all three of us are sharing the same snow too and that's individual that was crazy okay round two let's try again bye guys have fun they're gonna go up by themselves I'm waiting for you here all alone go up up up up up up up like that here they come yeah I'm going to ride with you we're doing the single tubes now I have this red tube that has a dark green one and Donny has this little red one back there so what happens is that a grown-up link the tube to the smaller one so Johnny's gonna ride with dad I could did you get stuck up there oh my god how was it guys Oh was it fun yeah I started like the escalator but black but I think it's called conveyor belt snow go later next time dad and I are gonna come by ourselves and we're gonna go skiing down that slope what do you think you're gonna break a leg or two with me mommy guys we're gonna have so much fun at the trampoline park that's 30 minutes away from Blue Mountain oh he died is you are you you're blooming this guy wants to build they've been jumpy for almost two hours thank you for watching please give us a thumbs up subscribe and share with your friends until next time bye

Johny Goes Snow Tubing At Blue Mountain PA

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