surf Sister fight. I am NOT getting in the middle of this. – I was so close Sofia, if
it wasn’t for the landing, I would’ve nailed it. – But you didn’t nail the
landing, and it’s Saturday and you promised, so. – Hmph. Hey! I’m not quitting. – You promised me that if you couldn’t get the front side air by
today, then you would quit. Are you going back on your word? – Yes! I mean, no… I know what I said, but I
really don’t want to quit cheer. – So your new cheer
friends are more important than your Surf Sister. – I didn’t say that. – Then why won’t you quit?! – I don’t know, maybe
I actually like cheer. – I think you like showing off,
and you just found a new way to do that where everyone
claps and cheers for you, just like in that video. – They’re cheering for me,
because they’re supportive. – Whatever, Joss. You just care about the
front side air, and cheer. You don’t care about me and
our video, so you know what? I’m done being your Surf Sister. – Sofia’s gonna hate me forever. I don’t know what to do Murph? (Murph whines) Maybe you’re right, some quiet time will help me figure things out. (dreamy music) (Joss sighs) (upbeat music) – Woo, hoo, hoo. Yeah, Joss, way to go! You’re doing it! Woo, yeah! (Joss laughs) Wooo! – Woo, hoo, hoo, hoo, yeah! Oof! Oh, man, major wipe out. – Huh? – I was just having some QT. – Oh, sorry to interrupt your Quiet Time, but Mom said dinner will be ready soon. – I’m not hungry. – But it’s enchilada
casserole, your favorite. – I was so close to the
front side air today, Liam. But I didn’t land it and
now I have to quit cheer. – Do you want to quit cheer? – Not really, I mean it’s not so bad. It’s kind of fun being on a team. And I love the trampoline. Plus, I’ve made new friends and learned some new skills that have really helped with my surfing. – Well then why quit? – Because surfers should be all in 100%, just like Tina Hart says. – So, you don’t you think
you can be a surfer and a cheerleader? – Not according to Tina Hart
or Sofia or Dylan or Mila. – You know I’m all about surfing right, but I skateboard and play volleyball too. Does that make me less of a surfer? – No, I guess not. – Right, and Dylan surfs, but he’s also a really good film maker. Does that him make him less of a surfer? – No. – And your surf sister
Sofia can rip on the waves, but she’s also an artist right? – Mm-hmm. – So having different interests
doesn’t make you less you. – But Tina Hart says that– – Yeah, she says be all
in, but I don’t think that means be all surfer
or be all cheerleader. I think she means be true to yourself. Do what you love and give 100% to what you’re doing right now. Whether that’s surfing or cheer, or making a video with your surf sister. – I guess I never thought
about it like that. But I know some people
who don’t see it that way. – Then make them see, what I see. A strong surfer and cheerleader, show them that you can do both. Hmm… – I’m gonna be all in, 100% with cheer, surfing and all my friends! (Murph barks) – Righteous, sis! Now, let’s go get some enchilada casserole before Dylan eats it all. (Murph barks) (inspiring music) – Hi guys, my name is Chelsea. And today, we’ll be learning how to say argument in sign language. Because even friends sometimes disagree. Here’s the sign. Let’s see that again. That’s how you sign, argument. Thanks for watching!

Joss Goes All In for Surf & Cheer | Meet Joss Kendrick Stop Motion Ep. 4 | American Girl

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